Still, have to move on

I was saying that i affriad of monday,
yes, i did, beacause this means that i need to face all tutorial classes all over again in this week.
my weekend and my week days makes no differents actually, it is still busying, but at least i can escape from classes. aiksss.....
well, i had just passing all those classes hardly last week, but what to do, when monday is coming to knock my door, I have no choice to run instead of welcome it.

I have assignment to do now,
this is the first time i get an assignment due on the 3rd week after i officially started my semester! just don't want to accept the fact, just don't want to bother about it, just want to escape, it's such a sad story!

no matter how hard i run from it, it will still chasing behide me, so why not i refresh myself now, and do it!

headache, tired ... mentally and phsycaly tired....
not enough time for me to spend in 24 hours,
i need some times for my entertainment, for sure i will use up the time,
i need to have times to do my works too...
end up, there are not enough!!!!!!!!!!!!

=======tvxq **Always Keep The Faith*=======
I did realized that after 31th July, i started to post all TVXQ things and news in my blog.
hahaha... I was chasing the news against the boys last week.. they shock me a lot.
the impact is too big for me.. i even can't handle it nicely for a couple of time, i was upset, i was fraustrated, i was lost myself , i was worrying all the time.

Everyday checking Malaysia local newspapers, online news from DNBN.pe.kr, BAIDUTVXQ.com BAR, NAVER.com, DAUM.net, NEWSEN.com, MICKY PARK'S CY WORLD..
this was my routine of net visiting last week.. my lappy was just open up all those pages and keep refreshing time by time. I guess not only im the one who doing this, others cassiopeia all around the world are doing this too. I just want to know how was the boys doing after the incident happened. And this few days i get to see their face right after whatever live shows they attanded in Japan, you know what, world wide web is so damn great! we can easily get to know what is happening in the other side of the world even though im not there^^. feeling better. The boys will go to court coming 21st. The story haven't stop here yet. We are still waiting ...waiting and waiting..
today evening, yunho,junsu, changmin had went back to korea, where is the other two??
well, micky yoochun and jaejoong have to do preparation for their up coming single for HELLO KITTY 35TH ANNIVERSARY ...

the song for HELLO KITTY is nice! love it so much...
come back to my own story,
tomorrow morning i have a lecture to attand at 8am- 10 am
then i have no class for my entire day.
I should be happy isn't it? yes, im satisfy with my monday and friday scedule , but not the others.
arghh... nothing is 100% perfect, so learn to accpet the fact infront of me now..
pray hard every thing going on smoothly, save and sound....
no matter for myself, or for the boys, or for all of you~~~

**Always Keep The Faith **

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