new sem vs love vs 豆花的形成??

today i will do a long long post.

section 1: my new sem
today is my second day for 4th sem, i am worry, don't know why...as what i had said last time, this sem is seems to be hard...there are a lot of difficulties and challenges are waiting for me.
well, i don't know what will going on next. i found that im such a person who always can't stand for anything, i like to shout out im suffering, i like to say everything is hard before im trying on it. this is because im affraid of it. I affraid of everything, and worry about everything, this is a losser attitute, isn't it right? I lost my confident since long time ago, but how can i getting back it? is kind of hard. today i having my "financial planing" lecture, the lecturer seems scary, the course seems really hard, and im worrying about the coming assignment on week 6. I affraid of group assginment, but when individual assignment come towards me i will still complaining this and that. Why am i like to complaining so much!!!!!! I hate myself like this. Anyway, no matter how, i will still moving on, and will try my best to solve all problems occur. And yes, i admit that im scared for everything.
My dear leehee, don't said sorry to me again, what is happening now is not what you want, and you did nothing wrong to me, i understand you, i can feel what you stress out these few days. I feel very sad too, and feel guilty if you still saying sorry to me. Sounds like did something wrong. Remember, we need to move on no matter what. Lets work hard togather!!!!!!!!!!

section 2: loves
during my holiday, i heard a "love story" from my friend. Forgive me , i can't say a words about that. Im shock to heard this kind of situation appeared, but can't do anything on it.
Sometimes, A and B love each other, but they can't be togather. There are alot of things will related to one relationship, and to maintain a relationship is not an easy task. There are too much of things will consider before everyone make their decision. Or should i say, you cant simply chose what you want without thinking of the others. 身不由己 this is what we called in chinese. As a person who are not involve, but just a listener, i can just be a listener for them, i can analysis the "story" but i cant comment on it, i have no rights to do so. Just as a friend, this is what i can do. Now, the story had moving on to another stage. We don't know what will happen in the future, but hope you all can really settle it.

I found a chinese song which is really nice
the lyrics is good enough, 
萤火虫 sing by Ariel Lin 林依晨


林依晨 - 萤火虫

你顺着我手心的线 牵着感情的意念

你和我笑得很甜 两颗心风风雨雨过着几年
说再见像昨天像萤火虫 点亮了思念
*在每天 就明天 我们牵手写纪念

留夏天 还有秋天 幸福的瞬间
有时间 有留恋
笑容化妆我的脸 爱会像萤火虫改变 快乐灯火的弧线
在我们心中那条线 连着疼惜的意念 我比你笑得更甜两

颗心忙忙碌碌过着几年 听着你告诉我快乐以後 还会有永远
*在每天 就明天 我们微笑写纪念让夏天 还有秋天 记住这几年

有时间 有留恋 喜欢看着你的脸我会像萤火虫陪你 一起走过地平线
*在每天 就明天 我们牵手写纪念留夏天 还有秋天 幸福的瞬间

有时间 有留恋 笑容化妆我的脸爱会像萤火虫改变 快乐灯火的弧线
不容易遗忘的幸福,就将它留住在心里,当作是自己美好的记忆,不要执着于已经发生的事情,反而这样会让自己过得好一些,跟过去说再见吧。 因为。。

section 3: 豆花专题!yunjae couple (严重警告不喜无看!)BL
豆花的诞生,就是神起里的允浩跟在中形成的,为什么会有这种说法呢?其实,这种couple 简称为cp 在粉丝之间已经是爆红的。大家会把他们配成一对称之为 BL。我是因为豆花,而慢慢的探讨出BL的定义是什么,也开始对这种“关系”有点好奇,慢慢的,自己也变成了支持同性恋的小孩。











This is my motivation, my medicines...

everyone will have their own way to release their sadness, stress and so on.
for me, TVXQ are my medicines..
no reason, no why.
but i am watching them just like that.
these are the latest photo album for the coming "all about TVXQ III" at Saipan island
i was started to collect their photos yesterday, i get alots of them , is too nice!
credit : logo on pictures, baidutvxq bar