Korean Cassiopeia, Picture of you

Yesterday morning, when i check out Baidu , I was just touch when i saw this there!
Korean cassieopeia are just too powerful, people says, there is nothing Korean Cassiopeia can't do it!, they can do whatever they want and they wish to!!!! and here are the advertisment!
Korean Cassiopeia was doing a fundraising . The funds are using on the advertisment !
they are publishing the advertisment about TVXQ, and stated cassioepeia are always there!
as what know, they will do this a few times, and will publish online and newspaper!
yes, cassiopeia is just too powerful!

this is the advertisement on newspaper!
(1st ads publish on 15th August 2009)

this is the advertisement online
AND yesterday the MV of Picture of you release!!!
it is too nice and i love it so much! i guess everyone will like it.
after the lawsuit inccident, we watch this, there is a stronger feeling that 5 of them are really born to be together! well, i don't know how to express it by words, but all cassiopeia brust out tears when watching this MV
its shooting at Saipan Island..

Please watch the MV, highly recomand! it is with english subs^^

**Always Keep The Faith**

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Anonymous said...

Picture of You <3 Just a wonderful MV ! *0* I like it very much (and the song too, so touching ♥)