food poison T.T-**always keep the faith

yesterday, i was keep chatting with yeeni via msn video call,
nowadays both of us keep chatting chatting and chatting , she will update the latest news
about TVXQ for me. we will discuss the problems and everything together in order to get a conclusion, well, even thought the conclusion we get might not be useful at the end of the day ^^

so, yesterday i was chatting with her until 3 am. This is because my class for the next day is 10am .
i have a test today, so i need to prepare. well, i had already prepare it before i chating with her.
recently, i am doing my work and preparation for everything earlier, because i need to have some times if something happen at the night, if there are some super big boom news trow on me, i will definetely die** , and it will get influence me to do my own stuff. Thus i need to arrange some times for emergency cases , just incase (**touch wood)

after i offline it was already 3.30am.. i started to sleep.
and after a few hours, i guess is 5 am, i not feeling well. i feel wanted to vomit..
and from that moment, until 6am, its really suffering. i can feel that i have no more energy.
i was worrying about the test, am i able to go college today? am i able to go for the test? i don't want my attandance become 0 for today.T.T
later on, at around 8 am i was feeling better, i din't vomit anymore, i though i am ok, and refuse to go for doctor, but the story haven't end here... at last, i need to go clinic before i go to college.
after i take the medicine is already 9.30am my class was schedule at 10!!!!!! OMG...
i drive straight to college with high speed >.<
when i open the lecture hall's door , luckily our lecturer just started to teach, huhuhuhu~~~
is already 10.15am....I am able to take the test, and i am able to go for financial planing tutorial..
but during the tutorial class, i was so damn tired and sleepy, i think it is the effect of the medicine.. my whole body is tired, and can't stand straight ....feeling nearly faint!!!

don't ask me what i have eat before this, i really don't know why i get food poison..
i ate a bowl of noodles with leehee, and after i came home i have my dinner with my sister, at night, i ate biscut with my sister too. But why i am the only one get food poison?!
aiguuu~~~~ just now after i came back home, i take medicine again, and its true the medicine will make me feel tired and can't move, i was just lying on bed...when my dad start webcam with me, he was also asking OMG, are you ok.. >.<" alright, i was pale enough now~~~~

===========TVXQ*Always keep the faith*=============
1)yesterday news , such a big topic "micky park sell his precious Audi R8 ?"
well, after figure out this, we know that micky actually is not the owner of the car, he was just renting it, "leasing" hahahaha, this had make me laugh quite a while..
2) SM entertainment, again go to the court aplying treademark to DONG BANG SHIN KI
well, they did this during 2004, but the get refused, now SM entertainment apply again, the man objective to apply this has been question by others, why they do this now? they want to take DBSK as their company's trademark, or they want to restric DBSK will use this name if really anything happen in the future, so they wanted to trademark it first.
3)just now, i just get a news" SM ENTERTAINMENT BOYCOTT"
fans are reacting for the whole inccident, the statement was came out from DNBN, they stated all the reason why they want to boycott SM entertainment, the story is too long, lazy to tell her, basically is like , stop purchasing all merchadise and goods from SM entertainment including albums, photobooks and etc.
4) today jaejoong and yoochun went back to korea^^, finally they are 5 together again..

=======**Always keep the faith**=======


Xiao We| said...

Food poison? no cirit birit ar? XD
Take good care of yourself.
All the best ^.^

*Always keep the faith*

levin said...

take good care of urself!!
always keep the body!lol!