A-nation 8.8.09

A-nation today~~~
this is the staff report from Japan..ahh..envy.. they can get the report time by time easily~~
here are the pictures ....is really happy seeing them together~~~~
**always keep the faith**

TVXQ with dancers..
take alook at the placement~~
junsu, yoochun,jaejoong,yunho,changmin^^
hahahha yunjae man seh~~~~~

every year a-nation, they will go to different places in Japan
and they will try the local food too^^
again..take alook at the seats placement,
changmin, yunho,jaejoong, yoochun,junsu~
alright, this is before the concert start,
junsu, what are you doing there?
the staff said you are laughing~~^^

oh my junjiang~~~
very hot in Japan?
i heard that today is raining ~~~>.<
yunho ar, i know you are having a drama shooting
but , can you have a rest when u are in Japan?
aiguu~~~ keep on practise pula~~
this football, ask junsu teach you!!!!

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