my daddy came back ^^, a-nation 23th

yesterday, my daddy came back from China, ^^
well, my dad came back often this year, and this time, he din't tell us earlier, and thats why i help him book an airticket on thursday (for me its consider late)..lol...
my brother and sisters, mom are happy when he is back,.. me too ^^
tomorrow i have 2 tests, and class from 8-2pm, pack!!! i don't like to have tests when my dad is at home, i don't know why, but i cant change anything.. T.T this few days, i cant concentrade on my study, im not thinking about others thing either, just want to walk around in my house, online for movies, dramas,fanfic. listen to music, but not studying.kind of weird, but i still need to prepare for test! well, i don't know whether im well prepare, i just looking at the notes, and texts, write something on paper , then continue online..listen music, watch drama... oh my god~~~ how dare im doing this!!!!!
i really don't know what im doing right now, i want to free myself, ( i always said this lol)
yes, im a lazy warm !! hahahahahaha
this coming friday, i think i am going back to my hometown again T.T ..
daddy said want to settle rabble estate and rental thingy >.<" i like to go back actually, but this time round, i have no mood to travel outstation. I know there are alots of works are waiting for me. anyway, i must think a possitive way! i go back to hometown , then i can eat whatever i want to! hahaha... yesterday i was worrying after came back from KLIA (omg, i found that, i always going to KLIA =.= i can't remember i went there how many times this year =.=) after i came back, i was looking at my notes and so on, but i cant understand, so i go youtube for videos, i saw a video of jaejoong and micky, both of them went to fuji tv anniversary celebration (if im not mistaken) they sing their new song" color, melody and harmony" this is not the first time i listen to this song, but the video i watched yesterday was different, at the end of the song, jae was droping his tears(among the members, he is not always droping tears), i don't believe that is sweating but tears!!!! a big drop!!! i was stuck for a moment, why is this boy cry in a such good environment, he is trying to hide from the camera, but well, the tears is too big for me to see it! end up i come out with a conclusion, i know he is stress recently, so what am i! i should't complaint so much, he is do more and more than what i imagine! so, ANGELYNA ( slap myself) wake up** concentrade on your study! jae joong oppa is much more stress than you ! so what are you and who are you! from that moment, i was awake! see, this is what they meant to me! always remind me, i am just facing a little tiny problem compare with them. he can still stand on the stage and sing, to give the most perfect performance, so why not me. i am just facing myself and my family.



here the picture of yesterday's a-nation..

**Always Keep The Faith**

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