cancellation of sm town concert 2009

today when i get the news of the coming up sm town concert scedule on 16th Aug had been cancel, as what SM ENTERTAINMENT mention this will be postpone, the reason is they can't reach the objective of the concert now. sm entertainment says that, the concert objective is to bring the harmony environment to everyone, to the fans, and now because of the lawsuit thingy by TVXQ, they are unable to performs this as usual, thus they are postpone the concert to undue date.. as what i get from hye won just now was, the concert might be no more, well, still don't know what will happen next, and can't judge anything.

When i first know about this cancellation, i feel wow.. TVXQ is so important to the company. Yes, this is what my first reaction and first thought. But just now when i saw a news regarding the fans are argueing about the cancellation now. well, i already know they are so many fans looking forward to this concert, and they are fans who are not satisfy with what the company had did( postpone/cancel the concert) now, fans who are from tvxq, sj, snsd, shinee are all argue-ing. they had been waiting for so long and they want to see their idols. some of them had came out with thoughs such as, lets go infront of SM entertainment to protest, or take the red colour graw stick and sing infront of the office, some of them even said each cassiopeia 80k cassi each people donate some money to set up a new company for the boys!

slowly, i feel like, is this what SM ENTERTAINMENT trying to do? I am worry now, i worry the cancellation is not because the boys are important but the company trying to create something bad on them? the reason of postpone / cancel are pointed the arrow to the boys now. will others fans blame on them? PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN.!!!!!!!

the boys are suffering on the untruth news now.. and hope they are fine ....

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