my design work

section 1:yesterday

yesterday went to mid valley, watch X-MEN, the movie that no ending, for sure it will have X-MEN2 ^^. brought brushes, acrylics, skretch book, 1m beautiful paper, crayon fabric paint. happy when get those things in a shop that i have been searching for a long time but cant found it in the pass, yesterday finally i found it , i was so excited shop inside with miss sharon, haha both of us spend almost 2 hours inside..omg cant imagine ...
here are the things i get !!!!
take a look at the skretch book down here
it is blank
and see after my drawing^^

section2: today

having discussion again=.= we found so many articles so we need to cut it down , analysis it^^

just now i was chating with Beh beh in msn, then she said long time din't chat between me, her and priscillia, then i decided to go her house at 8.10pm. i walked there^^ bring my lappy along haha..oline in her hse and her dad ask y both of us sit side by site each using own lappy and online, why not chat face to face? haha uncle we are actually doing different things at the moment ^^ i know we look weird enough bwahahaha......and beh did told me about her "fren" annoying thing~~ well, my daer beh, ignore him bah, as what you said both of you will stay in different side of Australia soon bwahahahah we are devil !! isn't we!!!! then i walked back home at 11.10pm =.=

section 3: take a look vvvvv
this is the skretch book i brought, and actually it was blank with ntg its a black colour book only now it was like this, just because my ichy hand =.="

this is a blank pencil case
before i draw something on it

micky!!!! on the pencil case





all 5 of them!!

here another pettern, smaller pencil case



love TVXQ


above are the pencil cases i paint for this few days

done for today, bloging in BEH BEH house ..^^
the time for now is 11.30pm



section 1 : feel lost at late night T.T
late night now, suddenly feel lost. don't know what to do, but actually a lots of things are line up behide me, but i was like just passing by them without touching them. lost for everything, don't know what im doing now, everyday every minute. when i am busy i will can't breath , but when im free i will probably think of the up coming things. this make me feel lost. which steps should i go for now? so far, am i doing good in my job-study? should't ask anyone but me right. today is tuesday , the second day of my study break. i don't want to waste any of my time which just sleeping at home but doesn't do anything that i wish to do when i was busy. so i continue my design path. a dream which i had given up last time, slowly i get back to this way, to reach my dream without lossing anything. can i really success on it? today i read newspaper, there are a group of youngster around 21-25 they love musics, and they are togetehr because they have a same dream. they are not person who working on the music industry now but im glad to heard that they are still working on what they loves, their dream. at last, now they successfully let the pucblic know about it, and doing a job to push public on music industry. they use to work at day time ,by the way they are all working very hard on it in order to use the income to organise their activities and events. i was thinking, can i be like that too? in a good way without giving out or waste anything. working as what i suppose to be after gruaduate using those knowlege on books from university and reach my own dream in the other way round. i like design at first but i din't choose because i need to consider the outcomes after i get a degree of that. well, i am still continue my design way now, shirts,ceramics, drawing and painting. slowly i moving in mass com area. i found that i like to organise events and get through those kind of things. should i said i was also trying out and experince with that now? yes i did have some experince of that.unfortunely i was still in finance now. well, it doesn't matter what you study and what you will work as at the end of the day isn't ? i strongly believe this and i think it migt have a great high percentage this situation will comes to me in the future.

section 2: yesterday's story
this few days, i was starting to paint , draw, design . as what i said, do not waste my holiday just sleeping. but actually i do sleep late >.<" poor me. 11.30am wake up.. gosh ....late right!!?
yesterday evening i was accompany my mom to find some house hold thingy, bought some flowers for decoration of my house (my hse was full with flowers anyway.) but my mom stil cant tahan when she saw more and more beautiful flowers and it was cheap! is miracle to see those flowers cheap in msia. and normally my hse's flowers was brought all the way from guang zhou, my mom willing to hand carry it =.=" i have no objection , coz she is the one who carry it hahahah im such a naughty girl. later on, we went to a great big shoplots or should i say its actually a factory but they use to sell house deco things beside the way from sg buloh to kepong. i get some shining buttons there and i love this shop so much! attractive! haha ^^ i will go there again when i wanna buy my room some preety lights and candle holder. happy day?!

section 3: today's story-assignment discussion?
damn me! today i had make appointment with my group mate at 11.30 am . i suppost to reach subang at 11.30 am but i was just wake up that time!!!! luckily leehee called me, if not i think i don't manage to turn up the meeting! we having our group assignment discussion. and i reached at subang at 12.15pm, again, i was "flying" there!!! dangerous i know =.=" after the so call discussion is around 1.30pm , i put it as "so call" because i don't think i get anything from the discussion haha perhaps i already did my research the night before until 3am .. blame on the connection and my lappy's adobe reader!! make me sleep late!!! hmp !!!then i get the rest of prison break seasons from leehee and wait for sharon jie jie come, well, she purposely come back to subang for "snowflake" =.= haha and she scare her car water get boil ..^^we have our lunch at asia cafe and went to snowflake ! finally i get the ice infront of me!!! very nice !!!! the hot sun was outside the shop and we are chit chating inside the aircorn shoop with a big bowl of "snow" haha.... miss it so much!! want to eat again and again!!! yummy ice !! lovely ice !!
-end of the story -

waiting tomorrow morning to come, because again will go mid valley for "x-men" i notice this few weeks i was putting myself out every week once.! don't blame me, i just want to walk out once at least 1 week once. ^^ T.T need to ion my bro and sis cloths now T.T T.T T.T


hot and moody sunday

section 1 : my sunday ceramic class

i have no idea why so hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need ice ice ice!!!!!!!!!!
my lovely sunday, should i said so???
today my ceramic classs goes smoothly
due to my 'sifu' not here, im going to handle 2 classes all by myself. sounds tired right, but actually i prefer handle the class alone instead of with my 'sifu'. you know what, sometimes when 2 person hadling the class, will come out with 2 different type of teaching style. once this occured then the student will confuse with who supose to listen to, and me, i will become moody and no motivation to continue teaching. isn't reasonable the situation like this happen? you specheless and no idea anymore when kids coming to ask you:" angelyna jie jie , how to do this?" then i will said:" ok here u need to do like ..bla bla bla.." when i turn around, my sifu will said:" hey , don't do like this, it suppose like this bla bla bla..." then what will i feel?? i will just turn into this-->
=.=" meaning in the class i no need to say anything when the kids come and ask me. but another situation appear, kid A :" mr.Y how to do this?" kid B:" mr.Y this one how to do!!! y u don't bother me i waiting long time here" then my boss will say :" aiyo don't ask me la, wait !! you ask angelyna jie jie" then they will just turn and ask me, once i answered all the question, and my boss get free from others kids, he saw the others kids doing then he will say again:" why do like this , u should do in this way...bla bla bla.." so, conclusion, what am i ??? i no need to talk anymore there? i told my mom i wanna quit for a long time but end up i din't coz i need a stable income, even though it is really little but still a stable one, i will get it every month. moreover, i like ceramic, i really love to made it, but as a student not a teacher>.<" haiz.. i also don't know how to make this settle. one day, when i get another stable income i will really run out from the art class. i prefer doing all by myself instead of teaching little "devils" haha sounds horror me ..
end of this story, this week i don't know where my boss go and he just left me a call and ask me take the class on sunday , and i notice every time when he is not around, i can easily end my class earlier and without any messy thingy. i don't know why but its really happen a few times! yesterday i was just slept for 4 hours but usually if my boss there i will have a tired face but yesterday i din't at all, one of my student ask me :" angelyna jie jie today you are so fresh look! you sleep early yesterday?" then i say:" huh? are u sure u din't see wrongly? im tired and sleep damn late!" then she say:" is it? but you look fresh anyway" hahahahahaha can i said this is the effect of no boss around ? bwahahahahaha im devil!!! i know!!! hahahaha my class supose end at 1pm but yesterday end 12pm , haha too early! cause got a few "devils" din't come ^^ im so happy ...

section 2 : moddy sunday

when i came back home from work, i straight away go to my room, and i saw my lovely CDs on my table. mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone had touch my things again!!!!!! and no doudt the suspec is my brother!!!!!!!! what the hellll always go into my room and touch this and that !!!! my lovely CDs!! he know he is not supose to do that but he still doing it!!!! luckily i put my new lappy in a save place, if not i know he will use screwdriver and "open" my lappy!! damn it!!!! i was so damn angry when i saw that, i can't tahan ppl touch my CDs, lappy and my homework on my table!!!! and i was moody start from there, then i bang my room's door by shouting down stair: " don't come into my room any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" BANG~~ i was lie on bed and sleep. i need to make sure after i sleep i can't heard any noice from down stairs. so i choose sleep!!
good choice isn't it!? hahahaha...then i wake up at 3pm (i start my nap on 1pm smtg) and after that i din't talk much at home until 11pm. mayb not more than 10 sentance ...am i scary enough? aiyo people moody mah!! at night i start my drawing jurney again, this time i was drawing on pencil case, of coz it's made by fabric la.. i had finish 8 pancil cases now ...haha im so brillian. will show up here after take the pictures of it.

ps: chi sin me , i had watched THE LOVE OF SIAM for 3 timessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

end of yesterday's story...


movies and dramas week

section 1: i finish my horrible period
as what i had mention last few posts, im suffering from those assignments and tests. this week finally i get release and start from monday night, i was crazy watching movies, dramas searcing songs and so on, doing my free time things!

section2: movies i had gone trough this week (BL movies week)
(ignore /skeep this part plz)
the first movie i had watched is " the love of siam" aka 暹罗之恋as in previous post, can see how much i like that movie!! then i watched second movie which is "frozen flower" aka 霜花店. this movie is definetly different from the love of siam.!!!! and i watched until my eyes becomes like this 0o0!!!!!! yea too shock for those scenes ! unexpected things came in!! oh no i should say!! hahahaha..i was so damn frustrated when the king ask his LP :" just tell me the truth, did you love me before at least a bit?" then the LP said:" no! no once!" then both killed themself
wowowowow!!!! what the hell is this?! isn't it a BL movie but end up saying don't love the king? and moving on to the queen???? huh??? i will rank this movie as no2 from all those i had gone through before, cause at least there are something unexpected scene came to me and there are lengzai!!!!! haha (devil's laugh).. well since i had started ranking , i would like to rank all those BL movies i had watched before.

NO1: the love of siam (thailand)
the story line is toooooooo touch! and both of them are lengzai enough
NO2:frozen flower (korea)
the story is king's time. and both are lengzai too!! take a look at the poster here

NO3: Antique Bakery(korea)
story line not bad, and yea there are lengzai toooo!!!cakes flying every where,bwahahahahatake a look

NO4:Boy meets Boy (korea)
this is short movie trailer, is came from youth society (i think) and hehe there is a cuttie!!!

NO5:Eternal summer( taiwan)
this is the first BL movie i watched 3 years ago but at that moment i don't even know it is a BL!!! damn me !!! this year only i realiz it was a BL movie, poor me!!! story line good, they are lengzai , middle class ^^haha

NO5: 爱的言灵 (japan)
hmm, story line pass, not really lengzai, but still ok for the LG haha^^
stop ranking here, cause the following i don't know how to rank already
boy loves 1 (japan)
boy loves 2 ( Japan)
i don't really like the story =.= whatever, ignore me
(erm i think the title should b that =.=) this movie ah, don't know how to comment on it =.=
these are all BL movies i had watched so far.. am i crazy!!!!!??? hahaha
i had dl bangkok love story, but i have no time to watched it now ^^
how about the anime ranking?
NO1: Junjou Romantica
tooooooo cute!!!! i haven't finish season 2!!!!
NO2: kiss daddy??
they draw it really cute!!!!!!!!!^^ still haven't finish yet>.<"
so far , these are the 2 anime i had watched..

ok, stop BL-ing here
1 more movie i had watched is fast and furious 3 -TOKYO DRIFT! omg this is tooo great!!!!!

section 3: prison break
i feel bad when i watching this , cause this drama came out long time ago but now only i catching up!!!!!!!!!! arggggghhhhhh angry!!
i get season 1 and 2 satu kali from leehee, she is the one who introduce us to watch this drama from america ! she have all season 1-4 in her external hard disc! hahahaha she love this drama very much (public knows) hahahahahaha. well, season 5 i heard that is under progress , and will be broadcast soon, i don't care, cause i haven't even finish season 2!
i strated this drama yesterday and today , just now 1.45 am i finish season 1.. this drama is really bravo, i watch until can't breath !!! i will recommand for those who haven't watch , you can start now!! hahaha sounds convince pple here^^ well, i am!!!!!! bwahaha
ps: wentworth miller is really lengzai man!!!!!!

section4: crazy thing that we had done
yesterday, again we done some crazy things! after my class i went for lunch with leehee and friends, after that we went to "snowflake" this is a taiwanese "cafe" selling taiwanese ice kacang in ss15. yesterday was my first time been there, i like the ice kacang !!! is tooooo nice!!!! i will go there often start from now! when we went into the shop, after order we sit down and wait for the ice kacang served to us. then few boys came in, one of them is LLL's new target! after a while, we done something crazy, leehee called LLL , and she was in the library that time, after the called, she drive all the way down to the shop and she join us.. haha she sit beside me cause the view from there is straight to her new target! and i found one curious thing, i don't know whether im sensitive enough or what, because i saw her target keep turning around to see "her" haha should i say so?? then i told LLL about this :" hey, i saw he keep looking at you " LLL:" yes i know,^^"
then i was laughing there! then i ask LLL:" then what you waiting for , go a head la !" LLL was shy , this is what she said. its really a funny moment we have in snowflake yesterday.
for my own consider lengzai, i might not see him for 1 week due to my break, and there is a stupid things we had done too!
last week, leehee told me his name , but then this week during class, when lecturer called the name another person answered lecturer's question! omg, what is this now! we are blur, i stearing at leehee and leehee was open her mouth big !! meaning, we get wrong person name before this!!!!!!!!!! ohhh shuuuuu~~~~~ damn paiseh la!!!!!!! i specheless =.="......

well, this are all the things happen this week, and i am happy to welcome my lovely weekend and my study break next week, but the only bad things is , i can't see that lengzai for 1 week. T.T

basically , above are the reasons that i din't renew my blog everyday, hahahaha can't forgive me leh, coz of 2 movies and 1 dramas, drive me crazy watching all the time for this week @.


THE LOVE OF SIAM-BL MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


暹罗之恋 OR 爱在暹罗

Just now, i just found out a thailand BL movie, which sharon jie jie never told me she watched this long time ago=.=... i found this movie in a forum -Aarinfantasy. in this forum there are all introduce Yaoi( BL in japan) movies, anime....there are games, and drama. I was so damn excited when my another online friend told me to get the movies here. At last i decided to download two BL movie from Thailand, it is quite long time ago, if im not mistaken it was broadcasted in year 2007!!! damn me!! now only i found out!!!!!!!!....

my first downloaded movie fo today is :
The LOVE of Siam aka 暹罗之恋 爱在暹罗
act by LENGZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is a perfect story line teenager homosexual movie, (it's BL la...^^) [ I prefer story line more than H scene) it contain the love with family, friends even though the main charactor inside do have GF but end up they break up. the main charactors of the movie is MEW and TONG. both of them are good friends when they were young, until one day, Tong's family move to another place coz of he lost his sister. both of them meet each other when they are 18 years old. from there they started to contact each other. hang out often, Mew is a singer in a band called AUGUST and he write ad song for his love story with Tong after they meet. the story begin from there.
in this movie there are no H scence only a kiss.. but the story was really TOUCHHHHHH!
i was cried when MEW receive his last present from Tong after Tong tell him:" we can't be together anymore, but I LOVE YOU" Mew went back home and cried on his bed!!! omg, when he cry i also cry!!!!!
this movie doesn't directly bring out the BL thingy, but actually it is!!!!!!! gosh...i don't know how to describ my feeling after watching it, but TOUCH!!!!!

(this is why i said this movie doesn't directly bring out BL)

this is MEW
(His first singing "together" to Tong)
lengzai right!!

this is Tong
another lengzai!!

damn sweeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(warn!!ignore immediatly if you beh tahan!)


finally get release!!!

section 1: my ceramic class

on sunday i supose to teach ceramic from 9.30-1.00om but yesterday i was just teaching from 9.30-11.30 am... i ask my sifu permission to go home earlier , i still haven't finish study my monday test! gosh~~~rushing out of time!!! my "si fu" ask me go back and sleep instead of read. haha ... my face scare him!!! bwahahhahahah~~~ but during the 1st class on sunday, i get more tired due to those kids that i teach or should i say they are "little devils" were talkertive, i ask them do this they do that, i ask them make the cup but they keep playing around, end up 2 kids fight!! infron of me! i had warn them , don't make me angry today i will kick you out! but they don't listen at all.. i was like wanna boom the class immediatly ..the younger brother accidently use a ceramic tool to crash on elder brother's hand then the elder brother punch him on his cheast! omg the sound is damn big because at the moment i was sitting beside the younger brother's seat! and the elder brother keep use the clay to trow on the younger's body and end up he cried =.=
well.. i had tried my best to stop them but they don't want to listen to me.. and i can't simply bit other's children right.. im only a ceramic teacher there. i did shout at them , cause they really make me angry , but still.....no use =.= no impact ... my "si fu" ask me to leave them alone ...after the fight only continue teach them =.= ..."si fu" , if they din do fast then i can't go home at 11.30 am !!hahahaa(this is what i think!!! poor me!!)

section 2: I FINALLY GET RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was like a "ghost" for the pass few days..was stress...can't eat well.. can't sleep well..

i did sleep but when i wake up i can't feel i had slept for the pass few hours.damn it!!!!! i hate this happen to me!! sharon and me look pale all the time... omg!!!!!! can't describ it!!! really scary when we saw our pictures which we took in sunway piramid on friday. don't ever said i was so free to go sing k that day , but actually it is a time for us to shout inside the room!!! and walking in piramid with pale face=.=... how dare i did that!!!today, i feel tired after i settle all my works. during lecture i was fall asleep!!! damn stupid me~~~after 2pm.. i was chit chating with sharon and lok lok in MCD ^^ my lovely talks comes!!!! how long din't chit chat like this for 2 hours!!!! miss it!!! and add on: sharon's voice is damn sexy today!!! shock me when i wake her up at 7.30am today...omg ...but she sick heavy la...pale than me.....T.T..pity ...

section 3: piramid pictures
well, now only i post out the pictures we took in piramid, busy mah~~~^^ and there are 4 only cause we look pale... can't show!!!!!!! ^^

below : korean food we ate.. saw the triangle rice?
it's mine^^
stupid silly me....
(well, we like to capture in toilet^^)

yeeni and me

sharon and me

haha^^ today i saw the lengzai ^^


happy day~

section 1:
today i have no class, but still... i went back to taylor's for the reason do somtg on assignment but its a stupid reason la!! haha ^^ i had planed to sing k with sharon, yeeni, LL,leehee . but because i need to fetch yeeni and yeeni don't know our college friends and she have 'something' to do, so we went to sunway redbox wheras leehee them are in neway..=.= i fly to subang at 10.30am beacause my dear ms sharon said meet at 10.30am, so i was 'flying' there coz i drive fast =.= end up she haven't reach due to "some" reason =.= then i wait in leehee house. 11.15am she finally came, and she want me to drive T.T so bad!! then we went to yeeni house, even though i had went there 3 times but i never remember the road, coz i don't think i need to ^^ but now i need to remember it, yeeni send her address to me , actually i still have the memory la.. just not very sure.

section 2:the 1st "fish " incident happen to me .
i easily reached yeeni house in usj, then i stop in front of her 'house' ,i sms her ask her to come out, but she never come out for a few minutes we were waiting there, then sharon ask me:" are you sure this is yeeni house?" then i said:" yea it is.." but suddenly i realiz something infron of me.. the house beside me is having alots of baju kurung outside..and when did yeeni become malay??? huh??? wuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhhhi shout loudly :" omg this is not her house la!!!!!!" hahahahaha then i checked my sms again , oh my gosh ... is infront la!!!!!! why am i stop here!!
is this a fish thing!!!!! omg omg.... i was blur all the time!!!!!(ms sharon laughing at me =.=)
when we arrive sunway piramid is around 12pm, then we start our singing activity until 2pm.. ms sharon din't sing much because of her sort throat and serious caughing.. don't ask me why she still want to have this activity , haha ^^ can i said she is motivated by singing k than study now? haha..
section 3:the 2nd fish incident happened to me
after the singing section, we walk around piramid, we are so bored and nothing to do there, just window shopping around. then we sambil walk sambil chit chat about BL thingy, lengzai thingy ,TVXQ thingy ( 3 of us have the same kind of thinking=.=) ..we having our lunch in a korean food store, is a unique shop which not selling big meal but korean snacks food. i had ordered triangle kim pab, sharon ordered something like chicken satay, and yeeni ordered cutie rice ball..
when i want to start my meal, i found that i don't know how to open the plastic from the triangle shape kim pab .. or should i say i don't even know how to eat it!! omg..... i turn and turn the triangle shape around end up i still don't know how to open it.( well. . i know im stupid @.@)then the ajuma (auntie in korean) saw im so struggle with the triangle rice, she came forward and help me .. T.T im so fish today!!!!!!!!!! 5.5...........sharon and yeeni laugh like mad~~~~~(don't let me see both of you done any fish things infron of me!!!!!!!! i will definetly balas dendam!!!^^)
actually there is 1 more fish thing happen but i forget what was that!! forgive me, i was tired enough, can't think probably now.. ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!11 i remembered!!when we want to went home, i need to find the auto pay mechine, then i walk pass a great big glass gate and i don't even know that is the auto gate !! i walk a circle and pull another stupid door to go in and paid the parking fees, and again~~ the 2 miss are laughing mad outside!!!!!!!!! arggg rrrrr, both of you!! why don't stop me when i take the wrong way instead of the "fish" thing happen!!!! so damn pity la me!!

we had took a few pictures today but because of ms sharon don't have the energy and no adaptor now she can't send to yeeni and me =.=" .....today consider as a happy day..since we hang out ^^

there is a song we sing today , its an old song but its really nice,
it is about homosexual actually, or GL/BL
谁爱谁 没有所谓的对与错
我不敢去证实 爱你两个字
也不是讽刺 别人都在说我
其实很无知 这样的感情被认定
很讽刺 我很不服 我还在想着那件事
如果你已经不能控制 每天想我一次
如果你因为我而诚实 如果你看我的电影
听我爱的CD 如果你能带我一起旅行
如果你决定跟随感觉 为爱勇敢一次
如果你说我们有彼此 如果你会开始相信
如果你能给我如果的事 (我只要你遇见如果的事)
here the link for MV>>>>范瑋琪.張韶涵-如果的事
ps: wish all of you (GL/BL) bravely go for your love

***1.36am!!! im damn damn damn beh song now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



yesterday was suffering with law asingment , as what i had mention , i had done it but still pop up funny questions. when i finish checking everything , leehee ask me to assign IT immediatly, coz if assign IT in college might lag..but end up i din't listen to her advise..this morning when i arrived college i was planing to assign IT before my 10am class. but something happen =.= i wonder why library's server always down???? huh???? any perfect explaination? i was so damn geram at that time, i scare im not able to hand in on time coz this round lecturer din't mention what time is the due time. normally it will be australia time 3pm,5pm or malaysia time 12pm,3pm,5pm. and i was really nervous at that moment! i cant load the page of UNISA. if i hand in after my class then it will be 12pm. goshh....... at last i walk out from library and pray hard the time of due is malaysia time 5pm. lukily today my class end 11am, and i manage to run to computer lab and assign IT. i've gone mad T.T
(leehee next time i will listen to your advise! assign IT at home T.T sobss** )

this few days i felt damn tired, and this morning before i run to college, i only drink a cup cereal.. my mom did asked me to eat some kuih, but i no mood to eat and feel wanna vomit T.T...
i felt i cant stand porbably after i passing up the assignment, then only i felt hungry..some thing had gone from my shoulder but the other shoulder still heavy T.T...
i was like a ghost or should say a body without soul walking around taylor's this few days.. when you see me, im sure you will be shock with my face....
i still have financial and investment lecture at 12-2pm....no time for me to eat...(pity man~~)
during the lecture something happen, this had make me laugh out loudly.. hahahahah
lengzai topic continue~
LL your lengzai is not bad, but he have gf,.....when she know this she was like droping down from sky to the ground..hahaha im so bad ..still laughing here, i just feel so funny~~don't angry^^ and i advise her to made friend with him first, anything can happen in the future, who knows? we cant predic it~~ but she looks damn down and said i don't want anymore..i dont want!!! hahaahahahaha... she is really funny ^^ she want first hand but don't want second hand hahahahaha... where can find a first hand nowadays? we advise her to go kindergarden target then...bwahahahahha..we are so so so bad !!!!!!!!!! well.. LL, the fate between you and him is really geng !! today i saw it with my own eyes o.0 .At the end of the day, i still can't get any information for my own admire, he is not taking the same course as me!! T.T
sharon jie jie sick already~~~so pity~~~~but tomorrow we are going to sing k..don't ask me she can sing in this condition anot coz i also don't know., we just want to BOOm out the stress!^^


worry day

section 1 : worry
I don't know what im worring actually
my heart just feeling uncomfortable the whole day. during having law presentation also, im not in a good condition. a lots of things like coming forward to me and i can't handle it may be.
I had done my law assignment, but every time i finish early when coming to the due date to passing up a lots of questions will occure. A will say it should be done like this but B says no it should be in this way! WTH... i already done it, but why keep poping out different answers! i shouldn't listen to anyone because i have my own answer, but i have no confidence on what i had done . this is my main peoblem since long time ago. Just now a funny person pop up and say need to have at least 8 cases to support .. cissss la...where got so many cases for you, this is not a survey assignment anyway, and it is just need to write around 500-600 words, how you gonna squezz it ? whatever la, im already done my part, i won't touch it again, tambah masalah saja! i still have QM assignment need to do man, i still have a test on monday!!
can i just korek my heart away from my body now! i hate this type of feeling drive me crazy! i want to BOOM now! damn it....

section 2: the journey i went back home
well, today i end class ar 2pm but after that i eat with sharon and lok lok in mc donalds ...just chating there, then around 3.35pm only i went back home, oh my god, traffic jam all the way and i need to rush back because the sky is getting dark , i don't want the same incident happen to me like yesterday. when i drive trough kelana jaya lrt station i called yeeni cause today she suppost to meet someone in 1u , their appointment was at 4pm when i arrive kelana already 3.50pm its really traffic jam! when i called her, only i know she still waiting friends in kelana jaya when i pass over the station i saw her standing there. and i was in the line inside i can't turn to her and fetch her ! i waving hand to her when im driving, gosh..how dare i do this! its really dangerous coz i din look infront! lukily im ok. i ask her whether need to U turn back but she say is ok she can take cab. so i just continue my journey, scary things happen again, the sky really dark now and its raining!!!! heavy than yst 100 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesterday i can't see the road clearly but today i can't see everything ...only can see red colour spot infron of me !!!! im scare and the storm is very very big ...i was thinking should i stop my car and park a side in order to wait the rain stop or i should just drive back. at last.. i almost put my face stick on the mirror infront to drive back =.="

section 3: admire lengzai?
this is the hot topic among us this week, i don't know why but it's happening among us, haha^^
sharon had talked about her 'lengzai " erm, yes he is good looking but not my type,bwahahaha..
linli said she admire "lengzai" is fat.. well. i don't know coz i never see him before..hahahahahaah...for me, i had admired someone too, last year i was spotting a korean who looks like "Yun Ho" haha im crazy , but this year he back to korea already, i don't even know his name =.= poor me. but last time i use to see him in ktm & library and i did something crazy! i trying to take his picture!!! oh my god im such a 花痴!!today only i told this to sharon, haha she doen't know im crazy like this!!^^ (sorry to hiding it, coz i think you will really laugh me^^) well, i take his pic in ktm before but he is too far so it was not clear, then i tried to take again in library, this time i think he know what i planing to do ...paiseh leh........!!!!!!!!! end up mission unsuccess =.=" this year when i start my new sem, im looking around in every lecture to target someone hahahahaha ..and end up i get 1. actually he is not a very lengzai person, but he is not urgly, from out look he's smart enough. he is also having same tutorial class with me. last week again to prove that he is smart after the result of test released. today im moody and felt don't want to learn in class at all, so i need find something to motivate me. at the same time, leehee had ask me a question, :" angelyna do u think he is good looking?(pointing to the person i admire) then i was like huh =0=?? why ask me such a question suddenly? and i said yes, he is ok for me. then i ask leehee why suddenly ask me this , she said coz last week only she notice him is in our class, and she think he is ok too. then i tell her the truth, i have been watching this person long time ago...hahaahhaha im honest betul! then we started to notice him in the 2 hours class..bwahahaha... cissssss we are crazy. during a break time, he went out with a pack of cigarette, and looking at me. i turn to leehee, leehee looking at me too, then she write something on my notes:" nobody is perfect in the world" arggggggggg~~~~~~~~ cis again~~~~ why he smoking????? is this mean he is smoking??????? hmmmmmm?????? aiks..... but he is still my admire person at the moment, bwahaha.....


Today ,yesterday

today i would like to do 2 section:
section 1 is my diary and section 2 is for SHARON'S BITHDAY! Sharon i have something to let you see here!!! take note!!!!!!! drag down!!!

section 1:
another silly things happen this morning, i was almost late to class at 8am, cause i wake up at 6.30am.. and i was sleep at 3am !!! i can feel my tireness and can't open my eyes...my lovely wake end had goneT.T so sad....when i reached taylor's already around 8am and i can't find a parking!!! goshhhh~~~~ subang really lack of parking especially taylor's area!!! well, i shouldn't complaint so much because taylor's university will move to puchong soon, hope this might not happen over there =.=...when i run into my lecture hall its already 8.05am luckily the class haven't started yet, then i sms sharon jie jie around 8.20am ....im trying hard to concentrade but i can't cause im sooooooooo tired T.T "....suddenly i get a call..im having class leh, how am i going to pick up the phone? but yea i know it's frm sharon jie jie, so i answer it ,me:" hallo..?"sharon:" haha...i sleept late!!!!!! (with her sleepy voice)" [OMG last week monday same thing happen ,this week also !!! piggy sharon =.=] me:" u over sleep again !!??" sharon:" yea yea.." me:" faster get up and come now la!" sharon:" no no i don't want to go into class now already late~~" me:" but you still have class later right, then come la.." sharon:" okok...i will" me:" ok bye bye" sharon:" bye .." if i don't sms you , you won't get up =.=haha..silly you .I am not same class with sharon this morning, she supose to have business communication tutorial and im having consumer behaviour lecture. after this 2 times incidence i had decided to call her every monday morning when i wake up=.=hahahaha.......
my lecture end at 10am and i will have a gap between to continue my 2nd lecture, so we eat at old town, and finally when i almost finish eating, sharon jie jie came..hahaha....and we chat with our ex classmate today...have a happy conversation there^^then we went to print a letter, sharon want to change her class.. i checked willy's blog, and i notice the comment time willy leave to me is the time i wake up.. omg willy no need to sleep????? ^0^
around 1pm,as what sharon said , she will tell me something about the lengzai during LAW lecture, and fianally she told me everything ^^ haha...well sharon, just follow your feeling, have to action when the timing is correct !!! remember yea!!
i having law discussion after lecture and i almost faint*** we usualy have law tutorial presentation every week.. and i was tired to do it, that's why i wanted to faint**when i went back home is already 3pm and it was heavy rain after i drive through SS2...( i don't like to drive when heavy rain, can't even see the road clearly..)i reach home safe and sound^^ with my cuttie lappy!!! i get to use it!!!!! !bwahahahahaha^^
i was doing my law assignment tonight, same thing happen, i almost faint**********
someone please help meT.T!!!

SECTION 2 :SHARON JIE JIE 'S 20TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had DIY something for you, but i will pass it to you tomorrow , so now i just post this things here!! hope you will like it..this is a banner for you.. i can't make it by myself cause this new lappy's photoshop haven't install yet so i ask yeeni help me, i roughly tell her what i want and i send her the pictures~~ HOPE YOU LIKE IT ~~
BELOW is the BANNER for you^^ see im so good to you, i know you like Max so much ^^hahahaha, and the picture of us last year~~(i notice that we haven't take any pictures this year LOL)

we know each other on 2007 right, during foundation, and we are good friends since we know each other, may be because both of us like TVXQ or may be what we like almost the same^^
and now you see the different when you are 2007 until 2008
****this is the picture sharon jie jie request me to post after read my blog =.=
this is her 2009 "look"

left to right:sharon and me
well..2009 we haven't take any pictures together T.T
so i just post this..

this is our 1st formal presentation during foundation

this is our YED day^^ we take picture infront of our class's booth


me, michelle, sharon,leehee

michelle had transfer to Australia , but still will miss her..^^

can you see the different now? you getting thin and thin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha me as well. after we get into university south australia degree programe you are keep lossing weight and i am still ok...but recently i felt it too~~~we toture by the UNI??????haha.......well... we need to eat more !!!!!!!!!!!

again today 14.4.2009 my uni best friend sharon's jie jie birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and don't moody already la and don sad coz tomorrow can't go out.. we will go out on friday. or whatever day you like~and don't "fan" ~~birthday no "fan" ~~ not good for health haha...take care of yourself~~~~~~~~~~~all the best to you!!!!!!!!!!!im glad to know you^^


scary day??

today finally i went to pc fair
vanue: KLCC convention center
purpose: buy a new lappy
time: 11.30am

well, to be honest and don't shock when you see this
this is my first time to pc fair.LOL because usually i will buy all those lappy or electronic things in Hong Kong, my old lappy i get it from Hong Kong as well.^^ due to every year i will be in Hong Kong once =.=. ( i wish to go others places.) pc fair is really scary, its tooooooooo many people there and luckily we din't bring my brother , if not i can't imagine how we gona find him if he get lost! seriously this is the first time i enter to this kind of fair. people are squeezing , can't walk fast at all, everyone are "screaming"( i mean those promoter) luckily i din't get a part time job there.And i can't understand why those people doesn't buy anything from there but still going!! not only that even babies... those still sleeping in the baby car... mom huging, dad holding hands.. still going to such environment! omg, the place is so damn many people, and i think there are many bacteria or whatever virus, but why still bring young kids there.. like what zp said pc fair had included 1-80 years old peoples~~=.=
i will never go to pc fair again if i can't get what i want outside instead of pc fair!!!!
ok, continue my story of the day, i went there with my mom and my pc genius friend zp.
the day before, he had survay around, thus we know where the ASUS booth is. Then we just straight away to that particular booth. along the way, KLCC is full with people, i think is because of this pc fair... and too bad i just saw 1 lengzai among the people i saw in KLCC. oh my god, how sad it is....but there are quit a number of lenglui working >.<"
when i saw the lappy that i want to buy we had ask for the price and all, actually i din't expect too much on it as long as the spec metch what i need to use as a student and the price is not that high, my budget is around rm2500, mommy is going to pay leh, i can't mark up the budget isn't it and im just using it to do my uni work...(haha im such a good girl^^) so i ask my mom, mom:" what do you think about this lappy?" mom:" is up to you , but why its black colour, don't have others colour? its too black lah.." me:" mom this model only have this colour"( actly i also don't like the out look of it, but what to do , i won't ask for more) then i was turn around and see whether there are more lappy with nicer out look and it's spec is almost the same with my budget. I saw one in white colour, well actually i like white colour's lappy^^ ..i asked the promoter how about the white one, what is the price for that? he told me it is almost the same spec but higher price with a good graphic card, is nice to use if you want to do design work using photoshop, it won't lag.. more over it was HD!!!!!!!!! you know what came into my mind that moment?haha
i can watch more BL movie , TVXQ movie in HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wowwwwwww!!!! bravo!

but when i know the price it was over my budget. it cost me rm3000 after discount.
this lappy out look match what i want, but the important is the spec, it is also match what i want
only the price.....T.T then i told my mom :" mom, is ok for me to take the previous one, cause i don't think i will do much on design work since i am a business student" mom:" erm.. but you will still need it in the future right, if you need it and that lappy can't perform well it is not good also"
i was stun there.. and hard to make decision...then i said :"mom, you decide which one to buy, since you are the one who paying ^^( a smiling face) " mom:" ok deal, we take this then!"
gosh..... mommy you are so so so so so so good!!!!! you know what in my mind? hahahahaha
i was happy ....happy ...... hahahahahah keep laughing ^^(siao po)
MOM THANKS !! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!! after we take the lappy, we just walked out and wanted to leave there as fast as possible! its toooooooo damn horrible, terrible... how we wish we can fly out from the convention center. finally we reach home around 2pm, luckily my house doesn't destroy by my brother......
zp bring my lappy back to his house cause he need to install software and check my lappy.
tomorrow i will take it back!!it's mine!!!!!bwahahahahahahahaah
well for my lappy's safety and secure, i will double and triple log on it and hide in a secret place every time i used it. I need to protect it from my brother, if not i can't imagine how this cuttie lappy going to survive in the future!!^^

im get ready to recollect back all the videos..
my TVXQ videos, and songs, pictures!!
my BL animax, novels, movies: Antique Bakery, japanese BL, Junjou Romantica, taiwan BL which all those i had watched before!!!!
can't wait to watch all videos over again!!!!
hmm, what else....
at the moment it's just that ^^enough enough.... >.<
i was bored when i get home so i search for latest kpop songs, and i found:
[highly recommand] the song title "Dear Mom."
by SNSD 소녀시대 aka girl generation ,
look at the english subs when you listen it^^ i had introduce this song to sharon and yeeni
both of them also think that this song is sooooo touch and nice!
just match what i want to tell my mom 어마 사랑해요!! おかさん ~愛
SNSD had improve very much start from there GEE album.
another song i found was, Missing You by FT island~ (hong ki had change his hair style=.=)



i plan to do systematic post^^ is easier to read""

section 1: the happy things

today i woke up at 10am but i keep laying on bed,^^ piggy me. because i don't have time to do this for a long time. Everyday like rushing here and there! so i finally get up at 12!!!! oh my gosh how dare i do this and my mom din't scold me bwahaha ^^. Well, after all, the first thing i did was start my "old" lappy and online... the first webside i open was willy's blog haha, just checking out is he updating or not, but i found there are no new post ..then i back to my own blog. I'm shock when i saw so many comments today. When i open the comment page , i'm shock and it's really really shock when i saw the first comment from willy haha. im like a little fans saw idol leave me a message haha, well i was sot sot at the moment, or whatever you think i am. i called sharon when i saw her blog have comments as well, unfortunately she is more piggy than me, pick up the call with sleeping voice...omg what the time now !! its 1.30pm!!!!!!!! wake uppppp!!!
haha im sure she wanna kill me when i wake her up! haha sorry^^ But seriously to be honest i am happy get comment from him ^^ yes
i admit im a fans of him now haha^^ thanks willy for your advise. I am very close to my mom actually but some times what i think and her though will not match. I will try to let her know her daughter is getting mature, and let her know what im doing , appreciate what i have done. Mom im sure you know me well, and you just try to push me more. ^^

section 2: miss my dad

i don't know why this affternoon suddenly miss my dad so much.my dad face pop up on my mind. I realize i din't heard from his voice for a while. but yesterday, i was able to listened to his voice on phone but a short conversation, dad:" yen, where is mom?"me:" oh baba, she is out to fetch sis" dad:" she haven't come back yet?" me:" yea, cause today brandy will go for her friend's party so mom will take some times to send her and danielle ." dad:" ok then" me:“don't worry dad, i will ask mom to call you back once she is back" dad:" ok ok, then bye bye la " me: " bye bye" i hang up the phone and went to continue my online journey. well, my dad working in china since i was 12, and this is the reason i move from ipoh to KL. this was what i chat with sharon yesterday as well. sometimes i will think is this the good choice daddy went to china and work and leave us here? I can't blame on anyone, cause this is all because he want us to live in a better environment, that's why he had make this decision. My dad will called back everyday, and my mom will chat with him at least 1 hour everyday but not me. today only i realize i din't heard his voice for 1 month and it becomes a normal things, dad i miss you badly now!!!!!!!!!!!!! last month when you came back it was my first time drive to klia and fetch daddy, im happy really happy that i can fetch him. it was my first time. Dad what else can i do for you? i don't know what can i do.T.T feeling down now T.T

section 3: confusing

evening, saw J online and i ask her what is the thing she wish to tell me but she haven't tell. again, what i want its in front of us now, the problem turn back to ourside. I really wish i can move out from Malaysia NOW!!!!!!!!! WTH is going on!!! i want the project happen badly coz i had put so much of afford on it and i waste alots of time to doing it!!!!! but what is happening now!! im confusing and why we can't run out the circle!!!! I WANT RUN OUT FROM HERE!!!!!!!!!! now.. everything is hanging half, i can't get the result i want immediately.. tell me what to do im confusing !!!



there are few sections for today

section 1:

this morning im planing to watch FAST & FARIOUS 4 in mid valley with sharon.
i woke up at 8 then wash up myself and went down stair for breakfast(my lovely nasi lemak^^)
my mom was not happy with me because she said im always going out, but when she ask me to draw more things i rejected her with the reason i have a lots of assignments and tests. well, my dear mom, im really have a lots of assignments and tests. I am really busy on it! i din't say i don't want to do what i had promised to you before this, because that is my own idea, i will definitely do it when i want to. I had going out for the pass few weeks but it is not for my ownself fun, it's all about my work i already take it as my another part time job besides teaching ceramic every sunday. So i am not hanging out with my friends for shopping or fun or playing around. I don't even have a chance to do it since i start my semester. you should know about it. I trying hard to earn for my daily expenses too, i try hard to earn for my expenses now. And i did it! i know you wish to see i can do more things and earn more, this is what i wish too. but sometimes especially now i having assignments and tests, i can't concentrate to do it. Even though im going out today im still worrying about my assignments. I will need my free time between this, i want to release the stress. Mom don't worry , i know what am i doing now. please appreciate me.

2nd section: tvxq's member Micky incident
i read the newspaper of today while im eating nasi lemak, well normally i will read the entertainment news at first when i take the news paper and read i saw a damn big news which " this" newspaper take it as a big news because it put on first page! and this is not the first time they did like this! im really not satisfied on what they had did so far! ok , today they had posted out the Micky incident which happen few days ago in Korea Incheon airport, its regarding Micky park had grab fans camera in the airport, im not saying that he did the right thing but why our country always posting the bad thing instead of good things on them? i have been asking this question to myself many times but i still can't get any answer yet. the news even not really correct. it's really make me angry at first, the good news is always there and it is so damn many of it! but they din't even post out anything. they had posting the list of "bad news" about the boys. and before this they even post the wrong name to each members! its ok for you to post the bad news but where are all the good news? now im really think that local banding them, can i say so? i have a lots of questions to ask ! oh my gosh, i really can't understand it! may be like what sharon said, media will like bad news more than good one.

this two things had make me totally piss off early in the morning.

section 3: movie time

i watch the movie at 11.50am. and it was really a great movie! we watched in THX cinema haha^^
sounds great right!! if you haven't watch this movie you should go and watch it! the cars inside the movie are bravo! the speed of their driving skills are really fast! i like the carssssss the most!! haha^^another "great thing" when i watching this movie is because there are TVXQ song -RISING SUN inside the movie. It sounds weird right why a korean song will came into this movie, it is because in the movie have a little bit related to korea. And they had choose Rising sun for the movie. Even it is only 1 min i think, the rap part and the background music is match the scene of the movie!
faster go and watch yea!

section 4: lunch time
we having our lunch at kimgary right after the movie section. and i keep asking the same question there, where is leng zai????? all lengzai in Malaysia gone? i can't even see one today!
as what sharon mention in her blog, is really hard to get one. but please come out often!! ^^
we did chat for a while in kimgary~~ and before this i had saw the lappy i planing to buy this coming sunday. the lappy im using now is tooooo old!

section 5: BL (**ignore if you don't like about it, you can skip this part.But plz do not point fingure here)

this topic i want to talk about long time ago but i have no guard to start, since sharon had already started so i will just write out my view! BL is known as boy love. I found that im into this now because i saw so many of them in the world now, it is nothing actually. they just in love with the one who have same sex, but still there are many people can't accept it. Everyone have the rights to love who they like. ( well , i will accept the " bean flower" couple in the first place, you will know what im talking about if you know them!^^) I will more look into lengzai or cute BL^^ There are so many real life BL i saw online around the world and really happy because they can get the love one to love them, and they really have to be brave if want to carry on the relationship. The society , the friends beside , parents, it is too many things they need to consider. That's why im feeling they are brave enough. in sharon's blog it remind me something happen last few days, i heard somebody say : yerr, 2 boys holding hand so geli!" please lah, nobody ask you to see and can you please ignore it if you can't take it? grrrr!
...well, i hope all the BL have their happiness forever. ^^

**above is all base on own opinion and my dairy for today, im not pointing to any parties.^-^


uncertainties & Risk

I almost forget what had i did for the whole day,
yesterday night, (actly is just now )
i suddenly get a call from J which asking me whether my parents allow me to go out late night.
well,it's too strange because at the moment was 9.15pm
for me of course it is still early but if saying going out that time and having some discussion, then it will be going out until very late isn't!
so i ask what happen, why need to go out so late at night to having a discussion there!? it's just feel weird and don't know what is happening at the moment
i miss out the discussion the day before yesterday, and i feel something like uncomfortable? or should i say unsecured, because things is coming too fast!
i need to know more about what is happening instead of thinking what i need to do next.
im sure some of you will have such thinking when u come to my situation.
may be because i never know who is the person which u guys discuss with or may be i think too much of it. so was just ignore and keep my questions a side.

but just now, calling and going out for discussion, im feeling curious and really " scare" what will happen next to me?
but i can't just let go like that, i need to know more, so i went out to some where around the curve, and before that i told my mom i will going out, actually at that moment im really scare
don't know why this feeling is strong. and my mom refuse it, but i still want to go. I need to clear my question off, so i went . I did informed to my friends and my sister wherever i am and what im doing, haha^^ im scared! this is the first time im doing things like this, im not saying that i never came out late night before but this is the first time i went out to meet stranger who i din't meet before , that's why im scared. to secure myself and my friend i need to tell whoever i trust where am i , and what time i will be back home just incase....(omg im like mad ppl here,ignore me!)
9.35pm im on the way to the place we want to meet.
we wait there for a moment, and finally someone smart came
and he is really smart, this is what came out on my mind when the conversation start.
a person who fully motivated, doing things in a high speed, talented? and clever, smart
it's just like what you guys told me but im still having a lots of question on my mind.
through the discussion i know we reach the same objective, but for now what we actually want is not that high. The main point of our first meeting was being change, it is really mess us up ,...
seriously will get lost when you are really not clear when you having discussion.
slowly , i get what the meaning and what the person want to do, im not saying he can't do it but is really a high risk !
the risk will come directly to us instead of someone else.
like what i had studied in financial and investment, there are a lots of uncertainties and high risk in the future that we can't predict it.
well, i know before this i was saying that, just because everyone scare of the risk and ignore the return thus refuse,
but this is not the same situation as last time. Now the thing is come directly to us but not others, and we have no experience on it definitely.
There are nothing for us to protect ourself !
this is what im taking as my consideration while the discussion still on going.
but i was really happy that someone else are appreciate what we had done so far, thanks for that! it is hard to meet someone who appreciate what you had done before, and now i found one.
at the end, i able to went back home before 12am.safe and sound ^^(i won't do this again)
from the discussion, i get someone who have the power to get what i want, but it is full of "dangerous" am i going to take this down?
i had told my dearest friends about the discussion, and i also told them about what is in my mind.
i said it might be my negative thinking either, but i hope all the things we go through is in the right and safe track. there is no point we trow ourself in a "dangerous" situation.
i might take it down when im ready to do it in the future as in full with experiences.
i analysis the thing clear in my mind during the whole discussion, i want to clear it for my own
i want the thing happen badly but may be not in this way round. i don't want to point to anyone here, im just saying out what im thinking.
end for now, later will going out to watch movie!! haha^^
(i din't realize the time past so fast!!T.T)


a great day?

having class until 4pm,
went back home around 5pm..
omg LDP is always jam~~~sobs**
is this a long distance between kepong and Taylor's in subang?
normally i will need to take 20minutes to arrive but just now....
i took almost 1 hour!!!!!!gosh**my leg get pain because im driving manual car T.T

well, today someone is going to meet a talented [anything can happen depends on talent!] person
and it sounds good?! get a good feed back?
employed by them? hmm???
congratulation if yes! get start in a new environment!!
work hard and work in what you like from now
is this means others people's dream come true?
will you achieve other's dream at the end?
we have to do what we can for now, nothing is impossible ,isn't it right?
even though we try out many ways and end up get nothing at the moment,
but at least we get something this is what you guys always told me
even though we having hard time..T.T ( i don't want to remember but i can't, because it's really drive me crazy)

this is a great chance for you,
or even me, to meet what we want...
it is start from zero, from now.
a new page is being start,
i don't know what will happen next
just let it be like this. or maybe at the moment is happy with it,
but through our experience this is not the first time we facing this type of situation
i can't say any negative things for now,
but since the motivation for u is damn big now
let's work it out instead of waiting here.

start to do now,
with our own hand, maybe im not helping so much for now
and today i realize im really did not do much like you
but at the end of the day, no meter what result it is ,we will work it out and face it together
my dear friends with me in the "war" situation for the past few months
or should i say it's almost a year!
let's move on with new motivation but same objective!

MR,P: do not shock when see what you get from J !!plz let us work it out!!
K,C: thanks for your understanding and with the same situation as us now, thanks for your time
AI: thanks for your hard work
J: thanks for your motivation too!!
AI&YN: thanks for staying beside me all the way here!
ST: thanks for your ears to listen what i always share with you!




what's happen today?
or should i ask this few days?
hmm??? nothing special..
im sick with my teeth now...painful >.<>well, last week finish all test, business consumer behaviour and financial investment.
both result came out already...^^

omg, next week law assignment 2 part A due...
then QM also due around there!!
then business consumer behaviour test again!!
between it will have alots of "activities" on going
can i go for it????
grrr....how to decide?
i really don't know how .

help out~~~plz......
no mood to start all the things now,
is like from the begining of the sem we are all busying with tests and assignments.
until this week im having a gap free.
but the horrible story coming soon

today get the info of thailand TVXQ 3RD ASIA TOUR CONCERT
anyone interested or planing to go please take note!
the ticket price range will be around 800-4500 baht
meaning rm80-450 .
**additional ( this haven't get confirmation yet) will have 6000baht for VIP zone
im not sure which zone is that by now but will update later if possible.

so who are planing to go? bring me along in your luggage
i need to fit in!! **geram-ing**
my final exam fall on that period!!

is the time for me to set TVXQ MIROTIC 3RD ASIA TOUR as my DREAM CONCERT now!
getting mad soon.
daiji is geting mad also, she is influence by people around her?!wakaka..
tomorrow will go and meet someone that with TALLENTED!
haha^^ should i say so??
im not going to meet he/she anyway...but hopes it will help out soon
or else BE... please la.. get back to your job faster can?
we really need you ..bwahahahahah( omg wat am i writing LOL)

so, conclusion is ,
im doing randomly post today, post whatever in my mind
nothing special.