Korean Cassiopeia Part II

this few days i was doing my assignment, i din't rush to do it, but i did it one by one, step by step, 2 days ago, there was an unhappy thing happen, and yesterday i was also feeling bad. I do not want to talk about what is happening, its really make me feel bad enough.
*Well, to all my well known friends, who know me, who i care of, to those i care, please do keep yourself healthy, and happy always, i do not want anything happen on people who i care, i will not take it easy.

Korean Cassiopeia Power Part II
here i want to post a video regarding TVXQ lawsuit inccident with CASSIOPEIA's reaction- continue by the previous post.

this is an entertainment news , and the channel is famous in Korea, MNET WIDE NEWS

i just found this from DNBN, it was just posted up there, i feel touch again, i saw the fans doing petition infront of Seoul Olympic Stadium. There are a lots of people went there and sign up. Actually we do not know whether this will give any possitive impact on the case, and they will go to the court on this friday, the time is pack. As cassiopeia, we really can't do anything but wait. However during this period, Korean cassiopeia who leading the others cassiopeia around the world had come out with the petition, and i, as a foreigner, i could't go there and sign up, but they had already set up online petition for overseas cassiopeia, Korean cassiopeia are always lead us, their arrangement for this inccident quite well, and i am appreciate them a lot! Thanks to them, thanks to the cassiopeia all over the world, last few days, there is a cassiopeia from Paris who come and chat with me, and on the moment only i realize, the boys power is too greatful, until i can't imagine it. Friday, the day we are waiting for, we don't know what is the result for now, but
*Always Keep The Faith**

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