section 1: movie^^
a few days never update my blog here ...yes, after that inccident that day i finally finish up all assigments and tests for this sem!!!!! FRIDAY!!!!! i hand in the last assginment for this sem!!! i was so damn happy and get releast!!! but feel tired though..haha but is worth !! i can sleep until 12 noon yesterday then ask my sis to watch NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM2 with me hehehehe..(dumb dumb give me gum gum~~~bwahhahaa laugh die me**)

we watched 1.45pm section then when we finished the movie was around 4pm.. well i haven't watch ANGEL AND DEMOND!!! i want to watch that!!!!!!

section 2: 台湾观摩团之20周年晚会
I am having Taiwan Kuan Moo Tuan dinner at night, it scedule at 7pm start,6.30pm for 联谊。。。 but as what beh beh said, malaysia culture, says 7pm will start at 8pm.... hahaha actually due to some unexpected thingy like trafic jam and others ...we are late too~~ well... Bukit Bintang road is always jam isn't it.. but don't know why when we drive through bukit bintang road there are alots of "sea foods " swiming outside (sea foods such as la-la) oh my gosh... is really specheless man!!!! ms beh beh who just came back from 台中on sunday keep saying taiwan so many lengzai and fashion sense ppl, but here!! look at here~~~ bla bla bla~~~ hahahaha.. i know it... really .....

we reached there around 7.30pm if im not mistaken. yes, we miss the 联谊(it is ntg actly),when we enter the ball room, i saw 2 of my group mate which we went to taiwan together, poor team 3!!!! there are aound 25 ppl in our grp but yesterday only 3 of us !!!!!!!!铁布衫!!!你们去哪里了!!!! in the dinner, i scanning all the ppl there...haha to see whether got lengzai anot, erm..yes there are a few out of around 500 people there =.= and yes there are also lenglui ~~~well, our grp is too international, most of them are now in taiwan for further education, 1 of them湘湘 in queensland, some of them still in malaysia but they are in home town, our leader who are too busy with his work..mr 明强still in UK,大牛 USA, 燕兰姐in taiwan,only 西瓜,苑陵 and me are in the dinner~~~haiz ...mr 能彬(aka承彬)he is in pj but that stupid don't want to go but asking me to send his regards to the others!!hmp..who else had miss out..ahh watever, this is all i know...in the dinner, most of them are came from last year trip members, who are still ohm mode~~keep screaming all the time, i remember we are like tat in 2007 too~~our gathering in genting with stupid performance recall-.-" 洗刷刷~~

im sitting with beh beh 's grp member, they are grp 1..when the dinner begin, we need to stand up and clap our hands hardly to welcome 拿督翁诗杰。this is my second time saw him in this kind of situation ...then we need to sing NEGARAKU and Taiwan's song.. omg, i din sing Negaraku for 3 years man~~~=.=
lastly i want to shout again!!!铁布衫!冲冲冲!!起来~不愿饿肚子的人们!!!!^^
we need to wait all of those "big ppl" speches before we eat..im so damn hungry that moment... i remember we started to eat at 9 smtg...then we went back to kepong around 10pm. becuase we need to rush back and send priscillia home then meet secondery school friends at manjalara.
the ticket
run down
pp and me
beh and pp

section3: A amosa meeting

i go there with beh even though im not following them to A Famosa, because i have class..they are planning on some funny activities which will held during the trip..im so excited!! i want to see!!! i don't care!! you all must record it and let me watch!!!! hahahahahaha~~~ can't say much here, its their grp's secret!!!! zip my mouth here .....hahha
looking forward to the trip!!~~


sad and hurt enough..my world turn dark

im extreamly sad now,this moment..
today i realize who am i in your eyes.
im not a good girl...im not able to trust.
my sky turn dark...i cant feel anything now,
feel cold....scary...
you know how i feel when u say out those words?
you thought i purposely want to make yo worry?
am i those kind of people always go out 'wet' ?
is it because i have car only you think i can go 'wet' without telling you? tell you the truth here, if i really wanna do so, no need to give me a car i will also can do it!!!!!!! please think of me!!!!
u know me from the day i born , but you still think that im this kind of girl..
in your eyes, i am like tat? what i had did so far , for you is just nothing....today i finally know and again prove that, you are not trusting me at all!

actually i know u din't trust me when i was secondery,
you have stalk me !! i knew it !
send me to school and park the car far away from gate and watched me!!!! see whether im going to other places?! you know, when that moment i know you do this to me how sad i am?
because prove that you are not trusting me !
today, again! u don't trust your girl!!!! at all...
i never say im very geng now! i never think about that, i can earn now so i can do whatever i want! i never!!! but , you though im like this!? why!!!!!!
why cursing me? im doing my assignments and test,i ask myself, i really work hard..mayb not very hard.. but i really did on it, but plz don cursing me. im not as good as sister, i know it..
i specheless, nothing to say, no need to defence, because from the begining, you are not allow me to do so. what for i defence myself? for let you scold more badly?
do you know just now i was sweating when im driving, do u know how scare am i when i driving >100km/h in LDP...im scare i know its dagerous.. but wat to do.

you know how hurt am i when u said those words on me? nobody will know except me.
im not saying tat im really a 100% good girl who stay at home 24 hours and b like wat in ur mind. i don't know wat i suppose to do now instead of kill myself, mayb tis is the best way.
no need worry on me anymore, no need scold anymore..
please don't always say you are alone there working hard. i know all of that. but meaing wat? u give me presure...stress..u can spread out urs to me but who can i spread my stressness to? both of you ...i know both situation, but plz don't pushing me, i will collaps soon..very soon, i can feel myself heavy now, cant move, can't talk ,cant think tears is droping without crying.
is hard to say out here, many people will think that im not mature if im still saying this.
today, i finally know the feeling that heartbreaking. pain. sad but still laughing on myself like a mad girl.


time is flying,BL MOVIE again =.=

section 1:
today im just finished my last test for this sem. feeling tired after the test, well the test not that hard.. but its hard. i studied of cause, but it doesn't mean i can get what i want. haha this is what i always said...ok, need to change the way im thinking now, as long as i did it. Very tired recently, the whole May, keep doing assignments, test, assignments, test, it take turns to torture me T.T.. make me feel heavy enough. BUt wat to do, this is uni life, and not only me suffer like this, everyone are working hard to get wat they want in the future. i was falling asleep all the time today, or should i say im faint~~~ walk like flying ~~~~piew~~piew..and

time pass really fast! it pass 1 week by 1 week , without any message to you, :" hey, 1 minute has gone!!" this had made me feel scary..tonight i was doing nothing, i was relaxing. after come back from law discussion, then watch a movie which i had downloaded last night, see!! im preparing for m relaxing program right after my test!! hahahaha damn me!!!! now this moment, make me think back to year 2007, have same feeling, listening songs..doing nothing, relaxing, not stress.. but actually there is still 1 more assignment waiting for me on my table, i haven't even print out the questions which this assignment is going to due on this friday!!! damn me again!!! well, i was just finish my test today^^ so let me free , tomorrow still have to persent .. T.T i don't lik tuesday because 2 tutorials class together and need to prepare the tutorials work ,(lol even though start from last week i din't prepare for BCB tutorial^^ ok i admit im devil right now!!) althought tomorrow will se my lengzai again, but its seems not motivate me but adding stress on me... he is too pro ~~~ my new sentance for last week until today :" you are smart , but im not"
using this to make me study more and more, cis la.~~~~~~

final exam is coming soon, less then 1 month, after 3 weeks will have study break.. need to start prepare fo it! see see!! again, after tests, assignments then final exams...arghhhhhhh .... need a breath ....huhuhuhu~~~tahan until july i will be release for 3 weeks.. looking forward on it~and .. final exam !!!! hwaiting!!!fighting!!!!! 加油!!화이팅!!!がんばてください!!add oil!!! ANGELYNA!!

section 2:艾草-BL

yesterday night downloaded a movie..ermmmm consider as BL MOVIE also, i saw this movie from astro this few days, because it is related to mother's day movie... but hahahaha i consider it as BL since there is the story !!!!! well....this movie quite nice... story of a mom with her child, her son is BL while daughter have a child but din't get married.




KTM again T.T -angry

today back to subang by ktm again..
well..... super duper angry!!
i have wait the train at subang station about 1 hour!!!!!!!!!!!!argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh
hate hate hate!!!!!!!!!! after waiting , the train was packkkkkkkk...body touch body...stick together..
omg omg omg, i don't dare to look up, and its smelly too....goshhhhhhhhhhhh...
after i came back home , i din't allowed myself to stay 1 min in my room, straight away put down my bag and run in to bath room....need to use delto for bath.....arggghhhhh... i hate waiting like tat, i hate pack like tat...this are few pictures i take during waiting ktm in subang station....luckily my mickey mouse mp3 have enough batery if not.... i don't know wat will i do....


ktm again T.T

yesterday, i went to sharon's house overnight, so i din't drive to subang. i go by KTM!!! omg, a few months i never travel to subang by KTM!!!! i almost forget the price of the ticket i have to pay!!!! it is my horrible memory travel ktm to subang. how many years i did this!!! cause me alots of problem. ppl stolen my handphone at kl sentral station last year!!! damn damn damn it!

after my class is around 4pm then she have a test at 4pm..
i wait her with lok lok at lok's house.
after that lok lok have to attent the "super important" malaysian study class, so i wait her in leehee's house with sharon. everyone are meet at 6pm. finally all classes end =.=...
then we went to sunway piramid to have dinner in a japanese restaurent"GO HAN"
we walk around there until 9pm . we sent lok lok home , its already 9.30om.
arrive sharon's house around 9.45pm, well her house is super near subang ....
i say hallo to her mom, which this is my first meet to her mom , but she had already meet all my family members, because she always come to my house =.=" swt....^^ even though she came to my house so many times but she still cant remember the way to my hse...swt swt swt...hahahaha
we watch tv in the living room , and clean ourself after that. her house have many many entertainment, exp: magazinessssss, novelssssss,comicssssss, dramassssss,moviessssss...
so won't feel bored but im tired ... after watch finish conan movie, i was really tired until cant tahan... + its hot hot hot!!!!
this morning we wake up at 9am , and we end up late to the class at 10am....
well, tomorrow will go to college by KTM again, because my mom will bring it to repair.( why have to repair leh? coz something happen to me when i drive that day..haiz)
i went back home by KTM again...... here are some pictures of KTM....=.=






Credit :" logo on pic"

2005 jaejoong Hero

U-know 2008


Xiah- junsu 2008

max-changmin 2008

Shinee- taemin 2008

super junior- han kyung, ye song,kui hyun

Ft-island- hongki


my studentsssss work

my students recent works and my recent work^^

this is my 2nd ceramic board
draw it carefully ooo^^

i like this aeroplane!!
but its not belongs to me!!
i colour it until so nice!!!!!
my student refuse to give it to me
me: austin, can you give this to me?
austin:" nop!!, its mine!"
me:"but i help you colour the whole thing !!"
austin: " nop!! i don't want to give you"
(haiz!~~see.. nowadays kids are little devils!!)
i won't help stidents colour anymore

this is another student's work
a vase, it haven fire and colour yet

today is painting day...

the process to make a "cup"
1st step: as below
2nd step:

3rd step:

4th step: build up
5th step : make some pattern on it,decoration
6th step: finish^^

the above work is done by this cute boy boy austin^^fatty

seriosly made it
"add oil" ^^
dennis siting on my sifu's leg
this is dennis and dexter's work today