Financial report of SM ENT.

030809- SM ENT financial report
credit: soompi kenoa
today the stock of SM entertainment is falling to 11.86%
the cause of this might be the recent 3 members of TVXQ put on the law suit .
The story about what is happening this few days, i am tired to talk about it again

Financial News about SM:

"Since the anouncement of the lawsuit that involves TVXQ and SM, the company stock dropped until -10.1%, a loss of 5% on the current value.After this, and because I heard few months ago that SM was in bad situation, i decided to do some research about the "financial health" of SM Ent."-- (kenoa,soompi 2009)

Growth trend:
Blue spot > Total assets (ressources/funds)
Purple stick > Total Liabilities (hindrance/puts)
Yellow stick > Total shareholders' equity
Blue stars > Sales
If you look at the 2008 growth curve and if you do the ratio, we can see that Mirotic album was a breath of air fresh for SM.
credit: soompi,kenoa
Revenue Structure (the most interesting part):
Blue line > Sales
Purple line > Operating profit (EBIT, Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) i will call my finance teacher, i never thought i would use that word someday
Yellow line > Net income (profit)
Can you see the incomes and sales' increase at the end of 2008? The main artists that were promoted at that time were TVXQ. Don't you remember all the performances at all end's year ceremonies? If you were wondering why the members didn't claim for their rights earlier, now you know.
credit: kenoa
so i was shock when im seeing this, the sales and income of the company can says is rescue by TVXQ?

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when my second zhu mei become an economy analyst? >.<