Miss your face**Always Keep The Faith**

This few days, everyone are finding the pictures of you, but there are no pictures from internet!
Normally, if 5 of you went back to Korea, no matter where you went, there will be stalkers stalking, following, there MUST have you photos took by fans.
Last friday, after 5 of you came back to Korea, there are jus kimpo airport photos, except for yunho, who are shooting drams everydays, and micky get a new bag. There are no others member's pictures! yes, Cassiopeia are worrying! 5 of you stay in the hostel for how many days, not even step out from your house~ today , 5 of you went to Japan again.. and finally , we get to see you face.. after that lawsuit incident, this is the second time we saw your face...the airport are so many media, press and fans, those video camera and camera are non-stop freshing.
and MR MICKY PARK YOOCHUN, there is a new TATTOO on your CHEST!
even though we can't clearly identify what words were that, but we believe that is what you said
"Always Keep The Faith"
we all know what TVXQ meant to all of you, you are carying and love TVXQ . This is why Jae Joong and Micky are tattoo those TVXQ thingy on body Jae Joong's Tattoo
..yes, we know TVXQ members are not a simple friends to all of you, even not family members, is more than that! We, as Cassiopeia will remember this! this is what you all said dring interview! keep the promise!

pictures credit: logo on the pictures, baidu tvxq bar

micky's tattoo on chest
**Always Keep The Faith**

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