how to express ?

section 1: I feel bad this few days... is really bad!!!
it is not all because of what happen to the boys, but also my new sem thingy
the boys really meant a lot to me, that's why i get influence by them ..
everyday checking and refreshing the same webpage, in order to get their latest news about the lawsuit thingy. Yesterday , finally the lawyer announce the boy's thought, as what had being mention in the statement, 3 of them would't response to any questions after the statement released yesterday, unless the lawyer is togather with them. From the statement, we all know what is happening, and why this happened, after all, feel okay abit. But the stablity not last for a day, another statement regarding the S.M. ENTERTAINMENT had out too, the company side had argue back what had pointed out from the boys. Well, i don't know whether this so call official statement is really official, because there are a lot of press are reporting about this. Today, there are another news state that, it wasn't the company arguement actually.
well, this case already up to the court, and already accepted by it. We are not concern with what the court will say after all. But, we are more care about the boys, what we want is only 5 togather no matter where they go.
alright, do not want to talk about that anymore, it make me feel bad enough.

section 2:my new class
feeling heavy about this! but this is what i have to do as a student. I do not wish to complaint so much, but i don't really know the way to express myself now. Last time, when i was in a situation like this, i will just look at the boys faces, and tell myself everything can be solve, look at them, they are also facing a lot of difficulties, they are much tired than what i face now! they are working harder than what i see, they are working hard to fight for their future and their dreams. Behide the smile of their face, they really do a lot to acheive. This is what i will said standing infront of the boys posters. I was always talking to myself standing infront of their poster.( sounds weird, and crazy. but this do make me feel better) This is where i gain my energy after i get tired and feddup on something. Im not strong, I need something to cheer me up, i need something to support me. But now, seems hard...how im gonna finish this semester..how im gonna move on??

end up, i still have to do it! i need to do this for my own.

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sheepu's world said...

of coz u hv to face it..haiz..no matter how, just work on it..coz this is ur work ,u hv no choice. i worry and scared too, but what to do?just face it and move on !!jiayou!!u sure can do it!!^^