my design work

section 1:yesterday

yesterday went to mid valley, watch X-MEN, the movie that no ending, for sure it will have X-MEN2 ^^. brought brushes, acrylics, skretch book, 1m beautiful paper, crayon fabric paint. happy when get those things in a shop that i have been searching for a long time but cant found it in the pass, yesterday finally i found it , i was so excited shop inside with miss sharon, haha both of us spend almost 2 hours inside..omg cant imagine ...
here are the things i get !!!!
take a look at the skretch book down here
it is blank
and see after my drawing^^

section2: today

having discussion again=.= we found so many articles so we need to cut it down , analysis it^^

just now i was chating with Beh beh in msn, then she said long time din't chat between me, her and priscillia, then i decided to go her house at 8.10pm. i walked there^^ bring my lappy along haha..oline in her hse and her dad ask y both of us sit side by site each using own lappy and online, why not chat face to face? haha uncle we are actually doing different things at the moment ^^ i know we look weird enough bwahahaha......and beh did told me about her "fren" annoying thing~~ well, my daer beh, ignore him bah, as what you said both of you will stay in different side of Australia soon bwahahahah we are devil !! isn't we!!!! then i walked back home at 11.10pm =.=

section 3: take a look vvvvv
this is the skretch book i brought, and actually it was blank with ntg its a black colour book only now it was like this, just because my ichy hand =.="

this is a blank pencil case
before i draw something on it

micky!!!! on the pencil case





all 5 of them!!

here another pettern, smaller pencil case



love TVXQ


above are the pencil cases i paint for this few days

done for today, bloging in BEH BEH house ..^^
the time for now is 11.30pm


Frankie said...

Simple & Swell!!
awesome you're bless with these talent!!

Priscillia said...

Where you bought this blank pencil case??? Haha...i guess you're doing business with this stuff ya?

chian said...

nice art....pls keep on it :D

levanan said...

wa, very nice le
i like the few last most, the few with name written...