scary day??

today finally i went to pc fair
vanue: KLCC convention center
purpose: buy a new lappy
time: 11.30am

well, to be honest and don't shock when you see this
this is my first time to pc fair.LOL because usually i will buy all those lappy or electronic things in Hong Kong, my old lappy i get it from Hong Kong as well.^^ due to every year i will be in Hong Kong once =.=. ( i wish to go others places.) pc fair is really scary, its tooooooooo many people there and luckily we din't bring my brother , if not i can't imagine how we gona find him if he get lost! seriously this is the first time i enter to this kind of fair. people are squeezing , can't walk fast at all, everyone are "screaming"( i mean those promoter) luckily i din't get a part time job there.And i can't understand why those people doesn't buy anything from there but still going!! not only that even babies... those still sleeping in the baby car... mom huging, dad holding hands.. still going to such environment! omg, the place is so damn many people, and i think there are many bacteria or whatever virus, but why still bring young kids there.. like what zp said pc fair had included 1-80 years old peoples~~=.=
i will never go to pc fair again if i can't get what i want outside instead of pc fair!!!!
ok, continue my story of the day, i went there with my mom and my pc genius friend zp.
the day before, he had survay around, thus we know where the ASUS booth is. Then we just straight away to that particular booth. along the way, KLCC is full with people, i think is because of this pc fair... and too bad i just saw 1 lengzai among the people i saw in KLCC. oh my god, how sad it is....but there are quit a number of lenglui working >.<"
when i saw the lappy that i want to buy we had ask for the price and all, actually i din't expect too much on it as long as the spec metch what i need to use as a student and the price is not that high, my budget is around rm2500, mommy is going to pay leh, i can't mark up the budget isn't it and im just using it to do my uni work...(haha im such a good girl^^) so i ask my mom, mom:" what do you think about this lappy?" mom:" is up to you , but why its black colour, don't have others colour? its too black lah.." me:" mom this model only have this colour"( actly i also don't like the out look of it, but what to do , i won't ask for more) then i was turn around and see whether there are more lappy with nicer out look and it's spec is almost the same with my budget. I saw one in white colour, well actually i like white colour's lappy^^ ..i asked the promoter how about the white one, what is the price for that? he told me it is almost the same spec but higher price with a good graphic card, is nice to use if you want to do design work using photoshop, it won't lag.. more over it was HD!!!!!!!!! you know what came into my mind that moment?haha
i can watch more BL movie , TVXQ movie in HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wowwwwwww!!!! bravo!

but when i know the price it was over my budget. it cost me rm3000 after discount.
this lappy out look match what i want, but the important is the spec, it is also match what i want
only the price.....T.T then i told my mom :" mom, is ok for me to take the previous one, cause i don't think i will do much on design work since i am a business student" mom:" erm.. but you will still need it in the future right, if you need it and that lappy can't perform well it is not good also"
i was stun there.. and hard to make decision...then i said :"mom, you decide which one to buy, since you are the one who paying ^^( a smiling face) " mom:" ok deal, we take this then!"
gosh..... mommy you are so so so so so so good!!!!! you know what in my mind? hahahahaha
i was happy ....happy ...... hahahahahah keep laughing ^^(siao po)
MOM THANKS !! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!! after we take the lappy, we just walked out and wanted to leave there as fast as possible! its toooooooo damn horrible, terrible... how we wish we can fly out from the convention center. finally we reach home around 2pm, luckily my house doesn't destroy by my brother......
zp bring my lappy back to his house cause he need to install software and check my lappy.
tomorrow i will take it back!!it's mine!!!!!bwahahahahahahahaah
well for my lappy's safety and secure, i will double and triple log on it and hide in a secret place every time i used it. I need to protect it from my brother, if not i can't imagine how this cuttie lappy going to survive in the future!!^^

im get ready to recollect back all the videos..
my TVXQ videos, and songs, pictures!!
my BL animax, novels, movies: Antique Bakery, japanese BL, Junjou Romantica, taiwan BL which all those i had watched before!!!!
can't wait to watch all videos over again!!!!
hmm, what else....
at the moment it's just that ^^enough enough.... >.<
i was bored when i get home so i search for latest kpop songs, and i found:
[highly recommand] the song title "Dear Mom."
by SNSD 소녀시대 aka girl generation ,
look at the english subs when you listen it^^ i had introduce this song to sharon and yeeni
both of them also think that this song is sooooo touch and nice!
just match what i want to tell my mom 어마 사랑해요!! おかさん ~愛
SNSD had improve very much start from there GEE album.
another song i found was, Missing You by FT island~ (hong ki had change his hair style=.=)


Willy's Diary said...

cis angelyna, jealousnya aku LOL

i don't like to visit fairs. too crowded, ppl squeezing, kena molest (i'm too sensitive LOL), and the promoter hardly explain everything to you bcoz they have other customers to serve...

akiosu said...

I nvr go to PC fair b4 too! Always wanna go but end up staying home or doing other things de lo... -_- Aigu, ur new lappy, congrats!! haha! must sayang ur new lappy more!! xD

PS: I saw ur msg in willy's blog.. u kena 'bok mong' by ppl!? OMG!!! who's that!! *punch*