there are few sections for today

section 1:

this morning im planing to watch FAST & FARIOUS 4 in mid valley with sharon.
i woke up at 8 then wash up myself and went down stair for breakfast(my lovely nasi lemak^^)
my mom was not happy with me because she said im always going out, but when she ask me to draw more things i rejected her with the reason i have a lots of assignments and tests. well, my dear mom, im really have a lots of assignments and tests. I am really busy on it! i din't say i don't want to do what i had promised to you before this, because that is my own idea, i will definitely do it when i want to. I had going out for the pass few weeks but it is not for my ownself fun, it's all about my work i already take it as my another part time job besides teaching ceramic every sunday. So i am not hanging out with my friends for shopping or fun or playing around. I don't even have a chance to do it since i start my semester. you should know about it. I trying hard to earn for my daily expenses too, i try hard to earn for my expenses now. And i did it! i know you wish to see i can do more things and earn more, this is what i wish too. but sometimes especially now i having assignments and tests, i can't concentrate to do it. Even though im going out today im still worrying about my assignments. I will need my free time between this, i want to release the stress. Mom don't worry , i know what am i doing now. please appreciate me.

2nd section: tvxq's member Micky incident
i read the newspaper of today while im eating nasi lemak, well normally i will read the entertainment news at first when i take the news paper and read i saw a damn big news which " this" newspaper take it as a big news because it put on first page! and this is not the first time they did like this! im really not satisfied on what they had did so far! ok , today they had posted out the Micky incident which happen few days ago in Korea Incheon airport, its regarding Micky park had grab fans camera in the airport, im not saying that he did the right thing but why our country always posting the bad thing instead of good things on them? i have been asking this question to myself many times but i still can't get any answer yet. the news even not really correct. it's really make me angry at first, the good news is always there and it is so damn many of it! but they din't even post out anything. they had posting the list of "bad news" about the boys. and before this they even post the wrong name to each members! its ok for you to post the bad news but where are all the good news? now im really think that local banding them, can i say so? i have a lots of questions to ask ! oh my gosh, i really can't understand it! may be like what sharon said, media will like bad news more than good one.

this two things had make me totally piss off early in the morning.

section 3: movie time

i watch the movie at 11.50am. and it was really a great movie! we watched in THX cinema haha^^
sounds great right!! if you haven't watch this movie you should go and watch it! the cars inside the movie are bravo! the speed of their driving skills are really fast! i like the carssssss the most!! haha^^another "great thing" when i watching this movie is because there are TVXQ song -RISING SUN inside the movie. It sounds weird right why a korean song will came into this movie, it is because in the movie have a little bit related to korea. And they had choose Rising sun for the movie. Even it is only 1 min i think, the rap part and the background music is match the scene of the movie!
faster go and watch yea!

section 4: lunch time
we having our lunch at kimgary right after the movie section. and i keep asking the same question there, where is leng zai????? all lengzai in Malaysia gone? i can't even see one today!
as what sharon mention in her blog, is really hard to get one. but please come out often!! ^^
we did chat for a while in kimgary~~ and before this i had saw the lappy i planing to buy this coming sunday. the lappy im using now is tooooo old!

section 5: BL (**ignore if you don't like about it, you can skip this part.But plz do not point fingure here)

this topic i want to talk about long time ago but i have no guard to start, since sharon had already started so i will just write out my view! BL is known as boy love. I found that im into this now because i saw so many of them in the world now, it is nothing actually. they just in love with the one who have same sex, but still there are many people can't accept it. Everyone have the rights to love who they like. ( well , i will accept the " bean flower" couple in the first place, you will know what im talking about if you know them!^^) I will more look into lengzai or cute BL^^ There are so many real life BL i saw online around the world and really happy because they can get the love one to love them, and they really have to be brave if want to carry on the relationship. The society , the friends beside , parents, it is too many things they need to consider. That's why im feeling they are brave enough. in sharon's blog it remind me something happen last few days, i heard somebody say : yerr, 2 boys holding hand so geli!" please lah, nobody ask you to see and can you please ignore it if you can't take it? grrrr!
...well, i hope all the BL have their happiness forever. ^^

**above is all base on own opinion and my dairy for today, im not pointing to any parties.^-^


Willy's Diary said...

i'm glad that ladies in malaysia has started to accept gays... i remembered about a decade ago, homosexuals are aliens to ladies, especilly gays LOL

and well, we call gay as P. the word P comes from PLU (People Like Us) this is the first time i read this, BL (Boy Love) LOL it's quite creative and unique, perhaps one day gays in malaysia will use BL instead of PLU ^_^

anyway, your mum just cares you. i remembered my mum nagged me everyday when i started my secondary school life and she almost fainted when i came out to her. well, she didn't faint but gave me a big slap on my face in return LOL

i don't know how you feel but i love my mum the most in this world. she is the one who brought us to this world. try to communicate more with her, tell her what you want. i'm sure she'd appreciate you one day. ^_^

Priscillia said...

your posting hour seems like you sleep very late everyday, take good care of yourself, we are stil young, try to maintain your sleeping hour.

Hanging out with friends once
in a while is not a big prob, it is a way to release stress. Well...if i were you, i will not tell my mum i'm going out with friends instead, i will just say i got class. But in weekends, no choice... Have to tell.

Oya, i'm taking FA course in May, i guess you got no time to join me already, right?

Anyways, please keep updating your blog, since i'm not always seeing you, i will always leave a comment for you whenever you update your blog.


akiosu said...

Wow angye, seems like you had a hard time at yesterday's morning. I always know that you are trying and working very hard for your own life although we are just friends since... last year? hehe! But I'm willing to hear from you if you have anything wish to voice out xD

The newspapers thingy really pissed me off too! I don't mind saying the names out, it's ALL of the newspapers doing the same thing! Just the sinchew the worst. Ya, they like HOT TOPIC @#$@#$

It's funny when I saw you writing Where is lengzhai?! xDDD Well, I have same thought as you and Sharon, all lengzhai disappeared!!! hahahaha

And I really like you expressing your view bout BL here. Same as you, I'm always feel like talking bout it in my blog but I didn't say it so clearly kaka~~ I love them!! I don't know how to express my feeling with my limited words = =

Angye fighting!!! =)

P/S: I finally know the full words of PLU after viewing your comment from Willy's Diary! xD thanks for it!

cassiopeia said...

im happy to see these comments here
now i had make my decision to post more on BL stories and my view!!

thanks to willy's advise! i love my mom as well! and the term of BL is comment in "our" world(normally girls will use this word, haha^^) actually and i learn the word PLU from you as well.
thanks for pris, i will always update my blog even im rushing assignments and tests, i would like to update you my life as well! hope you can do well in FA which i wish to do so!
thanks for akoisu for speak out the newspaper's name loudly and hardly here!
and yea, thanks to sharon who started the BL post then only i bravely voice out my view here! so akoisu, now we can voice out our view on BL and no need to use some special words to hide ourself.