what's happen today?
or should i ask this few days?
hmm??? nothing special..
im sick with my teeth now...painful >.<>well, last week finish all test, business consumer behaviour and financial investment.
both result came out already...^^

omg, next week law assignment 2 part A due...
then QM also due around there!!
then business consumer behaviour test again!!
between it will have alots of "activities" on going
can i go for it????
grrr....how to decide?
i really don't know how .

help out~~~plz......
no mood to start all the things now,
is like from the begining of the sem we are all busying with tests and assignments.
until this week im having a gap free.
but the horrible story coming soon

today get the info of thailand TVXQ 3RD ASIA TOUR CONCERT
anyone interested or planing to go please take note!
the ticket price range will be around 800-4500 baht
meaning rm80-450 .
**additional ( this haven't get confirmation yet) will have 6000baht for VIP zone
im not sure which zone is that by now but will update later if possible.

so who are planing to go? bring me along in your luggage
i need to fit in!! **geram-ing**
my final exam fall on that period!!

is the time for me to set TVXQ MIROTIC 3RD ASIA TOUR as my DREAM CONCERT now!
getting mad soon.
daiji is geting mad also, she is influence by people around her?!wakaka..
tomorrow will go and meet someone that with TALLENTED!
haha^^ should i say so??
im not going to meet he/she anyway...but hopes it will help out soon
or else BE... please la.. get back to your job faster can?
we really need you ..bwahahahahah( omg wat am i writing LOL)

so, conclusion is ,
im doing randomly post today, post whatever in my mind
nothing special.

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