worry day

section 1 : worry
I don't know what im worring actually
my heart just feeling uncomfortable the whole day. during having law presentation also, im not in a good condition. a lots of things like coming forward to me and i can't handle it may be.
I had done my law assignment, but every time i finish early when coming to the due date to passing up a lots of questions will occure. A will say it should be done like this but B says no it should be in this way! WTH... i already done it, but why keep poping out different answers! i shouldn't listen to anyone because i have my own answer, but i have no confidence on what i had done . this is my main peoblem since long time ago. Just now a funny person pop up and say need to have at least 8 cases to support .. cissss la...where got so many cases for you, this is not a survey assignment anyway, and it is just need to write around 500-600 words, how you gonna squezz it ? whatever la, im already done my part, i won't touch it again, tambah masalah saja! i still have QM assignment need to do man, i still have a test on monday!!
can i just korek my heart away from my body now! i hate this type of feeling drive me crazy! i want to BOOM now! damn it....

section 2: the journey i went back home
well, today i end class ar 2pm but after that i eat with sharon and lok lok in mc donalds ...just chating there, then around 3.35pm only i went back home, oh my god, traffic jam all the way and i need to rush back because the sky is getting dark , i don't want the same incident happen to me like yesterday. when i drive trough kelana jaya lrt station i called yeeni cause today she suppost to meet someone in 1u , their appointment was at 4pm when i arrive kelana already 3.50pm its really traffic jam! when i called her, only i know she still waiting friends in kelana jaya when i pass over the station i saw her standing there. and i was in the line inside i can't turn to her and fetch her ! i waving hand to her when im driving, gosh..how dare i do this! its really dangerous coz i din look infront! lukily im ok. i ask her whether need to U turn back but she say is ok she can take cab. so i just continue my journey, scary things happen again, the sky really dark now and its raining!!!! heavy than yst 100 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesterday i can't see the road clearly but today i can't see everything ...only can see red colour spot infron of me !!!! im scare and the storm is very very big ...i was thinking should i stop my car and park a side in order to wait the rain stop or i should just drive back. at last.. i almost put my face stick on the mirror infront to drive back =.="

section 3: admire lengzai?
this is the hot topic among us this week, i don't know why but it's happening among us, haha^^
sharon had talked about her 'lengzai " erm, yes he is good looking but not my type,bwahahaha..
linli said she admire "lengzai" is fat.. well. i don't know coz i never see him before..hahahahahaah...for me, i had admired someone too, last year i was spotting a korean who looks like "Yun Ho" haha im crazy , but this year he back to korea already, i don't even know his name =.= poor me. but last time i use to see him in ktm & library and i did something crazy! i trying to take his picture!!! oh my god im such a 花痴!!today only i told this to sharon, haha she doen't know im crazy like this!!^^ (sorry to hiding it, coz i think you will really laugh me^^) well, i take his pic in ktm before but he is too far so it was not clear, then i tried to take again in library, this time i think he know what i planing to do ...paiseh leh........!!!!!!!!! end up mission unsuccess =.=" this year when i start my new sem, im looking around in every lecture to target someone hahahahaha ..and end up i get 1. actually he is not a very lengzai person, but he is not urgly, from out look he's smart enough. he is also having same tutorial class with me. last week again to prove that he is smart after the result of test released. today im moody and felt don't want to learn in class at all, so i need find something to motivate me. at the same time, leehee had ask me a question, :" angelyna do u think he is good looking?(pointing to the person i admire) then i was like huh =0=?? why ask me such a question suddenly? and i said yes, he is ok for me. then i ask leehee why suddenly ask me this , she said coz last week only she notice him is in our class, and she think he is ok too. then i tell her the truth, i have been watching this person long time ago...hahaahhaha im honest betul! then we started to notice him in the 2 hours class..bwahahaha... cissssss we are crazy. during a break time, he went out with a pack of cigarette, and looking at me. i turn to leehee, leehee looking at me too, then she write something on my notes:" nobody is perfect in the world" arggggggggg~~~~~~~~ cis again~~~~ why he smoking????? is this mean he is smoking??????? hmmmmmm?????? aiks..... but he is still my admire person at the moment, bwahaha.....


akiosu said...

The waving hands scene is REALLY frightened me!!! I was like O_O omg!! luckily your front there dun hv cars T_T Sorry for letting you do like this... to show me you were there~~

We like lengchai. All humans like good looking stuff lol~ Your 'yunho' went back liao?! Aaah~~ Who is the another mangsa kena spotted by you now? *laughs*

Fighting angye!!

sheepu's world said...

tired...tired...im tired...
wuwuwuwuwuwuw.......2mr due law le....my sis havent go sleep...how can i watch the bl movie leh?haiz

cassiopeia said...

im tired as well, today no energy to renew ad even many things happen
feeling want to cry,
one day and the day will come soon, i will cry hardly ...
really beh tahan ad!!!!!!!damn it!!

Willy's Diary said...

aiyor, what's wrong with smoking? it's not good for health and some bad breath lar only anyway ^_^

i was a smoker for about 10 years before i quitted (i'm not a heavy smoker lar). the reason i quit was because i spent 1.6k for teeth bleaching LOL

Anonymous said...

lol...yaya..no perfect person in tis world!!lolxx...god is fair one..haha

afeiiiii said...

lol...yaya..no perfect person in tis world!!lolxx...god is fair one..haha

April 16, 2009 11:01 PM