a great day?

having class until 4pm,
went back home around 5pm..
omg LDP is always jam~~~sobs**
is this a long distance between kepong and Taylor's in subang?
normally i will need to take 20minutes to arrive but just now....
i took almost 1 hour!!!!!!gosh**my leg get pain because im driving manual car T.T

well, today someone is going to meet a talented [anything can happen depends on talent!] person
and it sounds good?! get a good feed back?
employed by them? hmm???
congratulation if yes! get start in a new environment!!
work hard and work in what you like from now
is this means others people's dream come true?
will you achieve other's dream at the end?
we have to do what we can for now, nothing is impossible ,isn't it right?
even though we try out many ways and end up get nothing at the moment,
but at least we get something this is what you guys always told me
even though we having hard time..T.T ( i don't want to remember but i can't, because it's really drive me crazy)

this is a great chance for you,
or even me, to meet what we want...
it is start from zero, from now.
a new page is being start,
i don't know what will happen next
just let it be like this. or maybe at the moment is happy with it,
but through our experience this is not the first time we facing this type of situation
i can't say any negative things for now,
but since the motivation for u is damn big now
let's work it out instead of waiting here.

start to do now,
with our own hand, maybe im not helping so much for now
and today i realize im really did not do much like you
but at the end of the day, no meter what result it is ,we will work it out and face it together
my dear friends with me in the "war" situation for the past few months
or should i say it's almost a year!
let's move on with new motivation but same objective!

MR,P: do not shock when see what you get from J !!plz let us work it out!!
K,C: thanks for your understanding and with the same situation as us now, thanks for your time
AI: thanks for your hard work
J: thanks for your motivation too!!
AI&YN: thanks for staying beside me all the way here!
ST: thanks for your ears to listen what i always share with you!



Fantast.L said...

Hmm,,,dont know what's great thing happen beside you.seems so secretly.
Just want to say aza aza hwaiting!!

akiosu said...

Angye, I have same thought as you too. Especially, I did not work out much through this thing. The passion, the hard work... Well, I'm here with you guys all the way! Let's grab the chance 'carefully', and be with together.

We can overcome it no matter what. Right? Fighting!!

cassiopeia said...

thx to daiji and akiosu

i also don know wat is the great things actly
tats y im taking it as consideration

like akiosu said
take it 'carefully'?
haha we should find a way to secure ourself perhelps anything happen later on...^^ seems to be thinking too much or whatever....