happy day~

section 1:
today i have no class, but still... i went back to taylor's for the reason do somtg on assignment but its a stupid reason la!! haha ^^ i had planed to sing k with sharon, yeeni, LL,leehee . but because i need to fetch yeeni and yeeni don't know our college friends and she have 'something' to do, so we went to sunway redbox wheras leehee them are in neway..=.= i fly to subang at 10.30am beacause my dear ms sharon said meet at 10.30am, so i was 'flying' there coz i drive fast =.= end up she haven't reach due to "some" reason =.= then i wait in leehee house. 11.15am she finally came, and she want me to drive T.T so bad!! then we went to yeeni house, even though i had went there 3 times but i never remember the road, coz i don't think i need to ^^ but now i need to remember it, yeeni send her address to me , actually i still have the memory la.. just not very sure.

section 2:the 1st "fish " incident happen to me .
i easily reached yeeni house in usj, then i stop in front of her 'house' ,i sms her ask her to come out, but she never come out for a few minutes we were waiting there, then sharon ask me:" are you sure this is yeeni house?" then i said:" yea it is.." but suddenly i realiz something infron of me.. the house beside me is having alots of baju kurung outside..and when did yeeni become malay??? huh??? wuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhhhi shout loudly :" omg this is not her house la!!!!!!" hahahahaha then i checked my sms again , oh my gosh ... is infront la!!!!!! why am i stop here!!
is this a fish thing!!!!! omg omg.... i was blur all the time!!!!!(ms sharon laughing at me =.=)
when we arrive sunway piramid is around 12pm, then we start our singing activity until 2pm.. ms sharon din't sing much because of her sort throat and serious caughing.. don't ask me why she still want to have this activity , haha ^^ can i said she is motivated by singing k than study now? haha..
section 3:the 2nd fish incident happened to me
after the singing section, we walk around piramid, we are so bored and nothing to do there, just window shopping around. then we sambil walk sambil chit chat about BL thingy, lengzai thingy ,TVXQ thingy ( 3 of us have the same kind of thinking=.=) ..we having our lunch in a korean food store, is a unique shop which not selling big meal but korean snacks food. i had ordered triangle kim pab, sharon ordered something like chicken satay, and yeeni ordered cutie rice ball..
when i want to start my meal, i found that i don't know how to open the plastic from the triangle shape kim pab .. or should i say i don't even know how to eat it!! omg..... i turn and turn the triangle shape around end up i still don't know how to open it.( well. . i know im stupid @.@)then the ajuma (auntie in korean) saw im so struggle with the triangle rice, she came forward and help me .. T.T im so fish today!!!!!!!!!! 5.5...........sharon and yeeni laugh like mad~~~~~(don't let me see both of you done any fish things infron of me!!!!!!!! i will definetly balas dendam!!!^^)
actually there is 1 more fish thing happen but i forget what was that!! forgive me, i was tired enough, can't think probably now.. ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!11 i remembered!!when we want to went home, i need to find the auto pay mechine, then i walk pass a great big glass gate and i don't even know that is the auto gate !! i walk a circle and pull another stupid door to go in and paid the parking fees, and again~~ the 2 miss are laughing mad outside!!!!!!!!! arggg rrrrr, both of you!! why don't stop me when i take the wrong way instead of the "fish" thing happen!!!! so damn pity la me!!

we had took a few pictures today but because of ms sharon don't have the energy and no adaptor now she can't send to yeeni and me =.=" .....today consider as a happy day..since we hang out ^^

there is a song we sing today , its an old song but its really nice,
it is about homosexual actually, or GL/BL
谁爱谁 没有所谓的对与错
我不敢去证实 爱你两个字
也不是讽刺 别人都在说我
其实很无知 这样的感情被认定
很讽刺 我很不服 我还在想着那件事
如果你已经不能控制 每天想我一次
如果你因为我而诚实 如果你看我的电影
听我爱的CD 如果你能带我一起旅行
如果你决定跟随感觉 为爱勇敢一次
如果你说我们有彼此 如果你会开始相信
如果你能给我如果的事 (我只要你遇见如果的事)
here the link for MV>>>>范瑋琪.張韶涵-如果的事
ps: wish all of you (GL/BL) bravely go for your love

***1.36am!!! im damn damn damn beh song now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sheepu's world said...

hahahaha...coz really damn funny ma..."fish" is good u know?got more good memories can remind in future...^^ also not really fish la..but we are lucky u know?that malay auntie didnt come out from her house..if not we sure more "fish"

死者苏生 said...

drive fast == flying
damn funny. haha.

akiosu said...

hahaha xD too bad coz I can't witness the 1st fishy thing of you...*evil laughs*

aiyo, 1.36am, what happened to you?! so beh song?! be careful of your wrinkles XD

thanks for the day, angye and sharon! =)