section 1 : feel lost at late night T.T
late night now, suddenly feel lost. don't know what to do, but actually a lots of things are line up behide me, but i was like just passing by them without touching them. lost for everything, don't know what im doing now, everyday every minute. when i am busy i will can't breath , but when im free i will probably think of the up coming things. this make me feel lost. which steps should i go for now? so far, am i doing good in my job-study? should't ask anyone but me right. today is tuesday , the second day of my study break. i don't want to waste any of my time which just sleeping at home but doesn't do anything that i wish to do when i was busy. so i continue my design path. a dream which i had given up last time, slowly i get back to this way, to reach my dream without lossing anything. can i really success on it? today i read newspaper, there are a group of youngster around 21-25 they love musics, and they are togetehr because they have a same dream. they are not person who working on the music industry now but im glad to heard that they are still working on what they loves, their dream. at last, now they successfully let the pucblic know about it, and doing a job to push public on music industry. they use to work at day time ,by the way they are all working very hard on it in order to use the income to organise their activities and events. i was thinking, can i be like that too? in a good way without giving out or waste anything. working as what i suppose to be after gruaduate using those knowlege on books from university and reach my own dream in the other way round. i like design at first but i din't choose because i need to consider the outcomes after i get a degree of that. well, i am still continue my design way now, shirts,ceramics, drawing and painting. slowly i moving in mass com area. i found that i like to organise events and get through those kind of things. should i said i was also trying out and experince with that now? yes i did have some experince of that.unfortunely i was still in finance now. well, it doesn't matter what you study and what you will work as at the end of the day isn't ? i strongly believe this and i think it migt have a great high percentage this situation will comes to me in the future.

section 2: yesterday's story
this few days, i was starting to paint , draw, design . as what i said, do not waste my holiday just sleeping. but actually i do sleep late >.<" poor me. 11.30am wake up.. gosh ....late right!!?
yesterday evening i was accompany my mom to find some house hold thingy, bought some flowers for decoration of my house (my hse was full with flowers anyway.) but my mom stil cant tahan when she saw more and more beautiful flowers and it was cheap! is miracle to see those flowers cheap in msia. and normally my hse's flowers was brought all the way from guang zhou, my mom willing to hand carry it =.=" i have no objection , coz she is the one who carry it hahahah im such a naughty girl. later on, we went to a great big shoplots or should i say its actually a factory but they use to sell house deco things beside the way from sg buloh to kepong. i get some shining buttons there and i love this shop so much! attractive! haha ^^ i will go there again when i wanna buy my room some preety lights and candle holder. happy day?!

section 3: today's story-assignment discussion?
damn me! today i had make appointment with my group mate at 11.30 am . i suppost to reach subang at 11.30 am but i was just wake up that time!!!! luckily leehee called me, if not i think i don't manage to turn up the meeting! we having our group assignment discussion. and i reached at subang at 12.15pm, again, i was "flying" there!!! dangerous i know =.=" after the so call discussion is around 1.30pm , i put it as "so call" because i don't think i get anything from the discussion haha perhaps i already did my research the night before until 3am .. blame on the connection and my lappy's adobe reader!! make me sleep late!!! hmp !!!then i get the rest of prison break seasons from leehee and wait for sharon jie jie come, well, she purposely come back to subang for "snowflake" =.= haha and she scare her car water get boil ..^^we have our lunch at asia cafe and went to snowflake ! finally i get the ice infront of me!!! very nice !!!! the hot sun was outside the shop and we are chit chating inside the aircorn shoop with a big bowl of "snow" haha.... miss it so much!! want to eat again and again!!! yummy ice !! lovely ice !!
-end of the story -

waiting tomorrow morning to come, because again will go mid valley for "x-men" i notice this few weeks i was putting myself out every week once.! don't blame me, i just want to walk out once at least 1 week once. ^^ T.T need to ion my bro and sis cloths now T.T T.T T.T


sheepu's world said...

hahaha..yea la..i also fa shen jing yesterday..haiz but suan la..we sure can pass up all the thing de...kakakak..must trust ourselve..we can do it
and..i really scared la..my car will water boil, my sis sure will say me again..hahahaha

akiosu said...

once you found ur interest then u can just go on ^^ it's nice to found ur love in something oh.. esp design, u love it and now still continue doing it, it doesn't matter u r studying finance now, it's another knowledge and talent...

just believe urself ya!! frankly, I envy you cause you always got ur own path although sometimes will feel lost too... fighting angye!!