i plan to do systematic post^^ is easier to read""

section 1: the happy things

today i woke up at 10am but i keep laying on bed,^^ piggy me. because i don't have time to do this for a long time. Everyday like rushing here and there! so i finally get up at 12!!!! oh my gosh how dare i do this and my mom din't scold me bwahaha ^^. Well, after all, the first thing i did was start my "old" lappy and online... the first webside i open was willy's blog haha, just checking out is he updating or not, but i found there are no new post ..then i back to my own blog. I'm shock when i saw so many comments today. When i open the comment page , i'm shock and it's really really shock when i saw the first comment from willy haha. im like a little fans saw idol leave me a message haha, well i was sot sot at the moment, or whatever you think i am. i called sharon when i saw her blog have comments as well, unfortunately she is more piggy than me, pick up the call with sleeping voice...omg what the time now !! its 1.30pm!!!!!!!! wake uppppp!!!
haha im sure she wanna kill me when i wake her up! haha sorry^^ But seriously to be honest i am happy get comment from him ^^ yes
i admit im a fans of him now haha^^ thanks willy for your advise. I am very close to my mom actually but some times what i think and her though will not match. I will try to let her know her daughter is getting mature, and let her know what im doing , appreciate what i have done. Mom im sure you know me well, and you just try to push me more. ^^

section 2: miss my dad

i don't know why this affternoon suddenly miss my dad so much.my dad face pop up on my mind. I realize i din't heard from his voice for a while. but yesterday, i was able to listened to his voice on phone but a short conversation, dad:" yen, where is mom?"me:" oh baba, she is out to fetch sis" dad:" she haven't come back yet?" me:" yea, cause today brandy will go for her friend's party so mom will take some times to send her and danielle ." dad:" ok then" me:“don't worry dad, i will ask mom to call you back once she is back" dad:" ok ok, then bye bye la " me: " bye bye" i hang up the phone and went to continue my online journey. well, my dad working in china since i was 12, and this is the reason i move from ipoh to KL. this was what i chat with sharon yesterday as well. sometimes i will think is this the good choice daddy went to china and work and leave us here? I can't blame on anyone, cause this is all because he want us to live in a better environment, that's why he had make this decision. My dad will called back everyday, and my mom will chat with him at least 1 hour everyday but not me. today only i realize i din't heard his voice for 1 month and it becomes a normal things, dad i miss you badly now!!!!!!!!!!!!! last month when you came back it was my first time drive to klia and fetch daddy, im happy really happy that i can fetch him. it was my first time. Dad what else can i do for you? i don't know what can i do.T.T feeling down now T.T

section 3: confusing

evening, saw J online and i ask her what is the thing she wish to tell me but she haven't tell. again, what i want its in front of us now, the problem turn back to ourside. I really wish i can move out from Malaysia NOW!!!!!!!!! WTH is going on!!! i want the project happen badly coz i had put so much of afford on it and i waste alots of time to doing it!!!!! but what is happening now!! im confusing and why we can't run out the circle!!!! I WANT RUN OUT FROM HERE!!!!!!!!!! now.. everything is hanging half, i can't get the result i want immediately.. tell me what to do im confusing !!!


sheepu's world said...

my dear....haiz..i miss my dad too..at least u can meet him few times in year but i just can c him once a year only...haiz..

Willy's Diary said...

LOL you really sot sot dei

btw i understand the feeling when you miss your dad. this year i've met my dad for 3 times but from year 2005 to 2008 i see them once a year only... but we use skype to cam lar, still can see my family few times weekly.

ask your dad to get a webcam and chat using skype lar. it's cheaper and you can see him as well ^_^