finally get release!!!

section 1: my ceramic class

on sunday i supose to teach ceramic from 9.30-1.00om but yesterday i was just teaching from 9.30-11.30 am... i ask my sifu permission to go home earlier , i still haven't finish study my monday test! gosh~~~rushing out of time!!! my "si fu" ask me go back and sleep instead of read. haha ... my face scare him!!! bwahahhahahah~~~ but during the 1st class on sunday, i get more tired due to those kids that i teach or should i say they are "little devils" were talkertive, i ask them do this they do that, i ask them make the cup but they keep playing around, end up 2 kids fight!! infron of me! i had warn them , don't make me angry today i will kick you out! but they don't listen at all.. i was like wanna boom the class immediatly ..the younger brother accidently use a ceramic tool to crash on elder brother's hand then the elder brother punch him on his cheast! omg the sound is damn big because at the moment i was sitting beside the younger brother's seat! and the elder brother keep use the clay to trow on the younger's body and end up he cried =.=
well.. i had tried my best to stop them but they don't want to listen to me.. and i can't simply bit other's children right.. im only a ceramic teacher there. i did shout at them , cause they really make me angry , but still.....no use =.= no impact ... my "si fu" ask me to leave them alone ...after the fight only continue teach them =.= ..."si fu" , if they din do fast then i can't go home at 11.30 am !!hahahaa(this is what i think!!! poor me!!)

section 2: I FINALLY GET RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was like a "ghost" for the pass few days..was stress...can't eat well.. can't sleep well..

i did sleep but when i wake up i can't feel i had slept for the pass few hours.damn it!!!!! i hate this happen to me!! sharon and me look pale all the time... omg!!!!!! can't describ it!!! really scary when we saw our pictures which we took in sunway piramid on friday. don't ever said i was so free to go sing k that day , but actually it is a time for us to shout inside the room!!! and walking in piramid with pale face=.=... how dare i did that!!!today, i feel tired after i settle all my works. during lecture i was fall asleep!!! damn stupid me~~~after 2pm.. i was chit chating with sharon and lok lok in MCD ^^ my lovely talks comes!!!! how long din't chit chat like this for 2 hours!!!! miss it!!! and add on: sharon's voice is damn sexy today!!! shock me when i wake her up at 7.30am today...omg ...but she sick heavy la...pale than me.....T.T..pity ...

section 3: piramid pictures
well, now only i post out the pictures we took in piramid, busy mah~~~^^ and there are 4 only cause we look pale... can't show!!!!!!! ^^

below : korean food we ate.. saw the triangle rice?
it's mine^^
stupid silly me....
(well, we like to capture in toilet^^)

yeeni and me

sharon and me

haha^^ today i saw the lengzai ^^


死者苏生 said...

the lengzai is me ah.


Willy's Diary said...

toilet is my favourite camwhore spot ^_^