Today ,yesterday

today i would like to do 2 section:
section 1 is my diary and section 2 is for SHARON'S BITHDAY! Sharon i have something to let you see here!!! take note!!!!!!! drag down!!!

section 1:
another silly things happen this morning, i was almost late to class at 8am, cause i wake up at 6.30am.. and i was sleep at 3am !!! i can feel my tireness and can't open my eyes...my lovely wake end had goneT.T so sad....when i reached taylor's already around 8am and i can't find a parking!!! goshhhh~~~~ subang really lack of parking especially taylor's area!!! well, i shouldn't complaint so much because taylor's university will move to puchong soon, hope this might not happen over there =.=...when i run into my lecture hall its already 8.05am luckily the class haven't started yet, then i sms sharon jie jie around 8.20am ....im trying hard to concentrade but i can't cause im sooooooooo tired T.T "....suddenly i get a call..im having class leh, how am i going to pick up the phone? but yea i know it's frm sharon jie jie, so i answer it ,me:" hallo..?"sharon:" haha...i sleept late!!!!!! (with her sleepy voice)" [OMG last week monday same thing happen ,this week also !!! piggy sharon =.=] me:" u over sleep again !!??" sharon:" yea yea.." me:" faster get up and come now la!" sharon:" no no i don't want to go into class now already late~~" me:" but you still have class later right, then come la.." sharon:" okok...i will" me:" ok bye bye" sharon:" bye .." if i don't sms you , you won't get up =.=haha..silly you .I am not same class with sharon this morning, she supose to have business communication tutorial and im having consumer behaviour lecture. after this 2 times incidence i had decided to call her every monday morning when i wake up=.=hahahaha.......
my lecture end at 10am and i will have a gap between to continue my 2nd lecture, so we eat at old town, and finally when i almost finish eating, sharon jie jie came..hahaha....and we chat with our ex classmate today...have a happy conversation there^^then we went to print a letter, sharon want to change her class.. i checked willy's blog, and i notice the comment time willy leave to me is the time i wake up.. omg willy no need to sleep????? ^0^
around 1pm,as what sharon said , she will tell me something about the lengzai during LAW lecture, and fianally she told me everything ^^ haha...well sharon, just follow your feeling, have to action when the timing is correct !!! remember yea!!
i having law discussion after lecture and i almost faint*** we usualy have law tutorial presentation every week.. and i was tired to do it, that's why i wanted to faint**when i went back home is already 3pm and it was heavy rain after i drive through SS2...( i don't like to drive when heavy rain, can't even see the road clearly..)i reach home safe and sound^^ with my cuttie lappy!!! i get to use it!!!!! !bwahahahahaha^^
i was doing my law assignment tonight, same thing happen, i almost faint**********
someone please help meT.T!!!

SECTION 2 :SHARON JIE JIE 'S 20TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had DIY something for you, but i will pass it to you tomorrow , so now i just post this things here!! hope you will like it..this is a banner for you.. i can't make it by myself cause this new lappy's photoshop haven't install yet so i ask yeeni help me, i roughly tell her what i want and i send her the pictures~~ HOPE YOU LIKE IT ~~
BELOW is the BANNER for you^^ see im so good to you, i know you like Max so much ^^hahahaha, and the picture of us last year~~(i notice that we haven't take any pictures this year LOL)

we know each other on 2007 right, during foundation, and we are good friends since we know each other, may be because both of us like TVXQ or may be what we like almost the same^^
and now you see the different when you are 2007 until 2008
****this is the picture sharon jie jie request me to post after read my blog =.=
this is her 2009 "look"

left to right:sharon and me
well..2009 we haven't take any pictures together T.T
so i just post this..

this is our 1st formal presentation during foundation

this is our YED day^^ we take picture infront of our class's booth


me, michelle, sharon,leehee

michelle had transfer to Australia , but still will miss her..^^

can you see the different now? you getting thin and thin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha me as well. after we get into university south australia degree programe you are keep lossing weight and i am still ok...but recently i felt it too~~~we toture by the UNI??????haha.......well... we need to eat more !!!!!!!!!!!

again today 14.4.2009 my uni best friend sharon's jie jie birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and don't moody already la and don sad coz tomorrow can't go out.. we will go out on friday. or whatever day you like~and don't "fan" ~~birthday no "fan" ~~ not good for health haha...take care of yourself~~~~~~~~~~~all the best to you!!!!!!!!!!!im glad to know you^^


sheepu's world said...

hahaha..thx ^^im so happy for it
so touch...im so lucky and glad that i have a friends such like you in taylors..if not i sure die ..hahaha
i will appreciate it^^
this week we will take new pic la..kakakakaak

sheepu's world said...

besides that, thx for uploading the pic^^ im super touch *100
we gambate gain weight 2gether ba...

akiosu said...

haha, im laughing while seeing the pictures *dun kill me* u girls ah, take good care of yourselves oh! Keep losing weight...

I went to the event last time too. But I still don't know you girls yet that time... strange hahaha~

Sharon, happy birthday!
Wish both of you happy together!!

sheepu's world said...

hehe...my dear..i really change alot le? wahahaha..when i was foundation i really fat leh..and hodoh..TT.TT i change til now i geng ma?faster praise me..kakakaka

Willy's Diary said...

haha i don't sleep at nights for the past few days. yesterday slept at 8am and this morning woke up at 4:30am...

and i want to share something with you. the way you read photo is wrong ^_^ you posted a photo of you with sharon.

right to left:sharon and me
well..2009 we haven't take any pictures together T.T
so i just post this..

it's suppose to be left to right, where sharon is on left side while you on right side from the photo. this is the correct way to read photos ^_^

well, just share something with you ^_^

Priscillia said...

Haha, here i am to leave you a comment...=) Your blog super hot recently, in and out there are a lot of people leave you comment. I'm so happy to know your daily rountines here, but someitmes i will just skip some parts and scroll down...hahah...XD

I guess our support is your biggest motivation to keep you updating. Hopefully we can play video call every night, now i on9 very often just because of you. Haha...love you yy!!!

p/s: you become prettier and prettier and prettier...=D

cassiopeia said...

im so happy to get so many comments here..thanks alots

to sharon:
no need to thanks me so many times, this is the only thing i can do for you hahaha....yea we need to gain weight even though still torture by UNISA! lets go out this friday, i need to realease, i will get boom if i don't! sharon tell you a happy things u sure happy..i will post in my blog later on bwahahh...

to willy:
you should sleep lah, if not how to keep your face smooth smooth? hahahahaah....
i will accept your correction coz its really my mistake ^^ you can be my blogger 师傅 already muhaha~~

to akiosu aka yeeni:
those pictures are N years ago, now we all different already?? haha
the YED was small leh, not what i expected to be, but yea that year we haven't know each other..haha

to priscillia,
i updating my blog often coz of your request and i also need a place to shout out now, stress lehh recentlyT.T
pris is ok for me if you skip some of the parts coz i don't expect everyone will accept what i had posted^^..
and lastly thanks saying im pretier and pretier where i know im not haha^^