movies and dramas week

section 1: i finish my horrible period
as what i had mention last few posts, im suffering from those assignments and tests. this week finally i get release and start from monday night, i was crazy watching movies, dramas searcing songs and so on, doing my free time things!

section2: movies i had gone trough this week (BL movies week)
(ignore /skeep this part plz)
the first movie i had watched is " the love of siam" aka 暹罗之恋as in previous post, can see how much i like that movie!! then i watched second movie which is "frozen flower" aka 霜花店. this movie is definetly different from the love of siam.!!!! and i watched until my eyes becomes like this 0o0!!!!!! yea too shock for those scenes ! unexpected things came in!! oh no i should say!! hahahaha..i was so damn frustrated when the king ask his LP :" just tell me the truth, did you love me before at least a bit?" then the LP said:" no! no once!" then both killed themself
wowowowow!!!! what the hell is this?! isn't it a BL movie but end up saying don't love the king? and moving on to the queen???? huh??? i will rank this movie as no2 from all those i had gone through before, cause at least there are something unexpected scene came to me and there are lengzai!!!!! haha (devil's laugh).. well since i had started ranking , i would like to rank all those BL movies i had watched before.

NO1: the love of siam (thailand)
the story line is toooooooo touch! and both of them are lengzai enough
NO2:frozen flower (korea)
the story is king's time. and both are lengzai too!! take a look at the poster here

NO3: Antique Bakery(korea)
story line not bad, and yea there are lengzai toooo!!!cakes flying every where,bwahahahahatake a look

NO4:Boy meets Boy (korea)
this is short movie trailer, is came from youth society (i think) and hehe there is a cuttie!!!

NO5:Eternal summer( taiwan)
this is the first BL movie i watched 3 years ago but at that moment i don't even know it is a BL!!! damn me !!! this year only i realiz it was a BL movie, poor me!!! story line good, they are lengzai , middle class ^^haha

NO5: 爱的言灵 (japan)
hmm, story line pass, not really lengzai, but still ok for the LG haha^^
stop ranking here, cause the following i don't know how to rank already
boy loves 1 (japan)
boy loves 2 ( Japan)
i don't really like the story =.= whatever, ignore me
(erm i think the title should b that =.=) this movie ah, don't know how to comment on it =.=
these are all BL movies i had watched so far.. am i crazy!!!!!??? hahaha
i had dl bangkok love story, but i have no time to watched it now ^^
how about the anime ranking?
NO1: Junjou Romantica
tooooooo cute!!!! i haven't finish season 2!!!!
NO2: kiss daddy??
they draw it really cute!!!!!!!!!^^ still haven't finish yet>.<"
so far , these are the 2 anime i had watched..

ok, stop BL-ing here
1 more movie i had watched is fast and furious 3 -TOKYO DRIFT! omg this is tooo great!!!!!

section 3: prison break
i feel bad when i watching this , cause this drama came out long time ago but now only i catching up!!!!!!!!!! arggggghhhhhh angry!!
i get season 1 and 2 satu kali from leehee, she is the one who introduce us to watch this drama from america ! she have all season 1-4 in her external hard disc! hahahaha she love this drama very much (public knows) hahahahahaha. well, season 5 i heard that is under progress , and will be broadcast soon, i don't care, cause i haven't even finish season 2!
i strated this drama yesterday and today , just now 1.45 am i finish season 1.. this drama is really bravo, i watch until can't breath !!! i will recommand for those who haven't watch , you can start now!! hahaha sounds convince pple here^^ well, i am!!!!!! bwahaha
ps: wentworth miller is really lengzai man!!!!!!

section4: crazy thing that we had done
yesterday, again we done some crazy things! after my class i went for lunch with leehee and friends, after that we went to "snowflake" this is a taiwanese "cafe" selling taiwanese ice kacang in ss15. yesterday was my first time been there, i like the ice kacang !!! is tooooo nice!!!! i will go there often start from now! when we went into the shop, after order we sit down and wait for the ice kacang served to us. then few boys came in, one of them is LLL's new target! after a while, we done something crazy, leehee called LLL , and she was in the library that time, after the called, she drive all the way down to the shop and she join us.. haha she sit beside me cause the view from there is straight to her new target! and i found one curious thing, i don't know whether im sensitive enough or what, because i saw her target keep turning around to see "her" haha should i say so?? then i told LLL about this :" hey, i saw he keep looking at you " LLL:" yes i know,^^"
then i was laughing there! then i ask LLL:" then what you waiting for , go a head la !" LLL was shy , this is what she said. its really a funny moment we have in snowflake yesterday.
for my own consider lengzai, i might not see him for 1 week due to my break, and there is a stupid things we had done too!
last week, leehee told me his name , but then this week during class, when lecturer called the name another person answered lecturer's question! omg, what is this now! we are blur, i stearing at leehee and leehee was open her mouth big !! meaning, we get wrong person name before this!!!!!!!!!! ohhh shuuuuu~~~~~ damn paiseh la!!!!!!! i specheless =.="......

well, this are all the things happen this week, and i am happy to welcome my lovely weekend and my study break next week, but the only bad things is , i can't see that lengzai for 1 week. T.T

basically , above are the reasons that i din't renew my blog everyday, hahahaha can't forgive me leh, coz of 2 movies and 1 dramas, drive me crazy watching all the time for this week @.


死者苏生 said...

wah, u watch many movie!

Willy's Diary said...

ruk hang siam is waste of time. spent two hours and 30 mins for stupid ending LOL but anyway, i do enjoy the story line.