crazy day

section 1: crazy me
went to 1 utama today ^^. my mom promise to bring us out , haha and today we all holiday ...happy labour day!!! everyone rest for 1 day lah!!!! we went out 1pm , and after i wash myself, i crazy taking pictures...damn me, don't know what happen to me today. maybe my brain goes wrong hahaha. but anyway, today have a good mood^^

section 2: mother's day present

thinking of buy what for my mom, mother's day coming soon!!! and i am plaining to share a present with my sister this year for our first time buy a present using own earned money!!! wow!!! sounds great! so before we went out, i had discuss with Brandy( my sis) later have to notice mom's action, see what she like and what she wanted!! hhahaha,...need to give her supriz mah!! when we arrived there, its so damn trafic jam!! cause today everyone are free^^ why don't rest at home but come out walk and walk?? make ourself more tired hahaha ( well.. im doing so too ^^) at last, my mom saw a pair of shoes !! its nice and i will definetly buy for her!!! hahaha .. 1 utama having fashion week, and those model are so beautiful, but i not manage to see boys modelsT.T .

section 3: are they BL?
i saw a pair of "couple" walked in to gardians, both are boys. one of them is tall and 1 is shorter.
the shorter one looks like 0 hahahahahahah , then i was stearing at them all the time with my sis once they walked into gardians. they stop at the lotion area, the taller one asking the shorter one questions and then he talk a bottle of "lotion" with pink colour packaging. i was laughing all the time infron of gardian. then i asking my sis :" brandy, do u thinking what im thinking? (before this i haven tell my sis i feel they are BL) then she answer:" yes sis, definetly!! " we both are crazy stearing and laughing. my sis ask me to go and see what things they had taken. then i said i don't want!!! she passed me all the plastic bags she holding and walked in!! omg, brandy you are so damn brave!! after a minute she walked out, with a smiling face. brandy:" hahahha, it's a lotion!! pink colour one!!" i was like =.=" huh? both of them had walked away to the counter ,then i went to reconfirm again what is that! and the answer is " lotion with whitening " =.= after they come out from the shop, i was still curious whether they are BL anot, suddenly pop out a women /lady ,the taller give her back her handbag and i was 0o0! what happen now??? this is his gf? then what about the shorter!!?? the shorter is all the way following at the back of the taller when he walked into gardians until now! i had detect wrongly???? T.T my face suddenl stund there.... well, i m not brave enough to ask them are you BL? ! omg la...... so sayang!!! they are both match enough !!! 55555

section 4: crazy again -i sendiri specheless
with my working table

chi sin!


sheepu's world said...

aiyo..angelyna..if they are really plu, then you very lucky la..hahaha..they leng zai or not?

cassiopeia said...

they are quite ok!!!
especially the 0 is kind of 夏河 and 洛洛 de !!

akiosu said...

wow angye, did u cut ur hair? or maybe the angle makes it look different? hahaha~~

long time didnt on9, miss u guys!!!! hey, the 'bl' looks like 'xia he' and 'luo luo'?!?! OMG~~~~~ lol~~

angye I salute you, ur design so nice!!! esp ur sketch book leh!!! love it!! keep it up!!

cassiopeia said...

yeeni!!!! i miss you too^^
i look different? no ar, i just tied up my hair actly ^^"

i have the info for you so contact me la just now i cant reach you when i called you!

and yea the BL give me the feel like j.law and kiro!! thats y i said they very match!!^^

am i really did that well? i don;t think so, there are many others do well than me but i will still upgrade myself^^ the sketch book i was using iconograph to draw,插画 i was so damn into this area now^^ do alots research on it especially taiwanese design!

Willy's Diary said...

you need an upgrade for your gaydar LMAO