hot and moody sunday

section 1 : my sunday ceramic class

i have no idea why so hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need ice ice ice!!!!!!!!!!
my lovely sunday, should i said so???
today my ceramic classs goes smoothly
due to my 'sifu' not here, im going to handle 2 classes all by myself. sounds tired right, but actually i prefer handle the class alone instead of with my 'sifu'. you know what, sometimes when 2 person hadling the class, will come out with 2 different type of teaching style. once this occured then the student will confuse with who supose to listen to, and me, i will become moody and no motivation to continue teaching. isn't reasonable the situation like this happen? you specheless and no idea anymore when kids coming to ask you:" angelyna jie jie , how to do this?" then i will said:" ok here u need to do like ..bla bla bla.." when i turn around, my sifu will said:" hey , don't do like this, it suppose like this bla bla bla..." then what will i feel?? i will just turn into this-->
=.=" meaning in the class i no need to say anything when the kids come and ask me. but another situation appear, kid A :" mr.Y how to do this?" kid B:" mr.Y this one how to do!!! y u don't bother me i waiting long time here" then my boss will say :" aiyo don't ask me la, wait !! you ask angelyna jie jie" then they will just turn and ask me, once i answered all the question, and my boss get free from others kids, he saw the others kids doing then he will say again:" why do like this , u should do in this way...bla bla bla.." so, conclusion, what am i ??? i no need to talk anymore there? i told my mom i wanna quit for a long time but end up i din't coz i need a stable income, even though it is really little but still a stable one, i will get it every month. moreover, i like ceramic, i really love to made it, but as a student not a teacher>.<" haiz.. i also don't know how to make this settle. one day, when i get another stable income i will really run out from the art class. i prefer doing all by myself instead of teaching little "devils" haha sounds horror me ..
end of this story, this week i don't know where my boss go and he just left me a call and ask me take the class on sunday , and i notice every time when he is not around, i can easily end my class earlier and without any messy thingy. i don't know why but its really happen a few times! yesterday i was just slept for 4 hours but usually if my boss there i will have a tired face but yesterday i din't at all, one of my student ask me :" angelyna jie jie today you are so fresh look! you sleep early yesterday?" then i say:" huh? are u sure u din't see wrongly? im tired and sleep damn late!" then she say:" is it? but you look fresh anyway" hahahahahaha can i said this is the effect of no boss around ? bwahahahahaha im devil!!! i know!!! hahahaha my class supose end at 1pm but yesterday end 12pm , haha too early! cause got a few "devils" din't come ^^ im so happy ...

section 2 : moddy sunday

when i came back home from work, i straight away go to my room, and i saw my lovely CDs on my table. mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone had touch my things again!!!!!! and no doudt the suspec is my brother!!!!!!!! what the hellll always go into my room and touch this and that !!!! my lovely CDs!! he know he is not supose to do that but he still doing it!!!! luckily i put my new lappy in a save place, if not i know he will use screwdriver and "open" my lappy!! damn it!!!! i was so damn angry when i saw that, i can't tahan ppl touch my CDs, lappy and my homework on my table!!!! and i was moody start from there, then i bang my room's door by shouting down stair: " don't come into my room any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" BANG~~ i was lie on bed and sleep. i need to make sure after i sleep i can't heard any noice from down stairs. so i choose sleep!!
good choice isn't it!? hahahaha...then i wake up at 3pm (i start my nap on 1pm smtg) and after that i din't talk much at home until 11pm. mayb not more than 10 sentance ...am i scary enough? aiyo people moody mah!! at night i start my drawing jurney again, this time i was drawing on pencil case, of coz it's made by fabric la.. i had finish 8 pancil cases now ...haha im so brillian. will show up here after take the pictures of it.

ps: chi sin me , i had watched THE LOVE OF SIAM for 3 timessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

end of yesterday's story...


死者苏生 said...

"watched THE LOVE OF SIAM for 3 times"

cassiopeia said...

is true i watched 3 times ad!!!
coz i like the stody mah ...haha
tat's y i said im chi sin ad

Willy's Diary said...

pms? LOL control yourself lar... smile all the time so that you won't grow old ^_^

well, love of siam is touching... but i don't think i'm willing to spend another 2:30 hours to watch lor...

cassiopeia said...

haha willy,
i watched 3 times already so i won't watched again.. if still keep on watching, i will really get sot haha^^