up and down

section 1:
i hate the time when passing up assignment, because during this moment, there are so many people saying different things about it. such as:" should be like this, no no shouldn't be like this and so on.. i just want to keep myself in a place that i cant heard any of it, im a person who easily affected by the things happen around me.once i get it, i will be emo all the time. this is considered my chi sin moment.
section 2:
im planing don't go to law block lecture today, even though it is last day. but because i will have a time gap between it, im alone, so i don't want to go from 4-6pm. but suddenly LL and leehee say wanna chat something , so i go with them until 4pm we went to lecture hall. lecturer said that she will talk about final exam 's thingy but end up i din't get any of it =.= then sharon jie jie was came in to the lecture hall, and she was sad..she told me that XX was purposely helping her to get her tutorial work. ok this is a happy things but she said after that XX was keep sms -ing in class... this had make sharon feel bad ...haha....i know this feeling instead ...

section 3:
we end our class at 6pm. we never plan that we will having dinner before we go home, but suddenly come out this this crazy idea. well, when human in a stress period, then will come out with something we din't expected. Lok lok aka karen was having her violin class in subang perade, then since we will having dinner there, why not i fetch her back to her house to put down her violin and go for dinner. after fetching her, sharon come come out with an idea, ---have dinner in sunway piramid. =.= yes ..this had shock me...but no doubt we do so. such a crazy action. we never done this before. we are still strugling where to eat, at last , we choose kimgary..we sit down then i get a call from leehee, saying my car blocked her hoursemate car so ask me to go back, =.= ok i had down coz of this incident. i promise her to go back as early i can. then we continue our dinner. again...suddenly, unexpected things happen. i was sitting facing the main entrance of kimgary. so whoever walk in and out i am able to see clearly. i saw a familiar outfit ..(through i saw XX this morning, so i know ) then i see again clearly v big eyes, and i speak out, omg XX ar...=.= then sharon and lok lok thought i was kiding but actually im not, its really him. 0o0 can i say this is wat the god had plan ??? bwahahaha he was walking in with 5 girls.. don't wan to discrib those girls la, later got balasan ...(**scary) then they was siting infron of us, im sure he saw sharon ...^^ then sharon start to lost her appetitle ...haha...whereas lok lok and me was keep finding a good chance to snap his pic...we did took alots but ....BUT... the pic not clear enough...sommore have so many ppl there ...haizzzzz.......sayang rite.....when we are leaving, i walk infron, coz i don't know him, sharon and lok lok say hi to him....end of the story...
"yuan fen " arrrrr~~~~

section 4:
i reach home at 9.15pm, then i bath and have a rest in living room.. i fall asleept when i watched half of a drama...damn me!!!! then i walk up stairs to grab some times to sleep again until 11.pm..only i online, once i online somthing make me bad mood again. is damn bad mood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was really angry and wanna boom people. the victims is my brother he is trying to disturb me at that moment, so ..for sure he is the one who kena my boom. then i find sharon to spread out my anger!! ...finally now.. im ok ....

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sheepu's world said...

LOL...i wanna "tan pai" with him ady..i beh tahan this kind of thing...im wan everything clear!!!!