KTM again T.T -angry

today back to subang by ktm again..
well..... super duper angry!!
i have wait the train at subang station about 1 hour!!!!!!!!!!!!argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh
hate hate hate!!!!!!!!!! after waiting , the train was packkkkkkkk...body touch body...stick together..
omg omg omg, i don't dare to look up, and its smelly too....goshhhhhhhhhhhh...
after i came back home , i din't allowed myself to stay 1 min in my room, straight away put down my bag and run in to bath room....need to use delto for bath.....arggghhhhh... i hate waiting like tat, i hate pack like tat...this are few pictures i take during waiting ktm in subang station....luckily my mickey mouse mp3 have enough batery if not.... i don't know wat will i do....

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