time is flying,BL MOVIE again =.=

section 1:
today im just finished my last test for this sem. feeling tired after the test, well the test not that hard.. but its hard. i studied of cause, but it doesn't mean i can get what i want. haha this is what i always said...ok, need to change the way im thinking now, as long as i did it. Very tired recently, the whole May, keep doing assignments, test, assignments, test, it take turns to torture me T.T.. make me feel heavy enough. BUt wat to do, this is uni life, and not only me suffer like this, everyone are working hard to get wat they want in the future. i was falling asleep all the time today, or should i say im faint~~~ walk like flying ~~~~piew~~piew..and

time pass really fast! it pass 1 week by 1 week , without any message to you, :" hey, 1 minute has gone!!" this had made me feel scary..tonight i was doing nothing, i was relaxing. after come back from law discussion, then watch a movie which i had downloaded last night, see!! im preparing for m relaxing program right after my test!! hahahaha damn me!!!! now this moment, make me think back to year 2007, have same feeling, listening songs..doing nothing, relaxing, not stress.. but actually there is still 1 more assignment waiting for me on my table, i haven't even print out the questions which this assignment is going to due on this friday!!! damn me again!!! well, i was just finish my test today^^ so let me free , tomorrow still have to persent .. T.T i don't lik tuesday because 2 tutorials class together and need to prepare the tutorials work ,(lol even though start from last week i din't prepare for BCB tutorial^^ ok i admit im devil right now!!) althought tomorrow will se my lengzai again, but its seems not motivate me but adding stress on me... he is too pro ~~~ my new sentance for last week until today :" you are smart , but im not"
using this to make me study more and more, cis la.~~~~~~

final exam is coming soon, less then 1 month, after 3 weeks will have study break.. need to start prepare fo it! see see!! again, after tests, assignments then final exams...arghhhhhhh .... need a breath ....huhuhuhu~~~tahan until july i will be release for 3 weeks.. looking forward on it~and .. final exam !!!! hwaiting!!!fighting!!!!! 加油!!화이팅!!!がんばてください!!add oil!!! ANGELYNA!!

section 2:艾草-BL

yesterday night downloaded a movie..ermmmm consider as BL MOVIE also, i saw this movie from astro this few days, because it is related to mother's day movie... but hahahaha i consider it as BL since there is the story !!!!! well....this movie quite nice... story of a mom with her child, her son is BL while daughter have a child but din't get married.



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