i want to go travel!

section 1: feeling want to go travel

i don't know start from when i was thinking of this topic. But i know at the moment i am really want to travel around..actually we had a few plan, i will be having a break of 3 weeks during this coming July.So, lok lok me and sharon plaining on something, we will go to lok lok's hometown in Johor, may be will spend 4 days there together with one day singapore trip. well don't laugh at me , i went to overseas every year but i never go to singapore before... =.= poor me... i am looking forward to this trip actually, because i will be able to see lok lok secondery school's sport day, regarding to her, their school sport day is such a BIG day, and im those people who like to do activities, so i am really wish to see it! but then another trip is coming up, leehee ,esther, ms wong, and ivy they will be having a trip to pulau tioman, this is another place that i din't step in before, well again, i went to terrenganu quite a few times (this year's chinese new year i just went there to visit my uncle and auntie there =.=) but i din't go to pulau tioman before... haha . the story haven't end here, last week, ms Beh beh asking me whether want to accompany her to taiwan university for a short course during my break, well, im happy to get this chance because i was also planing to do so. And this time her dad will arrange everything for us, we no need to worry about everything, just go there for a short 10days course. unfortunetly july is actualy taiwan's university summer holiday. so ms beh will go by herself next saturday. i had lost this chance to go taiwan university survey around ^^.. i want to go korea, japan ... this is the 2 asia country i wish to visit badly!!! pray hard this semester will move on save and sound ^^

section 2: "珍惜身边的每个人,不要让他变成回忆”

today just listen to Tank new song, 如果我变成回忆, suddenly i get a message as the above.
学会珍惜身边的每个人,不要让他有机会变成自己后悔的事情。虽然那可能真的会变成回忆,这是总有一天一定会发生的事情,但是至少对他们没有愧疚的心,不会让自己后悔。这是我今天突然得到的启发^^...(无聊到了极点!!!! 我疯了~~)

section 3: 那个计划

好像很久没有写关于那计划的事情了,不是我不想写,是因为没有东西让我写。我在想,在1年里花的时间,精力什么的统统没完了。一切回到了起点,我没有了动力,没有那种刚刚开始的心态。 怪我没有坚持到底?不是,我依然在这里,但是没有允许我前进的道路了。。在山洞里的我,好像永远都走不出来,也没有人愿意帮我们。所以,我们大家清醒过来,要做的,该做的和不该做的,我们都统统试过,有时候想起会觉得自己还蛮厉害的哦,根本没有想过会去接触的领域,和“大人物”我都有去接触过,只是双方达不到共识,有什么办法呢?真的是难唉哉~~~~(我久违的,“难唉哉”)

section 4: living things=human

yesterday, as usual i will shout :" i want to die already!!!!" after my dinner(tis will only happen during my assignmetns period). my mom was talking with my dad on phone, Brandy prepared to go for her tiution, Danielle( my little sis) was walking out from dining room, after i shout that stupid sentance, my little cute sister ask me seriously:" sis, why you want to die? living things like human will live when there are air, water and food, and you have this 3 things now, but why you wan to die?" oh my god..... i was stucking there for a minute before i react. i cant imagine this was come from my sis, yes she is young , 8 years old now.. and she did apply what she learn in science to her life...lol she using this to shoot me???? bwahahaha... after a minute, i was laughing very loud, really "laugh die me" i can't answered her question because i don't know how should i answer =.=...she is smart man... i am just simply shout i want to die, well i will do this when i am serounding all assignments and exam...hehe ^^ i like to ngam ngam ngam .. if not where i should spread my stress? haha...i told this to ms sharon and she also keep laughing...we get an important message from Danielle, we shoul'd shout this sentance, because we are human, wherever we get water, air and food, we should be continue stay alive!!!!!!!...don't ever think bukan bukan ~~~~hahaha...thanks Danielle, i get something improtant from you^^

aiyo~~~~ faster pass this 2 weeks la..... i want to be freeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


sheepu's world said...

angelyna...LOL..after asgm period teman me go to see doctor ba..i think i tell my mom also useless, she though im keep fit..i tell her hundred times is not but she dont believe it..

We| We| said...

eh..if i am not mistaken, firstly you all plan to visit pulau redang right? hohoho~

"laugh die me" this sentence i heard from Esther also~ is it spread from your gang also?
laugh die me when i heard this..

When only exam, I will shout "HEN XIANG SI A~~~" that feeling inside really SUCK!!! I still remember that when I study Law and really get frustrated of section those things, I stand at balcony and shouted " arrrrrr~~" I even heard the echo back from my front side, hohoho~ after that followed by different yell from different corner..haha..so funny these human bean..and I also think of wanna jump from balcony. Well,since i stay health here and still can leave comment for you,then you know what happened la after that..haha~

Sharon, i think i face the same problem with you LAST WEEK.. Whenever I feel stress or tension, my stomach sure come many problems.
when i saw the rice in front of me
,instantly i feel so full, even though i feel damn hungry a second before. That time I do really hate the smell of rice and the smell really make me wanna vomit. but i try to bear it and swallow the rice spoon by spoon just to get some energy..no more than 8 spoon, i give up!!the taste really so suck!! wuueeekkkk~~~~I can only eat the soft food like soup keoytiao & porridge..my mum keep asking me go to consult medical but I insisted not to go..cause I know once the exam period gone, my stomach problem also will say bye bye!!You see now I stay health here..hohoho~ anyways, you are right, when we sick, we should go for medical,don't learn from me ya.. Angelyna accompany sharon for medical check~~ Faster! Go! haha...

wah~~~my comment so long.... Angelyna don't blame me for that ya.. Angelyna very nice 1 hor.....

cassiopeia said...

sharon onnie:

yes for sure i will accompany you to see doctor and get you some vitamins..luckily im successfully force myself to eat no metter wat, coz i ad face tis before, i don't want to drop my weight anymore.. and one more thing, you really need to sleep early!!!!!

wei wei:
haha the johor trip is under 3 of use construction, then only pulau redang pop up, are you joining this tiem round, i heard esther said her friends will be joining! haha~~

"laugh die me" yes our msn language now ...its funny right, wil make people laugh ~~~

yes im good enough, won;t blame you la..don't worry ^^

hapifish said...

oh .. ur little sis...~
reali cute leh !!!!
i m a pure science student, but oso cant tink of such answer to reply to ur sentence.. but she ~~~ ><"
she got miss me anot ? LOL~

so gud~ me tis holiday cannot go bk kl ler~ hav to stay here .. kesianz
i oso wan travel~
eh, i ask u hor, do u interested in taiwan ? if yes, v go together in tis comin dec~ mid of dec i tink~ hehe =P

yea ~ v hav to "zhen xi" evry1 bside us~
but it s easy to say, but hard to take action lo~~
人啊~ 总是在失去以后才懂得珍惜~ 那又有什么用?无补于事~