mother's day

section 1: mummy i love you ^^

today is mother's day =.= (my starting sounds weird) LOL..... yea, this morning, my mom was went out for a "mom gathering" with her friends... her friends are all the parents of my bro's class....she was wearing skirt today, make up, wear the high hill that i bought for her ....haha she looks preety ^^ of coz la, she is my mom leh~~~ she went out at 9.15am, because her appointment was at 9.30am then i have to work at 9.30am...T.T i feel energytic even though yesterday i slept late, usually im like that ..once i slept after 4am then i will be very fresh in the morning, as long as i din't stop working after i wake up. I went to ceramic class and work until 1pm. Then my mom called me, she asked me to buy something before go back home^^ she having fun during the gathering i guess, because 1 year once "auntie society" gathering ^^ my dad even call back when she arrived in the cafe this morning by asking a weird question ..=.= (daddy, you are so cute la!! and daddy, forgive me about the mission unsuccess, cause mom said want to wait until you come back first.....)

mummy, thanks for you loves so far, thanks for eveything you give us so far, i know you are tired and tough enough to take care 4 of us. especially Clinton. i know your possition all the time, but sometimes i am just want to spread out something bad on you. you are a tough women in the world, raise us up here alone, getting all stress on yourself. daddy's working problems , our study problem, and our health, this are all the things you need to worry ...i knew it !! BUT, please take care of yourself too~ don't treat yourself "bad".
for me, mom is the most powerful person in the world, even dad can't compete with mom

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