damn silly !!!!

section 1: yesterday playing kite ~~

yesterday evening, my secondery school best friends came to my house. they having movie section in the morning but i din't join them cause i felt i was going out too often this week, i need to rest^^ so they came to my house after their section. suddenly beh and priscillia said want to play kite in Desa Parkcity then we went to buy a kite near by. a loussssyyyy kite... we take quite a long time to make it fly stable =.=. see vv this is the picture when beh and pris trying to fix it

finally the kite is stable flying up there =.="
so dark in this picture?!
(beh, priscillia, me)

ohh where is our kite???

there are alots of ppl coming to play kite there
i have no idea why the wind so strong there

=.= i was looking uo to the kite and holding the string =.=
section 2 : silly boy come to us =.= swt enough
when we playing there, a boy suddenly appear at the back of us, and asking : " erm...excuse me , may i know where you girls buy this kite?"
then 3 of us steaaring each other for 0.001 min end up ms beh beh answered:" oh we bought it outside , not here" n we continue playing and make sure the kite won't drop... i was acutally ignore him all the time, priscillia too^^ and beh beh was standing the same place there and he started to asking more and more questions.. he:" wah , here so many people playing kite after you girls come and play oo" beh:" (beh was looking at me i know but i din't turn around and help haha im so bad!who ask him not a lengzai jek!!) ERM, actually every evening also many people playing kites here =.=" he stund for a minute.. but beh still cant runaway from him cause we can't just take the kite down and run mah..no choice ....just stay there.. priscillia is smart enough she is the once din't open her mouth to answered any question from the start until the end. then our kite fall down, and beh beh finally can't tahan 'his' questions attaction so she propose herself to go and pick up the kite, alright now just me and priscillia at that possision. he was come to us again, priscillia was standing on my left, i am the person who close to him. he come and ask :" next time let's come out and play kite together lah." ( he was taken out his handphone and prepare to type in our phone number =.= swt... hello "sir" don't you realize we are not happy when talking with you? poor beh beh who are the one who entertained him all the time.) then priscillia and me doesn't answered him. then he attact us again by asking ME :"(im the victim this time) what's your name?" (omg la "unlce" don't you realize i am the one who are ignore you ?? and remain silent all the time?) i have no choice now cause he is looking at me and i can't just walk from there without holding my kite up on the sky.. so i answered him :" angelyna " then i hope he will faster go away stay away from us plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but he still don't give up!!! he was repeat my name by himself and he can't even pronounce my name probably =.= arggggghhhhhhh~~another question pop up :" then you study at where now? which HIGH SCHOOL?" ( uncle, thx to ask me which HIGH SCHOOL and not which COLLEGE, im apreciate that BUT !!! why you ask stupid question? don't tell me you want to wait infron of my school!!!! shit!!) then i was like:" .......near by....." he ask again:" oh kepong HIgh School? ahhh i live there too!! with a smiling face ^^" then i say :" yes"( im laugh out loud in my heart, WTH what u wanna do with this!!!) then FINALLY he maybe satisfied with what info he had get from us so he say :" ok la see you .." after he went off.. 3 of us really wanna kick him from back, i am the one who wanna do this !!! damn lah.....what is this 'uncle' want to do? he want to stalk infron of the school gate ????? hahahahhahha 3 of us laugh really loud... please la....if you really want to do so please go a head.. stand infront of the school gate of SMK KEPONG!!!! bwahahahahahahhaha...
i have no idea why malaysia have this kind of situation occured and its damn Annoying loh!!!! if he is lengzai still nevermind but too bad he is not.
yesterday really a silly day which i never ever face this situation before......=.= swt...
section3: sunday..
same things happen every sunday.. working in the morning, and today will be the last day i having my study break, start from tomorrow will toture by uni again!!!! wuwuwuwu!!!! my lovely break gone!!!!!!! luckily i did use it probably. today i am so happy, nothing happen in the morning, everything goes smoothly. i went back home at 1.10pm after that alots of aunties came to my house to take a look on our bags. my boss (ceramic class boss and art class boss-is a family) came to my house to buy bags , im so happy cause i earn!!!! heheheheeh....**devil smile* don't know why suddenly my mom say want to go to my boss house .. (their house is so beautiful, i went there before and my mom want to visit badly) so we decided to go there around 5pm smtg. have a long chat in my boss house and yeah i like thier house very very much....7.30pm we have our dinner together.. i was so tired leh.. cause yesterday i sleept at 4am. wake up at 8.30am then work until 1pm after that entertained those aunties and boss until now. huhu~~ mom lets go home, i need tp rest now. ( screaming inside my heart T.T) finally we reached home at 9pm....then now tarting to prepare law tutorial question.. T.T want to cry already .......


We| We| said...

aiyo..you should get a chance to date him ma and then ffk, let him wait like sohhai..wahaha~ evil me.

Priscillia said...

I didn't expect you will type out all the details, i don't even remember to mention this in my previous blog. well...forget about it.

By the way, you really passion into blogging, you remember every detail in your everyday life. I can remember, but i don't have the strength and determination to type all out like you. You really mou dak deng!!!

Is a compliment, don't take it wrongly=)

Anonymous said...

wowwowwow...ur description good ar...haha i dun even noe how to write it in my blog..i jus simply type in special thing happen...=p btw i will link it to ur blog..haha

cassiopeia said...

wei wei!!
your idea was so damn good!!!!!! hahahahah i din't even think i can ffk wor!!! why im so stupid one!! thx for remind me!! haha^^ im evil too but im DEVIL **

haha i just want to record down what fuuny things happen on me so that next time i can refer back mah..sounds like writing story bwahaha^^ thx for the word" mou dek deng" i lov it**

beh beh
haha u know what the descripstion is sucks ok!! haha i just write waht in my mind ^^ thx for link yea^^ always can refer back here!!

Keng Wei said...

hmmm..u din upload the cute little boy's picture meh?=.=
maybe that uncle is gold fish uncle leh?haha..lol

akiosu said...

ahahahaha the uncle is funny xD SMK kepong. good! how old is he?! little boy? lol~ aiyor i wanna play kite also!!!! *laughs*

cassiopeia said...

keng wei

bwahahahaha gold fish uncle!!!!
i almost forget his face ad ^^
and don't always think of the little boy's ass la !!! aiyor!! ppl will misunderstood leh!


i have no idea how hold is he but i consider him as uncle.. yea he ask me and he answer by himself.. what to do, ppl confident on their answer mah! lame enough =.= haha u can ignore the little boy my friend had mention above, annoying man~~ next time we play together then ^^