my design and ceramic

my design on wall
location: Guang Zhou , Chaina
my dad's office become "kindergarden" >.<
not my falt, he ask me to do so..
time: 2008 dec
(when those customers come to my dad's office they are saying: wah, KK, your office become so colourfull!) =.=

below is my sister design + she own painting on the both wall
well, she is good in drawing views but im not, so i din help her on it ^^
this wall design also done by me^^
but the bunga raya not my idea, my mom purposely add in
i was angry that moment ...

design by: me

my ceramic work, i had posted before
done by me 2008

the only shoes i design before
year 2008

this t-shirt i had motify it ^^
ichy hand rite ^^
year 2008

this is the conclude design i had done


Willy's Diary said...

the giraffa photo is so cuteeee... guess your family are talented in arts ^_^

cassiopeia said...

haha pinky giraffa...our office become zoo ad >.<"
u don't know how i suffer when paint all the wall...T.T ...

we loves arts...but not talented la....^^

sheepu's world said...

wah...i like the view that paint by ur sis...hehe

We| We| said...

哇~ 好厉害哦…

cassiopeia said...

sharon jie jie:

haha my dad like my sis design too
lao ren jia like tat hahaha~~~
she is really professional in painting "views" pic..im not pro in that^^

wei wei:
我爸哦。。 应该是吧。。他很感性的