lengzai incident continue today

section 1: my own lengzai incident today

wuwuwuwuw~~~~ so angry!!! today during bcb lecture, our lecturer din't bring print out name list, so we cant take attandence using that paper. then lecturer said she need to show all the name list using projector , when she call the name just raise up your hand. i was so excited suddenly, and looking at leehee... we both have same thinking in our mind!! i want to know his name badly!!!!!! after that lecturer had called the name one by one. and i was concentrate on the name list, leehee was looking at him. when our class name list shown out. at the end i cant even see his gang's name there!!! wat the hell heppening????? argghhhhhh....geram !!!!!!! this is such a good and fantastic chance for me to know the name but unfortunetely i cant get it!!!!!!! you know how i feel!!! like jump from a high hill!!!~~~~ arghhhhhhhhh........

section 2: MS sharon lengzai incident

this morning, sharon jie jie said she get a great big boom from XX. Yes , i admit it really a big boom. with the reason of he simply speak out loud when talking about another girl. well, this is only what my prediction on the senario

senario a: whe she went into class, that gang of people stearing at her
senario b: that gang of people seems like "purposely" speak out loud when talking about another lady.
senario c: XX keep looking at sharon jie jie after they speak loudly.

from above senarios, my conclusion will be: XX wanted to see sharon jiejie's reaction when he talking about another lady infront of her. this can explain by, XX keep looking at sharon jie jie after thier conversation in that group.If not why he need to do this? so, at the end , my prediction is like this, just look forward what will happen next.^^
sharon jie jie don't beh song ad...

section 3: MS LLL 's lengzai incident

after my morning class at 10 am, we saw ms LL at ground floor. when she saw us, she was so damn excited. she say she wanna take breakfast with us, cause she have alots of things to tell ...
later on, when she told us what happen early in the morning, we was laughing, because this is not the first time she lost her chance to talking to ** again!! last time when we are in snowflake, she lost a chance to say good bye, last week, she lost a chance to say Hi, now she lost a chance to say hi too!! so i was saying:" last time you say you are regret after that incident, but now the chance is giving to you so many times but you still don't wanna talk to him...=.=" then she was loook sad..haha then after our breakfast, we did something crazy!!!!!!
she planing to go and find him and ask him about the financial investement assignment. so we are going to look for him everywhere, from M floor to computer lab, from computer lab to library... all the way long.. but end up we cnat find his shadow =.= then we stop our stalker juorney in library waiting for up coming law lecture. during the lecture, LL sit bside me, and she keep looking at ** from the back (** sit infron of us^^) 2 hours, LL was keep talking about him hahahahah, i can know how excited and how LL into this now~~ after 2 hours, we went to snowflake again, is too hot man!! need some ice, and so lucky, when we arrive there, ** also there with his friends celebrating some1 birthday! we immediately sms LL to come along^^ then we chit chat there until 4pm. our another law lecture start again, sharon jie jie had went back home, left me, lok lok and LL together in the lecture hall. this time, ** was sit right infron of us. but we have no mood, because of the tirenesssssssssss ~~~~~ LL was regret to stay back for the block lecture, yes.. im so damn tired too, fall asleep in the first half hour =.=.... damn me...
LL lengzai incident has end for today . MS LLL, hope you really can grab a chance to talk with ** he is friendly enough to talk actually..^^


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sheepu's world said...

hahaha..but mayb he is really like that little girl too..who knows about it?LOL