gays and lesbians books?!

section 1: monday

our law lecture cancel, so my class end at 10am, after that i went to mid valley with sharon, she need to take her con..i need to buy the shoes for my mom^^.we went there by bus, when we get into bus.. sharon ask me to sit inside, then i was thinking hmm, mayb too many ppl walk outside, she want me to sit inside, then i say :" thank you sharon JIE JIE ^^" then once i sit down, she laugh and tell me:" inside more hot ^^" i was like =.= swt""""""""...... specheless, i should realiz earlier she is not person will good to me !!! hahahahahahahah....

section 2: gays and lesbians

we having some discussion in library just now, then i was keep discussing the questions with lok lok, and sharon went to find her books for her assignment references. suddenly she came back with a lots of booksssss and keep smiling... when she finally stop searching books, she bring a book for me ' gays and lesbians' omg my eyes was so damn big ...0o0.... what happen???? i don't expect this kind of books pop up in business library !!!!! is really shock.!!!!!! right after my discussion i was keep reading the book... its about homosexuality in US and those issues regarding homosexual.. those rights and so on.... wow ... what a great book..if i have time i will sure grab it and read more details.. hahahahaha

this is the mess on our table in library

section 3 : fishie moments-lengzai =.=

when i finish my class i went to find my lecturer , then i saw the lengzai sharon mention, well.. last time i was promised sharon help her to take the lengzai's pic so i was standing there and find a chance to take his pic, too bad i unsuccess , then i run up to the building to find my lecturer. this is more important!!! after that sharon and me went to M floor... we saw the lengzai again then i just pass by him cause i need my friends help at the moment , so i just ignore but i heard that lengzai called sharon:" sharon!" hahahha i can hear ittttt~~~~ bwahahaha, after a while, i find a computer and sit down...( we are pretending!!!! coz wanna get a chance to snap his pic!!!! ) once i sit down, sharon go to another computer which is beside the lengzai, im behide the lengzai. when i loging in my student id, i heard again , the lengzai say:" sharon!! 你好!" omg what happen he is speacking chinese huh?????? weird lo!! then i faster turn my head and look at sharon, she also stund there... then i was laughing, the lengzai finally realize there is another person standing behide him.. then he was so damn paiseh and laugh himself and ly on table, his frieds all look at sharon ...all laughing ...!!!!! omg omg omg...now who is fish here???????? tell me??? bwahahahaha i saw the whole process!!! hahaha can't stop laughing!!!!

section 4: recent TVXQ

credit logo in the pictures

jaejoong! you are so lengzai!!!!

junsu, sitting on wheelchair during concert in Japan

T.T jaejoong pushing him ...

junsu ahh!! get well soon!!

thanks to lok lok!! today finally i get the present you bring back to me from japan^^

there are sweets,junck food, eye liner^^

love it very much!! thankssssss


sheepu's world said...

we having perang ma..the table sure mess...and i really treat u very good ler..hahaha i sacrifice myself to let u sit inside la..
the langzai..i think he is the most fish..LOL^^

Lok Lok said...

"Finally" give the gift to u liaoz~
the junk food almost expired =="
luckily hvt lah, otherwise......
haha~the table is damn "neat"~

cassiopeia said...

lok lok
is ok, im so damn happy!! hehe
that table is not my homework table, its my design work table...tat's y it's neat coz i din't do any painting at the mometn hahahahaha