I SET FREE !!!!!!


im notice that, once you start a sem
you will get busy in:
1) assignments
3) Final exam

section 1:
when you finish 1 assignment then you will happy and go out for a shop or whatever, then when you came back , your mind will remain the same...** keep reminding, you still have alots of assignments to do, not only one for each subject!** thus, this will keep you in a stress situation though! even though you are still happy celebrate after your assignment due.! later on, you will have to facing alots of tests~~ each of it consider important to you. hence, you will feel stress against it! after all assingments were due and you had gone through every test safe and sound, you will get a week "free" and this is the last tutorial and lecture week. you will get a temporary free period from assignments and test.however, your mind will still stress , becase after this week, there will be a study week and right after this study week , you will face a super duper stress period!! ----FINAL EXAM, for the entire sem.
conclusion is , once a new sem begin, you will get stress all the time, no metter you are still watching movies with friends, hanging out with friends, chit chatthing, there will still something haven't done on your mind which will always pop-up and remind you! hey~ don't forget you still haven complete this this and this!!! so don't feel too free, keep on doing you work! don't let it stop!!

For me, you will not get completely free before you finish up your final exam, and today finally, 11.50am i officially finished the last paper for my entire sem~~ i was really feeling want to shout out as loud as i can in the exam hall..i had start stucking inside my room for 1 month, not saying din't went out, but i din't went out for a shop, or anything else for 1 month, and i was lost connected with my frieds gtherin g proggrame for 2-3 months. everytime they plan to have a trip or gathering, i will be the one who never attand any of it. Then it will raise some statement from my frieds, :" she is busy until don't know who we are..." so.. i was so frustrated on it..
is it because i never arrange my time probably? i did, but im really busy ..
the previous weeks, i am stay in my room, everyday work up early, prepare for exam..not saying that i am just study study and study , i am still hanging online, watch some videos, listen songs..but my heart will keep worrying about the exam.. when wake up in the morning, i will feel like, did i sleep just now???? i will just walk out for taking my breakfast, lunch,dinner and went out to fetch my brother from school. T.T

is terrible enough man~~ i have my appetile to eat, i can sleep( which feel like i never, and keep horrible dream almost every night), the most terrible thing is ,my half face now have many pimples pop up!!!!!!! half face!!!!!! luckily start from this week, its getting better ..if not i will definetly jump from hills.

section 2:
well today, after exam, sharon and me accompany loklok until 2pm, because she still have financial accounting 1 paper on 2pm until 5.30pm ..we chat at mcd and have 0ur lunch there. This is my first time accompany friend to exam..haha aka 陪考. After that, i went home.
i was tidy up my things after taking bath, even now i haven't finish tidy up my papers, books on my table... then i have a nap from 3pm-8pm...hahahahhahahaha that's why now im still blogging here~~ i gain enough energy ~~^^

when i wake up, i receive a call from PP, she want to confirm the time for us to meet tomorrow morning, we have a girls date tomorrow^^ then she ask me wheteher im ok for tonight gathering.. i say yes immediately to her!! and she feel so happy after listen to my answer. haha, acording to her, i FINALLY can join them ...here is the blog about that gathering ^^M GRUOP06

section 3:
well, looking forward to :
1)tomorrow shopping trip
2)next wednesday JOHOR-SINGAPORE trip ^^

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