can't even regret now T.T

after the last post i had posted,
i was started to rest at home,
finally i can rest..without going out

yesterday, i did something wrong, which i realize after i did it!
5.30pm i went to beh's house to collect some presents from her,
she sms me before this, asking me to collect something from her mom yesterday.
well, her parents came back the day before yesterday.
so i went and collect it, then straight away went to fetch priscillia.
she folow me to have a hair cut near by her house.
well... my hair is quite long and not tidy, thus i wanted to cut and tidy up it.
i don't know what happen, after i cut my hair i was look like dummmy!!!!!
is really stupid siao po!!!! T.T
but what to do, i already cut it off!!!!
now i miss my hair very much
hair!! come back to me!!!!!
i can't do anything but just wait it become longer and longer.. finding ways to cover it with caps when going out...
i regret now.... even my mom also said its urgly!!!
aikssss... i shouldn't cut my hair ....SHOULDN'T .....
regret not help at all.....
pray hard it grow faster!!!!!!


Xiao We| said...

while u washing ur hair, pls gv ur scalp a massage, that will make ur hair grow faster ^.^ if u r so desperate want ur hair grow super fast, then u should wash your hair everyday..hahaha..

Luckily you are in the holiday now, otherwise >.<

Devilbabies said...

hihi wei ling here =)
lol i also cut my hair recently.
shorter a lot.
dunno why i must be crazy at that moment, just let the stlish cut n cut till my long hair no more !
see u in college soon

cassiopeia said...

xiao wei...
i will do as what you said!!! i want it to grow as fast as it can!!...
aiyo... i always wash my hair everyday... cant tahan if i don wash T.T
my holiday end soon!!! this is the main prob..sobs**

wei ling ar..
we are crazy!!! hahahaha
see you on monday if possible ~~

hapifish said...

how s ur hair o ??