result release, Harry potter-the half blood prince

section 1: result checking
should i say this morning?
3am ....i was so damn tired, but i still can't go to bed, heart beat was increasing...feeling nervous.
when the minute i turn off all softwares im opening in my lappy, and say bye to sharon jie jie.. i was thinking, should i open the webpage now? before this, the information i get was the result will release around 7am today. But still, i want to click on the webpage again.
i never expect that i will saw any changes on the webpage, i was just logging in as usual.
but when the page 100% display infron of my eyes, i was like ....0o0 * omg.... why so full of grades???? huh???? the result was out!!!!!! i din't even look at my grade probably and start telling sharon on msn, " the result out!! check it!!" but i wait for a few second she still not reply, then i decided to call her , when she pick up the phone call, my hand was already shaking here, and my voice shaking as well... heart beat very fast. i try to calm myself and telling her to check the result now, she said she get shock because of me hahha!, then i look at my lappy again, gosh... i haven't see what i get!!! the msn chat box are blocking the webpage. i move all the conversation box and look at my result slowly and clearly... i hold my breath... after finish looking and cheking on it, i was breath out....I DID IT!!!! im so so so happy... hahahahaha but i don't know why im still feel nervous. after i tell sharon i did it, she is start laughing there, i know she also did it~~~ both of us like crazy girl at the midnight..after i hang up the call, i start calling loklok, i guess she is sleeping well, because i call her 2nd times only she pick up the call , hahahaha...then i call leehee, and sms to others frends.
at the mid night, suddenly i saw so many ppl online again...everyone are scare, nervous to check the result. It is really important to everyone of us who studying in UNISA.
After that, i was still refreshing the webpage.. haha im already crazy, scare will see wrongly...^^
well....checking results are really make people crazy....i will get heart attack ~~~~~
anyway, is time to stop for this sem, my 4th sem of 2nd year in degree is coming now. Monday...
again, i need to face all those subjects.. i know is getting harder now..

These are the subjects i am taking for my 4th sem:

BANK2006 - International Currency & Banking Markets
BANK2008 - Financial Planning
INFS1011 - Business Information Systems
MARK2010 - Market Analysis

it make me feel hard enough to learn about it.. ..

section 2: Harry Potter the half blood prince
well, after get my result, i feel release, and i still have 2 more days to relax before enter to another sem.. so sharon and me decided to watch Harry Potter the half blood prince today..
i bring my sister along, since my dad ask me to do so.. and im so damn willing to bring my sis out^^ hahahahah...she have to relax her mind.....haha im such a carying sister.. hohoho~~
we watched thsi movie in THX GSC cinema in Midvalley at 2.30 pm.. this movie is really nice... i like it very much...^^ for those who haven't watch , plz watch it now!!!!

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sheepu's world said...

yaya..tha time u really scared me when u used ur shaking voice to tell me that result was out..that time u really boom me out..wakaka...anyway..finally we pass all~~wakaka..super big good news leh~~hehe we should go celebrate again..hahahawhen we wanna go sunway lagoon ar?