is "efficient"

today, i went to "jabatan imigresen " subang terminal 2, because sharon jie jie need to renew her passport.
so we meet at around 9am at subang jaya then we go there togather,
i went there few years ago , when i need to renew my passport, so i use my memory to firgure out the way to that old airport. before this, i already ask beh beh for direction, just incase i forget the way.
we reach there around 10am.
first step: take a photo there
second step: take the photo to the counter, then take a form
third step:fill up the form
forth step: take the form to the counter again, then only you will get a number.(luckily not many people there, i am glad to see that when i arrived, if not we need to go back to the same counter so many times, if many people means that every procedure need to repeat many times and need to wait for a long time)
fifth step: now, take the number and wait for calling
(wait for a looooooong time)
sixth step: finally called ur number? then submit the form.

(the officer ask us where do u girls want to go? me: singapore. officer: kenapa pergi ke singapore ? nanti ada H1N1 tu, bahaya tau! me: haha, tak ada la , jagan cakap macam tu. officer: pergi buat apa tu? sharon: cuti. officer: cuti ? cuti kat malaysia lah, cuti -cuti malaysia, kena beri sokongan kepada malaysia. sharon: kita pergi johor. officer: betul la tu, pergi johor tapi jagan pergi siangapore..hahaha) well.. =.="[ im glad, i still can communicate in malay !!!! Weeeee, but sharon says is hard to communicate with malay..] im continue asking the officer: tumpang tanya ya, nanti kita terus pergi kat kaunter 13 boleh ambil passport ke atau kena ambil numbor lagi? officer: nanti, lepas 2 jam kamu boleh datang balik ambil dari kaunter 13 tu. me: tak usa ambil number lagi ke? officer: terus pergi kaunter 13 kutip. me : ah, terima kasih ya

then we need to wait for 2 hours!!!!!! omg......wait wait wait, keep waiting.. we went to terminal 3 to wait, terminal 3 is for domestic flights now. there is a brand new building and with aircorn, just now that office doesn't have any aircorn lo!!! inside terminal 3 is much more comfortable, and there are quite alots of foreigners there, is more than KLIA. sharon and me planing to have our "lunch" consider as blunch there. we sit at Big Apple then we order 3 donuts end up 4 because 1 donut free for us hehe. sited down chit chat, eating, drinking. while we chit chatting there, a pilot walk by me and he give me sweet smile ^^ haha im shock coz i din't expect this happen, suddenly smile to me? haha but im also a 100% manners girl, so i smile back to him ^^ see !! im so friendly~~ after a while there are a group of korean came in, well there are mayb someone from korea to do some exchange or meeting work in malaysia, they order many donuts and have a coffee there. when the time reach 1.30pm sharon and me walk away and go back to terminal 2, as what the officer say, we can collect the passport at 2pm if counting 2 hours from 12pm, but he did said might be 3pm . so we wait there for another 1 more hour!! 3.15pm FINALLY can collect the passport and we went back to subang jaya. then i take my car and went back home
well... today i din't do any heavy work, but feel so tired...beacause of waiting..
aiks... next year i need to go again, because my passport exprired next year T.T

again, its tooooooo "efficient" ...........


akiosu said...

pity you and sharon lol.
Anyway, renew passport can go to the kiosk hand up the documents & money, then 1 hour later can take liao wo -o-

Aiyo pilot sweet smile LOL!!

Priscillia said...

Such a long post Yuan Yuan=)Nice though...

When you talk about beh beh, it makes my heart...arhHhh...feel pain again. Now, just me and you, as we had promised, we must at least meet up once a month.

Love you, muackxxx