frustrated!!!!! and my exam still on going T.T

calling calling for help!
this week totally specheless, really nothing to say!!!
monday my first subjuct, and was like ok its over, i need to prepare for my second subject on wednesday.. this week 2 subject next week 2 subject which is really heavy! can i over come it???? huhuhuhuh....

im unable to online and use my house fix line for 4 days-5 days. on monday late evening, our hourse phone had no sound at all!!! then what can i do? my fix line cable is outside my room, well my room have a small little balcony so, my mom as me to go out and check what happen to that cable. ( u know what, as a eldest daughter at home , and dad is not around, normally tv rosak ke, hi 5 rosak ke, lights rosak ke , whatever" small hardware rosak" i will be the one who fixing it>.<) after checking, the problem seems to be solve, but when my mom daily talk with my dad the line sot plug again. no tone at all!!!!!! arghhhhhh~~~ we are like lost conected to outside for few days!! feeling damn uncomfortable! my mom start calling telecom to complaint on the next morning , she call call and call like scolding scolding and scolding, coz after we report, we waiting and wait , they ask us to wait wait until when???? don't know ... jus wait!!! and i cant online at all!!! but the day before yesterday , i can online 10-20 minutes then then line get sot again , i need to climb up and down to pick up the phone , then listen to the "connected" sound only i can online for few more minutes!!! really frustrated man!!!!! tired climbing up and down at night, no energy ~~~ so yesterday morning , my mom call and complain again this time round, she straight away ask the operator pass line to the " head" hahahahhahhahaha
then the head kena again, until this morning, around 11 there are 2 technical department ppl came and fix the problem, base on what they told us, this morning only they get the report saying our line problem..

well, my conclusion is: THIS IS TOO EFFECIENT!!!! IM SPECHELESS!!!!! cant imagine if this happen during year end when i am staying alone here, what will happen to me???? i can't live without net and lost connected to outsider!!

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^NgoH wiLLy^ said...

faster get a bf so that he will do all the climbing and fixing works hehehe good idea izzit? LOL

and malaysia monopoly business sucks big lar... if you want to stay in this bolehland then you need to learn how to be patient...

and hor.,. study hard for your exam lar... good luck ^_^