kluang - singapore-beh and me-bbq

going to kluang

see the bus !! its vip~~

first time saw this!
normally saya bean in chinese we call 豆浆水,but there call 豆腐水

first time saw this also


day 2
singapore trip..
we are having our lunch there...
eating pasta

this building nice rite

bugis street

day 3- having lunch - our beef noodles!! very delicious
then after that we watch ice age 3~~

lok lok's mom make a bread ~~

day 4- having "blunch" at kluang station
the old train station-Rail cafe
the view here is nice..
like having photobook shooting / mtv shooting ..

crazy girl, sharon and me
we are pretending~~~^^
sharon and me

i like this picture very much

the famous coffee

yummy ~~~

again, eat eat eat ... with lok's family, cousins

day 5~~
居銮中华中学 sport day!!!
its awesom!!!
the spot day at school is so damn powerful
i had ever seen this !!!!! the decoration and so on....
this cow is for red group

this is call 紫福神 for purple group..
there are a few more .. lion a big lion for brown group
HUCK for green group, bee for yellow, and blue is japanese fish!!

at the garden of 居銮中华中学
while waiting loklok gather with her frens..

the next day we are going back to KL at 12.30pm...before that we went to see how they made fish balls.. during this trip, i had read planty of comics at loklok's house.. omg her comics are so damn many, can open a book store!!!! and her mom cook 炸酱面 for us!! is delicious. the cakes and bread aunty Tan made also delicious~~~ and thanks alot to Tan family for take care of me for 6 days~~~
we arrived at pudu around 4pm, is trafic jam after we went into sg besi..... haiz.... then we take a cab to mid valley, i am going back home by ktm from mid valley while sharon was going home by cab again.Right after i reached home at 6.30pm i put down my lugage and take bath and have my dinner, then straight away go to beh beh house, i promise her before, when i reach home, i will go and find her at desa parkcity. and as what i had promise her, i will stay over night to help her pack her things, because the next day she will be leaving to Sydney for further study... when i reach her house, she was sitting at the garden with her grandma, then we have a short chat there before we went back to her room. her lugage was there, then im starting remind her remember to take this and that... but she said i was like a mom... T.T.... at night we are still packing and taking pictures in her room, later on priscilia came to join us, she fetch us to qi hao's house to trasfer a 5 hours video, is all about our high school life, can u believe it? 5 hours!!!!!! thanks to the director- mr lim chun ming~~~haha..thanks to your production, recall back our memory... but i haven't finish watching because it is too long .. i was skipping here and there...^^ the next day, we wake up and have our breakfast downstairs, then beh beh continue packing.. around 12.30pm she sent me home and we went to wash photos, we want to keep the photos in wallet~~

the last picture for this year -3 of us priscillia, beh and me

beh's room is pinky pinky
packing - packing
me & beh
me, beh, priscillia
priscillia beh and me

sending her to klia ... yes, i did cry in the car...today, i called her and know what she is doing, hope every thing going on smoothly ....

my post to her >>>> our story

yesterday, having BBQ party at fish house.. again- desa parkcity...after the day i came back from kluang i never stop.. keep going out.. fish will be leaving to Australia next monday, so she decide to have a BBQ party at her house, around 2pm we went to carefore and buy all the ingredians around 6 i went back home have a rest and take bath, then drive to her house again.. i spen whole night over there until 12 am , we finally eat ice cream and dismiss... when i reach home is already 12.30am...

today finally i can stay at home whole day, never walk out from my house, i was keep watching HK dramas..hahahaha.... tired man~~~~

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