pray for tml, ICE CREAM

TOMORROW is coming,
what will happen the next???? huh???? tell me...
yes, im nervous....but i know can't change anything,
just pray hard everything is ok....

just now i saw our ice-cream eating pictures, these are the photos that we took when we eating ice cream in 1U, and this is the last picture that show my look before i cut my hair... arrrhhhh, i miss my hair so much~~~~~~~^^

me, fish

me, fish,zp,jing,jing's bro

jing,jing's bro, kim, me, fish


levin said...

aigoo;;;how's your hair??
cut very short ah??
pali show daiji!,xd!

^^NgOh WiLLY^^ said...

zhu mei... my anti virus detect virus in your blog leh...

and don't eat too much ice cream... i don't want fei zhu mei leh hahaha