my daddy went back to china yesterday,
we sent him to KLIA early in the morning and his flight was actually sceduled at 9am , we leave KLIA 8.10am then went back home. on the way, we called him. he was waiting to go into the plane, when we called him the 3rd time, his handphone had off, which means the flight is going to depart. normally he will be reaching in Guang Zhou international airport around 1pm, but when my mom called him, his handphone still off. we are wondering what happen, the flight depart on time, but haven't arrived there?

later when 2.30pm mom call him again, this time he was able to pick up the call. he said he is still inside the plane, air crew doesn't allowed anyone of them from the same flight to go out. what happen again! it is because one of the passenger was fever!!!!!!! omg!!!!!! fever still can go into the flight? my dad mentioned to us that, there is a lady from china who having flue, caugh,and fever. =.= before they go into the plane there are a few "guidance" guiding this lady and ask people around to make sure she is inside the flight =.= again i swt...then when they arrive in Guang Zhou airport, those local H1N1 incharge people was came into the flight with dress up like ..(as what u see from tv) they check all the passengers in that plane 1 by 1. they need to make sure there are no more passengers who are fever or not feeling well. if is serious then all the passengers ,i think including the air crews need to be seperate for 1 week time... luckily there are no more, and my dad is safe and sound...huhu~~~~

well i have no comment why that " not feeling well lady" can go into that plane , and i don't want to comment more on it...specheless.....
nowadays H1N1 is serious in certain countries, for local i think it is still under control . but everyone still need to be aware of it, take good care of ourself.
but the more serious things happen in malaysia now is HAZE....~~~ the sky is dark, sunshine can't come in, is this call we are still in a healthy environment? hummm... this is what i heard from news..."healthy area"

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