meaningful story?! don't regret!

is funny today, i have the last lecture for QM. 2-4pm... i was purposely drive to subang just for this 2 hours class!!!!! goshhhhh....this few days i was so damn relax man!! set myself free...don't do anything instead of reading some books...watching tv, doing something not important. but all i wish to do from long time ago. now for this week, i hope i can keep relaxing..doing nothing. haha~~ this is all before the horror story come to me!!! (take a look at the scedule list beside!! omg!!! my last subject falls on 2nd of july!!!!???so late!!!!! T.T)

well, today is Taylor's business school foundation student's YED !!! i din't walk around the groud floor , because when i arrived was already 1.2opm, and my class will start at 2pm. so, i jus meet lok lok and sharon at old town. so happy discussing twilight novels stories.... well, because sharon had read all the books! except the last one. they are crazy with that now, while im reading a chinese novel. i din't touch this kind of books for a long time. this book was attract me when i first saw it ^^ the story is just kind of make sense~~ ^^ but i know was impossible in real life, only the meaning carry out from the story is meaningful! im such a stupid , because i just finish a small little novel by 2 days. Am i slow in reading? nope... but just because im not concentrade in reading the book. i am greedy, want to do many things at the same time, end up can't finish it early!! hehe....damn me~~

learning :" 曾经,我们都误解的所谓的永恒,
至少回忆是完整的,也不需要遗憾了。"] (by 穹风,2009)

that is meaningful. recently this kind of situation happened around me, can i say so?
thus, i have such a feeling which wanted to read this book, and i agree with that too.
Go for what you want, even though it is hard enough but at least you have a memory of that. don't ever make yourself regret for your entire life. (ps:especially BL!!! BL is not easy to survive, but move on , don't give a chance for you to regret!!! ^^)

i would like to send this to all my friends, to who need this for your support.

feeling want to chase back all 藤井树's books!! how many years i never read all of his books huh!!! remember when i was form 4, im crazy reading !!!!! and for how long i never read a chinese novel or books?!!!! goshhhh~~~ i need to chase back after my final!!!!!!!! need to imporve my mandrain~~~~lol^^

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