Backstage!!!! TVXQ!HAHA~~~

my lovely TVXQ!
long time din't save their "real" pictures!! haha
now found so many weird look pictures of them at the backstage during Japan tour!
this tour had started from may until july!!! and the last 2 concert will held in JAPAN DOME!!!
wowowow~~~ TVXQ,TOHOSHINKI,DBSK----man se~~~~~~!!!!!!
pictures credit: baidutvxq.com, all pictures copyright reserve to avex japan
lengzai man!!!!

changmin ar, u make up ??
i like this pic, but ignore the staff there
changmin ar, you sleeping?
yunho eating?? where is you wife?? haha
oh no...no eye see ><
changmin , what happen to u??=.=

jaejoong don't nervous!! yunho will beside you hahahah^^
jaejoong massaging behide the stage

now ur turn to eat?
oh no what happen!!
junsu and jaejoong!!!! oh no,
jaejae you better back to ur yunho there!
junsu go get your micky!!!!
errr, recently junsu and jaejoong ...cp? erm...something goes wrong =.=

jae, i know you din't wear cloth! topless!!!??
later yunho scold you then u know haha

micky and manager's bday!!

changmin u sms v who???


akiosu said...

puahaha the pics xD they are dorks!! LOL!!

omg when i saw the pic which junsoo playing guitar... his fair fair skin makes me excited!!! LOLLLL!!!! *dies*

cassiopeia said...

haha i love those pictures lo
but when i saving those pictures take me some times, open baidu page is damn slow, this is why i don't go check out their news frequently.

errr, junsu playing guitar ar, still ok la, but i like jae act behind junsu tat 1 so damn cute and adorable!!!!