Exam Exam

my final exam officially start tomorrow
what am i doing now?
blogging here huh!!!!
just want to scream out as loud as i can....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
need to suffer 2 more weeks!!!!!!!
study study study........
arghhhhh~~~~~ other than that what am i doing instead of blogging here?

i found out, when im fall into this kind of situation,
i will keep myself watching videos , listening songs and checking tvxq news!!!!
omg!!! how dare i did this!!!!

i keep refreshing TVXQ 'THE SECRET CODE CONCERT' page
the staff are keep uploading their backstage pictures time by time..
how to believe the other side of the world, at the same time they are doing this huh!!!!!
i must work harder!!!!!!!
i must study hard!!!!!!!
i must i must i must
this is the conclusion after i saw all their pictures behide the stage and preparation!

huhu~~~ finish crazying shouting here, what else can i do!!!!
nobody can instead of me!!!!!


We| We| said...

Good Luck for your exam ya ^.^

^NgoH wiLLy^ said...

study hard lar.. or you can't concentrate bcoz of that "bing kor bing kor"? hahaha

cassiopeia said...

wei wei,
thank you !!!!!!

willy the piggy gor =.=
im study hard ..T.T
haha who is that "bing kor bing kor"??? i won't influence by anyone except my brother who always make noice around me ....T.T