balik kampung! sungai durian- tanjung tualang-cameron

my dad was back from china on friday , the next day which is saturday , we went back to our "kampung" in ipoh. normally i will just tell my friends Ipoh instead of Tanjung Tualang or Suangai Durian.^^ because, most of my friend doesn't know where is this places~~ well, i admit that i was came from" kampung" aka 新村.some people don't like the others know about they are from kampung, is nothing for me to shame on this , because im really staying here for 11 years. my dad and my mom was actually work and live in KL before married, but i don't know why after they married they plan to stay in a small kampung like this. anyway, all of this things was pass story and now we are living in KL. I was born in Ipoh specialist hospital if im not mistaken, and live in Kampung for my kindergarden and my primary school life until standard 5. After that, my dad went to China to work, and because of this we are moving from Perak to KL. So, i have my friends in kampung too^^ my old friends~~ everytime when i was back to kampung , they will sure use motor to bring me round the whole kampung but this time no~~ they are busy and some of them are studying in other states. T.T motor~~ i miss you~~~
then now i continue to introduce my kampung with pictures, some of you couldn't imagine how a real kampung looks like right~~
day 1, 6/6/09
the look on the way back to Perak..
once we arrived, my sis was sitting on tis "gong gong" aka swing to continue her novel jurney~~

now here the ice kacang !!!!! huhuhu~~~~

wow~~cool look before i started to clean the house!
the house was so damn dusty and dirty!!! nobody clean it up because nobody stay there =.= LOL

my mom was taking out all the pillows she hide , if not we have no pillow for the night T.T

this is all mine!!!!
see !!! im so geng !!! i get it when standard 1 -5 !!
but im not able to bring back to KL ..no place for me to put =.=

ok this is my dining room
infront of the dining room~~ see the washing mechine!!
so old right! but still can use wor!!!!!
come come take a picture with my little sis, danielle and me

this is the way beside the house,
danielle and brandy, my both sister..and the "chair" that my sis was siting was in KL now, my parents bring ti back here =.=
my dad went to rubber estate , then he bring back a small little tiny durian!!
i want big la!! can't eat this!! tooooo small!!!

now evening , when we finish tidy up and cleaning up the house, my neighbour was came to my house, these aunty was staying there loong time ago, and we called them "meh meh" i don't know why but this is what we called them since we know how to speak..they are chit chatting with my parents under our mangosteen tree infron of my house. once they sit down and start the conversation, the whole kampung news which happening when we are not here will automatically came in to our conversation, and it is easy to know who had married, who had do wat who are still here, who just built a house , with how much.. bla bla bla.. they are using "hakka" in the conversation with my parents, i was sitting beside them stay silents and listen, well i know how to speak hakka (abit) and i can understand what they talking .one of the aunty huging a baby, her daughter in law is same age as me and she ask me :" ah yan,( i have no idea why they called my "yan" instead of yuan lo, suppose to be yuan !!苑 even my own family members they are calling me "yan " =.=) ah yan, how old are you now? " i answered:" oh meh meh, im 20 now^^" she continue:" wah, then can get married already lo!!" me:" =.=" with a smilling face ^^ hehe..." she say :" remember come back and treat us eat here yea" i say:" sure no problem!!!" then she say:" do you have boy friend now?" i was like =.=:" nop" then they start laughing, she continue:" haha, ask your dad introduce some for you la ..must be good boy then" i was talking nothing but smilling hahaha ~~~i like to listen their conversation but suddenly trow questions to me =.= ....another aunty say:" wah you all come back la ~~ where is yan yan?" when i heard my name in my house i was run out and say :" meh meh im here!!!" then she stund there looking at me ...:" yan yan look preetier now ~~" hahahahahhahahahahahaha.....hahahahahahaha i was keep laughing after that!~~~~~my dad say after people pride u then u become so motivate do the housework la!! dad, of coz i am!! people pride me wor sure i will motivate and happy by tat!!! hahahahahhha thank you meh meh!!!!!

our dinner~~~~begin


Tanjung Tualang is a place which famous with prawns, everytime we come back we will eat as much as we can!! coz its cheap and taste delicious!!!!
this year i never been to the restaurent we always went before, because toooooo many ppl!!!
some of the people come from KL purposely go and eat Prawns and i saw BUSES~~ =.=
and this is wat we left after our dinner~~ hahahahaha
this morning i was standing infron of my house , then take this picture
we are packing at 9am
the road infron of my house..
my mom was locking the door

another weird thing happen, we suddenly change our plan, actually we are suppose to come back to KL after packing but, my dad suddenly say lets go cameron highlands a while, danielle never been there before, then i was like 0o0 cameron!! how many years i never been there and i have totally no memory for Cameron highlands. well, dad just drive from malim nawar to cameron, along the way he was keep asking me to find my frieds who are in kampung now to get his friends number, my dad have a friend in cameron, he din meet him for almost 15 years. so i jus call back to ms QQ ask her dad about this uncle's number, and call to ms KY ask her uncle number. well, our generation actually were all in friend relationship and our dad's actually are friends too, so....haiz....call call call
this is the view along the way up to cameron

u know what, once we drive up the hill we off air corn and open window..
gosh... i don't know we will go to cameron and i wear sleveless... so cold!!!

the farms..

finally we found the uncle's number, and my dad bring us to his farm...

clinton, danielle, brandy

the uncle bring us to another farm, which is planting flowerssss we are sitting behind the car... is not hot in cameron but the sun still big big up there... my skin turn red when i came back to KL ...T.T i believe tml will become darker!!!! OMG......T.T

see the road is not a "road"
sit until our butt pain T.T in the car

see this flowersssss!!!!!!!!!!damn nice!!!! he give us many but we just want abit ..no point take so many but no use rite

wow ~~~ mum's hair was "flying" hahaha
like filming "shampoo" commercial video behide the car lo!!!! lol...
cameron highlands is a fantastic place, we pass through a road and it was hotter and hotter, the sun is bigger and bigger, make our skin more pain when we move up abit then it was cold...what is happening???
after we came down from car, only we know just now we were in Kelantan. and now in Cameron-pahang? or perak???? i have mess up man!!!!! the weather really funny there!!! it was on the same road but half is cold half is hot?! why?????
when we having lunch in cameron, the uncle ask my parents where is your eldest daughter? i though she was 20? she din't follow you all back to perak? i was blur at the moment, eldest? me lo~~ then my mom say :" neh here lo" he was stund and say :" har!! you? i thought you are jus 15++??" hahahahahahhahahahahahahha....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again ...laugh die me!!!!!!!!!!!
we came all the way down from cameron using old road.. and pass by many shops..small little shops and orang asli houses!!!!! oh my god i cant believe that there are such houses nowadays!!! and the way they live!!! how they live there? is really a big question marks to me!!!! you won't know unless you saw it!!! seriously... and the road there make ppl dizzy but not me hahahaha... keep open the window let the cold air come in.. feel fresh!!! the water fall there!!! nice!!!!! i can't remember how long i never go to water fall ..the water is cold enough!!! make ppl awake!!! there are so many tourist!! even foreigners!!~~~~ haha anotehr thing~~ cameron lengzai is lengzai hahahaha...i saw~~~and all the way down to TAPAH highway.. i can use "trafic jam " to describe~~ its really jam , coz mayb now is school holiday??? hmmm i think so.. when we trun up to the highway,was already 6pm, and is still jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!arghhhhhhhh ... so we arrive KL at 8.30pm!!!! we are tired!!! haha..but today i had pass trough perak, kelantan,pahang, and selangor....don't know when i will go to cameron highlands again....


^NgoH wiLLy^ said...

so enjoyable hor your trip... ^^ how's your dad? getting fatter? or become more leng chai now? hehehe

cassiopeia said...

haiz...sounds enjoyable ar? i trun dark ad leh and tired...T.T

haha , my dad won't become fat when he come back, he is abit thin now but will fatter after this week, my mom will cook so many food for him..bwahaha

akiosu said...

wow im so excited to see ur house leh! haha!

I saw the 'chair', laz time i had one in my hse but broken.. and actually old things more tahan, my old washing machine already use more than 10+ years, but too bad now rosak d, left the refrigerator (my green one) LOL~!!

ur trip seems fun! I long time din go cameron also lo haha~~

sheepu's world said...

hehe...only one thing that can attract me is the prawn..wahahahaha