today consider sad day..

can i?

yes, it is!

today my daddy back to work

everyone is feeling sad, although we areuse to it

tis kind of situation will appear few times a year

but a question that i always ask myself

why my dad have to leave us here and work far a way from home

i will never get a satisfy answer,

jus because, he is working to earn more for us

i remember when i was 11,

the first time my parents told me we have to move to KL for better live

at the moment, i was like ok whatever parents say we have to follow

cant say :'i don't want

at that time i din't know wat will happen if i move to KL .well, what i think is

nothing will change,all will be settle down

but its actually not
alots of family problem come forward to me
the 'family' problem is not my family
but is 'big family' including my aunt n grandma...
it realy make me feel sad
and i realise there are so many things hiding behide me before i came to KL

my mom is the most stress person in the situation,
she have to handle all the things happen on her own
my dad can't help her
and even don't know what is actually happening here
she is really great!
can hold it until now..

i always feel that my dad feel sorry to us
because can't stay beside us every minute.
this is my life

we have to take the opportunity,
to have a better life n secrify somtg
but, our life now is really wonderful ? are we feeling comfortable?
instead of saying erning more money overseas,

the 'big family' problem will never end
i know that it will be contimue carry forward in the future
may be one day may have a ''family war''?
i hope so!
i hope every thing can settle face to face instead of shooting us behide!
really can't understand why would it happen ?
are we really did something wrong?

well, i already use to it.

whatever happen in next minute i have to receive it

last time when daddy going to work

every time i will cry like mad and sad for a few days

i even hate to enter airport

i don like the feeling that people are leaving

we jus can standing there and waving hand

but this few years, i had already no tears to drop when daddy back to work

coz, he have to do so..

although my brother,sisters are cry there

today, as usual, we are waving hand,

my brother and sisters never cry

but after we came home ,

i feel that my mom was in a bad mood

i know why she feel like tat

even me also

once i know daddy back from oversea,i will have a weird thinking

like ,everythings will settle by him,

im pushing all my stress away due to daddy com bac

but after that,

we have to handle it alone again n again

my mom might have such feeling also

i cant imegine how she stand like tis for 8years

at night, i was cooking

coz my mom not feeling well.

we try to make the environment ok..

after that my dad call bac,(everyday he will call us )

he is eating alone there


jus now, when my youngest sister was doing her revision

she suddenly cry

she say she miss daddy so much

yea,my youngest sis is pity

she is the one who have lesser time to be with my dad after she was bone


this is all happening today .

add on: i sleep from 1pm-6pm jus now!!!gosh !! if let my dad know i sure get scold >.<

coz yesterday i sleep late

n tis morning wake up early to KLIA..

555 forgive me...

=====the end of my story=====

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sheepu's world said...

every1 hv have their own life and position
no matter wat u face u hav to be strong^.^
u r the eldest 1 in ur family so u have to take care well wiv ur sis and bro~~tired but u hv to do it coz this is ur situation~~
every1 also hav their problem ma~~so dun worry u can do it!!!
become a daughter that ur mom and dad can be proud to u~~