vivian said i din't write more about myself here

its all bout TVXQ...

so ...

i write more now~~~


hmmm...what i gonna talk about???

actually i have many things to shout out here..

but ...wakaka im lazy...=.=

what to do ??

last week was really busy..

and i notice that time pass really fast..

without sound..

busy with assignments,test..

well.. my assignments will nerver end

i don't think this is only happen to me

but all students in University South of Australia...

it is really....spechless =.=

why so much assignmentssssss!!!!!

i ask myself million times but will never get a exac answer

yea, it is bcoz this Uni have such a ways to students

assignments drive me crazy!!!!

many ppl cant manage it..Im consider 1 of them


life should go on..what can i do??

already cant back to hte beggining,

cant't take what i like

can't do what i like

because this is life

not every thing follow ourselves thinking

reallity is totally different to what you wish to

isn't right

i believe not only me, many people in the world

will have the sae problem with me

test....financial accounting test..

i can just say that,

after i saw the question

i know it is end

the minute the paper on my hand

i know every thing say 'bye' to me

yea...i agree

im not people who should study accounting


but already here...

what to do again??

waiting to 'die'


what can i say...

this is my life~~~

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